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  1. Totally myth,look at some of the tribes out there,they have no imperfections and they dont hide from sun,it was dmeonized by the industry and the hunger for money (selling sunscreens and cosmetics),you must ATLEAST take 15 minutos of sun daily. Or maybe you meant while using topicals,then yes,you must use sunscreen. PS= Oh sorry Tangerine,I didnt mean to reply you XD
  2. Jojoba oil its pretty much like the human sebum,so I guess it can do the job just fine.
  3. I im nobody to change your lyfestyle but really,beign vegan is bullsh*t,humans adapted to eat fats and meat,thats what you shiould be eating,I also think you are not getting all your nutrients and calories,start with that and then you'll see a big change in your face. Probably those low fats high carbs diets are causing this disease,look at people in small villages and island,they are hunters,they eat alot of meat and fat,they have no pimples.
  4. Dont demonize satured fats,they are probably the best fats you can eat if you want your skin to be glowing and healthy,remember,cells need water and fat,so that they cna do their job,if your limiting your fat intake you are also doing a shock to the system,so,dont think they are bad.
  5. It prolongs them,actually,my cheeks (the only place were I used it) still have the redmarks from previous pimples where other areas like the forehead is 100% clear of anything but I didnt use anything there.
  6. It's so mild,dont use nothing,just watcxh your diet and your sleeping cycle,that's all. Use a moistuzer to increase the healing rate,I prefer natural oils,try avocado oir olive.
  7. I think I agree with the others,you are obsessing over things people wont and dont care watching,so please think again if it's necessary your atitude towards yourself.
  8. If you washed your face it shouldnt be a problem.
  9. Here in my Country,bottled water is desinfected with UV rays mostly,so we dont get alot of chlorine,I dont know if that's good,but surely chroline wont be good.
  10. Dude,do what I said,exfoliate with a washcloth and then put some olive oil to lubricate the skin and make the healing better,also the new skin cell will absorb the oil and will be healthy. Anyway,I dont see why exfoliatio can create any kind of scars,I've done alot of agressive exfoliation and the only bad thing's they do are making the redmarks more red,atleast a few hours
  11. That kind of rubbing wont exfoliate nothing,so I dont see why you would get scars,not even agressive exfoliation can make scars,since you are exfoliating the top of the skin,your not wounding the dermis.
  12. I get this too once ina while,probably the dry air,try a humidifier or get an allergy check.
  13. It's easy,just exfoliate,you wont scar.... And take it easy,baby skin is something impossible to have,dont be fooled by the marketing.
  14. It will pass,be strong,this things make the life more interesting.,I guess.