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  1. alright thanks, i just hate waiting..
  2. Does it matter when u apply the bp, like after washing ur face after a few mins can u apply it instead of waiting 10-15 mins? does it really matter?
  3. yah alright i do the regimen right again cuz the way im doing it is really killing my face, i had to wash everything off just now because my face wouldn't stop burning and stinging.. so ill do it right instead of making my own asumptions
  4. I am doing the stuff with the acid and it hurts abit but doesn't keep me from sleeping.. But i dunno what to do now, my face won't clear up no more.. What should i stick to im confused because it seems like my face gets use to the products and it won't work no more First time i did it i was doing it wrong using the S acid and BP together it hurt but it got my acne to go away.. I switched it and did what Dan told me to do then it all stopped working.. Now my face won't clear up no matter wh
  5. Ok this might sound weird but i was doing the regimen wrong at first and then i did it right, but it seems when i was doing wrong it was working better for me and made my face clear up ALOT faster.. At first i was using these products: Neutrogena "Oil-Free" Acne face wash Clean and Clear Moisturizer and then what my doctors gave me which has 4% BP in it ------ I changed it and started doing it the right way and i used these products: Neutrogena Bar of soap face wash Neutrogena
  6. I know but its hard, especially since new ones keep popping up when the old ones are still there and getting bigger... ill try though Yah i know same here i keep getting new ones because i think the regimen is getting rid of everything just don't pick smack urself if u do it lol, or umm just think about nice ur face will be when u don't do it
  7. Ok sixth day my face is a bit redder then it was the fourth day because of me picking :oops: and i know i shouldn't of done but i learned my lesson.. Im gonna go back to my Solugel because it has a higher increase in BP then the acne on the spot one. When my face clears up ill reduce the BP, Cuz i noticed when i was using the Solugel my face cleared up faster and i think it was the increase in the BP. So im gonna try that out today and see what happens and lower it down my my face is clear P
  8. *goes and ties her hands behind her back and continuiously runs into the wall* lol better
  9. Ok i made a bad mistake doing what i did but i have learned my lesson but i need a bit of help. I picked at my face by mistake "i think :oops: " anyway i made my face red from doing it, anything i can use to make the redness go away? Looks like the regimen never even worked from what i did *smacks herself* atleast i learned from my lesson, i won't be doing that no more :oops: My face was lookin really good and i messed it up *screams* Someone help please?
  10. Yes u had the same problem like me i bought all Clean and clear stuff lol and it was the worst mistake i made. Get stuff by Neutrogena If your using BP don't use anything with that acid crap in it. They don't mix well together and trust me from someone who experienced it :oops:
  11. you are like that, my acne looks like that to.. all i can say is don't pick and squeeze them like i just did recently :oops: make them really worse, i learned my lesson there. Just leave them alone to heal on there own and do your regimen and u should be fine
  12. Fifth day is today and my face is a bit red because i did something that i shouldn't of. I was squeezing my face and crap which made my face look bad like u did at the first, i hope i didn't mess anything up or ill slap myself in the face for doing it. After i did what i did i put moisturizer on my face to see if it would help because i didn't wanna do the washign the face over again or i did it for the 2 times aday, i think its fading away i just hope i don't mess my face yo worser by doing th
  13. I agree :) don't skip the morning regimen, or ur not doing the regimen at all
  14. People? u mean pimples? :)