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  1. Hey there, I just started accutane a couple days ago actually. I wouldn't use Duac at the same time while taking accutane. Words from my derm: You should really only be using a light cleanser (morning and night) and a moisturizer w/ spf (if going outside). Accutane should take care of everything, i hope it does for me.. and you too! - John
  2. Congrats to you sir! I just started 40mg/day yesterday.. i hope i am as lucky as you. Sounds like your treatment went very well!
  3. Hello everyone, My name is John and i am 21 years old. I start accutane tomorrow 40 mg per/day. Um, well im definitley excited to get better, but scared as well. I've heard so many different stories of people while on accutane (awful initial breakouts, dry skin, lips, etc) So, please. Anyone. Your advice is greatly appreciated. -John