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  1. Do the guys on this site think that there acne looks better when they have a beard or do they think that if makes it look worse ???
  2. Does any one know if using a bread trimmer instead of shaving will make my acne worse ?
  3. does anyone know if using both minocycline and the regimen will have a bad effect my doc finally refered me to a derm. and gave me some minocycline untill i see him. Just wondering if i should continue both or just the minocycline
  4. How do most of you handle your Bacne?? Mine is alot worse then my face but i'm ensure of how to deal with it as i can't put anything on it ??
  5. Most people will tell you that no matter what you do 10% BP doesn't work in Dan's instructions it clearly says use 2.5% instead of 10%. I think that 10% works (at least for me) so if it works for you go ahead. Your the only one that matters when it comes down to it
  6. The 2.5% does not work for me it actually causes more breakout's the Oxy 10% is the only thing with BP that seems to work. The point is this everyone is different what works for one will work for another as long as you find it works with you and your ok with using it then go ahead. Good Luck Man
  7. Is there a certain brand of suntan lotion that doesn't clog pores perhaps something that designed with the acne prone person in mind ???
  8. I used to get them too but usually only right after i had my eyebrows waxed are you doing anything like that ???
  9. If i ice this cyst that i have on my nose before i go out will it do anything or is this hopeful wishing
  10. I agree with what's been said before, what works for some dosent' work for other's i put BP on my face at night and in the morning i just wash and that's it while my face is not completely clear it's way better then before
  11. Fatman what is your experience with panoxyl cause that's what i use except i use the 5% stuff it works pretty well with me.
  12. Has anyone notice if drool causes acne. Now i know this may sound werid but my face had pretty much cleared up except for one or two here and there but hey i wasn't complaing as it looked way better. I had actually started to cut down on my BP usage to only about once every two days. Now last week i had a cold and my nose was all stuffed up and the only way i was able to sleep at night was if i slept with my mouth open which caused me to drool and now this week i've broken out like crazy does