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  1. Important I have removed L-Carnitine from my regime, and advise you to do the same. This is following a recent report which linked carnitine in red meat (and carnitine supplements) with increased risk of heart disease. There have, however, been contradictory studies which indicates a benefit to the heart. For a summary of the current position read this. http://www.medpagetoday.com/Cardiology/MyocardialInfarction/38422 On balance, I consider that the current available evidence has
  2. I wish it was possible to give everyone cast iron guarantees about side effects, but the fact is that it isn't. In many cases, you guys know just as much about it as me! I'm not a doctor or a research scientist. But I can say that taking 500mg of B5 has not been associated with hair loss in literature I could find. But that's not the same as saying that it can't be. On a common sense level though, I would say this. There is no point substituting the prison of acne with the prison of worr
  3. The nutrient content degrades very quickly after juicing. For best results you should freshly juice everyday. To make cleaning easier, clean the juicer as soon as you've used it, and use a toothbrush. I can clean my juicer in less than five minutes this way.
  4. I've had a look at your gallery, and I can hardly see your acne. And this is on photos taken a couple of inches from your skin. I wonder whether anyone standing two feet away would even be able to see it. And you say that this is the worst you've ever had it? I'm mystified.
  5. The soft skin of the neck, for some reason, is particularly sensitive and so it's to be expected that it's going to be the toughest area to clear. It was the same for me. What helped a very great deal for me was ensuring that no material ever came into contact with that part of my neck. Obviously, sometimes I had to wear a shirt and tie, but it was generally the area above the collar line to the jawbone that was most sensitive. Most of my neck acne was, I believe, now, actually contact dermatiti
  6. Hey, nice to hear from you again. I've recently been juicing butternut squash also -it's very high in beta carotene (so is a substitute for sweet potatoes/carrots) and has a pleasant, creamy flavour, for those who don't know it. Bell peppers are valuable mainly for the zinc content; which we all know is very good for the skin. Yes, I agree it's worth persuing this treatment plan for longer than three months to get the full benefit. As I've said in other posts, I think of acne as a fire: it ne
  7. Hi there, thanks for the thanks! No digestion problems, but yes, I've used antibiotics in the past. In my teens I used oxytetracycline, which came with the unfortunate and not-disclosed side effect of discolouring my teeth. If I'd been told I'd have to walk around with yellowish teeth for the next 60 years, I might have reconsidered taking them. But that's the medical profession for you. I also took minocycline in my early 20s, to little discernible benefit. I haven't taken any prescribed
  8. Darkdivine -I'm glad its going well for you. Despite extensive searching, I've been unable to find a significant level of opinion that holds that sweet potatoes are not safe to juice in moderation. By moderation, I mean one or two or day, as part of a normal diet. The same goes for all foods. On a general level, I think the best way to approach issues like this is to weigh up the relative risks in one's life. There is a large body of evidence that drinking alcohol, even at low levels, can
  9. I've added a small section on suggested treatment tweaks to the FAQ and will expand it in due course as more data comes in. I've suggested Cysteine because it has made a difference for some people and is clearly worth further investigation. I am doubtful this is anything to do with the juice. But you are in a better to position to judge that than me. If you think it is, then I suggest juicing just one vegetable at a time and seeing whether you can tolerate that. In this way you might
  10. See the FAQ for my views on high-sugar vegetables. But if you have a medical condition it would be wise to direct your question to a doctor, I'm not able to advise you further. But in general terms, you could choose only to juice low sugar vegetables. They are all good for the skin. My acne didn't worsen on stopping BP. The acne I was getting at that time -mainly hard lumps the size of peas and marbles on my forehead and neck that became cysts- was never tackled well by BP in the first place
  11. I stopped BP before I started my regime. There were two final straws. 1. I ruined a Paul Smith suit because it was summer and the sweat ran down from my neck and bleached the jacket. 2. My then girlfriend said that it was transferring from my face onto her's and causing her dermatitis. So that was the end of my relationship with BP. And later, with my girlfriend, but that's another story!
  12. I'm glad you like him -I caught the little fella at the bottom of my garden. Just had a look at your gallery: your skin is so much better! I think you're well on the way to beautiful, smooth skin. If you succeed, you should be the poster girl of this thread! In the meantime, I think you might accelerate your progress if you add some new veggies to your juice. It doesn't really matter what, just mix it up a bit. Just a thought.
  13. Yes, it is possible to juice that way; I will update the FAQ. You've quoted some of the best vegetables for the skin there, I agree. Kale, in particular, is said to have very powerful anti-acne properties. However, I tend to eat leafed vegetables, rather than blend, especially spinach. Unfortunately, despite persevering, I find the taste of Kale unpleasant, so I avoid. Others may not. But you make a very good point, and I will update the FAQ with that also. Thanks.
  14. Well thanks! When I originally started this thread 18 months ago, I didn't expect it to be as viewed as much as it has been, nor did I expect so many messages, nor did I really intend to come back much and maintain it. But it's been so gratifying to hear about people's success stories that I've been pleased to expand it. But I also know that there are people out there out still struggling to find a solution, like yourself, and it would be so great if we could find out why my plan works so
  15. Just to let people know that I have reorganised and edited the regime post on page 1 to made finding information easier.