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  1. i agree!!! I recently stopped using large amount of bp and only do spot treatment and use moisterizer +jojoba oil afterwards. My dry patches are going away! Im going to continue doing spot treatment and hopefully I don't get other acnes back.
  2. The wrinkles are all temporary, start using jojoba oil and they'll go away.
  3. you'll need to stick to it longer to have it make work for you. i just started to clear up after two and a half months, its kind of a drastic change! be patient.
  4. same problem here. I'm on my 10th week of the regimen, and i had been scratching my face as well. The face is itchy especially after putting on a ton of moisterizer and jojoba oil. I've been trying very hard not to scratch.....but i fail. I'm gonna tie my hand up when i go to sleep from tonight on.
  5. day 74 woot!!!! no new break outs!!!! I have been clear for 4 days. the only ones i have right now are the tiniest whiteheads that have been dried up, and im still waiting for them to fall off themselves. I think it is safe to conclude the ultimate method of getting rid of acne 1. a gentle cleanser 2. 2.5% bp gel 3. a moisterizer with a ton of jojoba oil 4. green tea 5. fruit/green smoothies That's what helped me have the skin i have TODAY. Hopefully, my skin improves more with time. The dr
  6. day 72 over the past 5 days, my skin has experienced a tremendous improvement. Red spots are fading, and everything is less inflamed, and I am soooooo happy for the results. Also I had been having greensmoothies, I'm not sure if its those that helped with the improvement, but overall i'm happy. Theres just one thing that's been bothering me for the past few days, is the dry itchy patches that's along my hairline (on the sides) I looked up, it was because I had used 3 pumps out of the blue, and
  7. ramping up to three pumps from one pump is way too fast, do it slowly, I ramped from two pumps to three pumps, and it wasn't a good idea, I'm almost three months, the dryness is insane. Definitely do it slowly if you want less flakiness . Jojoba oil works very well on flakiness (it takes time
  8. I have this situation as well! its this rash like rough itchy skin I was really frustrated. But now I know that I should ease my bp. so i reduced my bp from 2 pumps to one pump right now. Hopefully it heals up!!!
  9. 2.5 months!day 67 Things are starting to look up. I had been having green and fruit smoothies for the past 4 days and it has been a great help for my skin. Right now my main goal is to start fighting red marks. I hope green smoothies help. They don't really taste all that nice, but for my skin, I'm willing to eat anything. I just browsed some of photoes from the gallery and they are true inspirational pictures. Some took 6 months to clear up. I feel 2.5 months are still quite early on the r
  10. AHA helps with redness and scaring. It works very slowly though, but it works.
  11. Hi, all I just finished my second month mark on the regimen, I had been clear for a few days during the regimen, but last week, i started breaking out again. I'm a college student doing an engineering major so there's a lot of stress. Over the two months, I had some improvement, but not drastic, I feel using AHA really helped me got rid of the scary sunburn look. And I just started the green smoothie regimen as well. hope?
  12. same day. I just invested on a blender, and hopefully it gets here this Friday so I can start mixing veges. I am so discouraged right now. Sights. I think its because of the stress college students face. I'm expecting my period on the 8th, which is friday and I have an audition for an intern in the museum this Saturday. It's gonna be another full on make up. Well, I'd better get that job. Iv been breaking out around my mouth area. I think its my junk food intake and hormone inbalance. Can't
  13. Day 61 I'm going to quickly update my reflections on adjusting lifestyle and the results I got from it. So for the past few days the area underneath my nose has been so inflamed and it has been a pain, but it's gradually going away. I had been breaking out a lot over the past weekend and the previous two days. My face is itchy when i apply jojoba oil for some reason. Some of the things I did that I think helped with my skin -Drink TONS of water and at least one cup of tea perday. the more th
  14. Day 58 My face is healing slowly, and I can see some differences everyday. however as some of them go away, new ones form. But I believe that its the bp thats keep digging out dirt from underneath the surface of my skin. Yesterday I had a full on make up because I had to be present for a 4 hour long interview for the scholarship I was applying for. i had all my hair up and strangely my face was not irritated at all! And later that night I went out with my friends to go shopping, didn't get anyt
  15. Day 55 I'm kind of scared of the fact that I'm soon reaching my two months mark, and I suddenly started experiencing another round of break out. Maybe its due to hormones because I'm about to have my period in one week. Being a women sucks....but what can you do..? I had been clear for a few weeks before I had this sudden break out. My left cheek seems to be healing very well, whereas my right cheek looks like a disaster, really. its so scary... My forehead and temples are healing great!! my