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  1. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water. As long as your doing that and staying positive it will help.
  2. -Staying inside all day -Self-Esteem and Confidence down the drain. -Feeling Forever Alone -Not wanting to look in the mirror -Feeling like life is going nowhere Yes, i have been through it all. I am now 95% clear by just cleaning my face with just water and no medications.(TRY IT! WORKED GREAT FOR ME) and Don't touch your face at all. It Does a lot trust me. But anyways i feel your pain, but just calm down and know it will be better in the future. Try to find something you love doing
  3. Just try the water regimen this summer. I used to have moderate acne last year. I used many things and this is what i did over the 2 months of summer. *When you shower just wash your face with water. *DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AT ALL. *Avoid looking at the mirror as much as you can *Again DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE It sounds so plain and simple but it worked so nice for me and now i am about 95% clear just some scars left which are fading away. I did this last summer it was amazing i got my s
  4. My acne is much better i am not concerned about that anymore, but more on my life which i have made my life of is not good. I am trying to recover my life which acne took over
  5. I am a 16 year old boy and started having acne when i was 12. Last summer i gave up on my acne and i just stopped all treatments and just started cleaning face with water, It has worked amazing on me i went to moderate to mild acne. I am 80% clear but i have been going through so stuff so i need help. Over these months i quit my social life, would cut school when i had a really bad break out and barely talked to anyone, never went out. I would just isolate myself in my room and play video
  6. I noticed in school when i dont drink water at all. i feel like my skin starts to look ugly and dry. So i was wandering if i drink good amount of water in school. will it be great for my skin and moisturize and hydrate it?
  7. so i have moderate acne and well I go crazy over my acne, but i have noticed i am trying to stop it now. You see what we think reflect up on our body, so if we keep on thinking about acne it will reflect and come on us. So i did this experiment and i did it for 2 weeks because i cant go much longer, since i dont have much self control. WHat i did was *Not look in the mirror at all! *Don't touch your face at all, even if their are some many spots which looks ugly! Things will heal by itself *Kee
  8. idk gusy should i cancel the date with this girl? its gna be out first date
  9. When you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you breakout, and you have a date next day or something do you cancel it or still go with acne?
  10. even though i can i dotn want because the stress from the relationship will make me breakout and when i do breakout i wouldn't want to go out. anyone feels like me?
  11. where i live yeah. i havent seen anyoen with bad acne. But sometimes i have seen worse then mine but thats a rare case
  12. Well since we have acne. I feel like i should improve other qualitys of myself to over5come my acne. I want to start working out and get better clothing choice since mine is not that great. I am 16 and i should really improve on other things. SO any suggestions?
  13. So it does work right... you just have to put your mind on it for sometime and be a optimist
  14. I mean this could be weird enough to be brilliant. Lets just not look in the mirror and touch our face. that way unless u have painful acne u will totally forget about it and since u havent looked at your face you wont feel weird being outside with acne. cuz you wont know it will be thier. lol it sounds crazy but i am going to do that. i will just let water splash on my face and go onw ith my day. if i have to look in the mirror i will just focus on what i am doing and not my acne