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  1. Cece.CN

    not 2 good.

    hmmm i could have sworn i posted here last night, but i guess it didnt post my skin has a few cust that r healing, but i think i have come across the worst side effect ever. I have been loosing so much weight the past few days...... I completely have no appetite at all it seems like a hassle to even try 2 eat, also i got the flu so that makes it worst, i tend 2 losse weight so easy, if i get any little stress i loose my appetite. I started taking Omega 3 fish oil tablets and b complex to open
  2. The past few days have been really hectic.... but this morning, ive cleared up alot compared to yesterday i have a new symptom which is no appetite, its bothering me because im about 5ft 10inches and i use 2 weigh 152lbs, now im not sure. this is the only side effect that really bothers me. im really trying to force myself 2 eat cause i love the weight im at right now. other than that, there really hasnt been anything else new happening.... cant wait to end my 1st month and to visit my do
  3. Cece.CN

    Day 11

    i can safely say that im seeing the changes in my skin. The past 2 days ive been on interviews with makeup on and the makeup goes go one so smoothly, my lips were really dry, but say what my skin looked great. Since the brand of accutane im on (acnotin) only comes in one dose (20mg) im expecting to be on this for about 4-6 months, cause it dont want the acne coming back. ive gotten no new symptoms so hopefully my body has adjusted to the medication. yayyyy to my skin clearing up...
  4. Cece.CN

    day 9

    hmmmm im actually seeing progress... yayyy my face is actually clearing up and i havent had a new cyst in a while. what i actually have are old cyst, but they are flat with pus and blood in them ewwww i know...... i think ill let my doctor inject them on my next visit cause i really want them 2 go away... getting there slowly but surely......
  5. Cece.CN

    Day 7

    What a day< im actually seein some improvement, but im still in the IB stage, im still getting cystic acne and they r pushing up really fast, and have a little head, thats tempting me 2 pop them. My face is still peeling and itchy, every pimple is really red, and looks inflamed ughh. i was wondering if instead of taking them one every other day, waht would happen if i take it everyday along with the antibiotics he gave me. Is it gonna be 2 much for my body????? cant wait till im at the
  6. Cece.CN

    Day 6

    hmmmmm besides the chappd lips, no new symptoms... but i must say, i have been breaking out like whoa, seriously.... i have like 8-11 new cysts, whiteheads everywhere and my who frickin face hurts... ugh.... i wish i could speed time up and reach day 30, but i just gotta be patient.... But this is a small price 2 pay for clear skin in a few mths. I wanted 2 know about wearing makeup while doing the treatment.... ive been reading some blogs and some ppl wear it and others dont. my skin ha
  7. wow its really nice to see someone using acnotin 20mg, are u taking it every day? my derma told me 2 use mine 1 every other day and i take the antibiotic everyday. hope it clears up soon, im now going through my IB.
  8. havent gotten a chance to post anything, cause i couldnt remember my password... hahahaha well the past few days have been really hard, i think im going through the Initial Breakout and its not pretty lol. I still dont undeerstand why i have to take the acnotin 20mg every other day it is so annoying and im frustrated because these antibiotics my derma gave me seem to be doing nothing cause my acne is still so itchy..... oh yeah, my lips are soooo dry and chapped, ive been using blistex but
  9. Cece.CN

    Day 2

    hmmmm when i woke up this morning, i felt alot of new cyst coming up, i even got one behind my ears.... strange rite.... i had 2 fight the urge 2 try an pick at the few whitheads i saw.... i forgot 2 mention, i have moderate cystic acne, and i live in the caribbean on an island called Trinidad and Tobago. Very soon its gonna be carnival, a time when everyone is gonna be partying..... i really want 2 partake so im hoping the acnotine takes effect very quickly..... p.s. the antibiotic has reall
  10. Cece.CN

    Day 1

    I couldn't wait 2 hear my dermatologist say 'im gonna put u on accutane'....... what i got was 'its no longer called acctuane, it's called acnotin'...... same thing rite.... Yes it was. after getting my perscription for the acnotin 20mg and EES 400mg ( antibiotic for acne) i was totally excited.... my instructions were 1 antibiotic everyday and 1 acnotin every other day. i wanted to take it everyday 2 see results faster, but i guess im jus gonna have 2 wait and see.