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  1. Sounds like it might just be a bad reaction to it... because I get no burn or stinging sensation on my face or eyes during or after application of BP.
  2. I have been on DKR and dan's products for a month now. It has worked great. A week ago my moisturizer pump broke just by pressing it down to pump out the moisturizer. I emailed Danielkern.com support and they wanted to charge me $5 to send me another pump. I thought this was ridiculous.... A day later my cleanser pump breaks when pressing down to pump again. So just letting you guys know if your buying bottles with pumps look toward spending $5 for a pump when it breaks on you.
  3. I am getting no dryness or flakiness.... after the normal 3 pump application of BP, it dries and my face feels completely normal. Not dry or oily.
  4. Hello... I have been on the DKR with dan's products for a month now. I used all his steps perfectly and its been working great. However recently I found my face to be to oily even when using just 1 pump of the moisturizer. For the past week I have used no moisturizer just cleanser + bp and I have no dryness or flakiness.. Is this okay?
  5. If your using Dan's Moisturizer, it already has Jojoba oil so a little more in the moisturizer shouldn't break you out and will moisturize better.
  6. tranceaddict, I think that might not be the case for everyone. Everyones skin will react differently to the regimen. Some it could clear up right away and others it will take time. Some people react bad to the BP and it doesn't even work at all. For me I started clearing up just a few days after I started on the regimen. I would break out a bit after the first week or two but it was drastically a lot less. I got I think 2 pimples the first break out and 1 pimple the last one. I have been break
  7. It looks like you have a mix of some papules and pastules with some cystic nodules forming. I would do the "Get Clear" DKR regimen and it should clear it up. It doesn't look too bad. You should clean your whole face but I would only apply BP to the area that has acne for now. If your rest of your face is clear I wouldn't touch it.
  8. Looks like your skin is getting irritated by the products you are using. It looks inflamed from what I can see. Have you tried the Daniel Kern Regimen? I would say you are a good candidate for it.
  9. Daniel Kern's site sells a body buddy that you can use for that. http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/buddy.htm
  10. Weird. I didn't experience any side effects from BP except light dryness and flakiness which was treated completely by his moisturizer. Like the above poster said BP isn't for everyone. It might not be reacting right with your skin.
  11. Thanks. I have been using DKR and his products for about two months now and have been pretty much completely acne free. I was thinking about adding AHA for spot treatment and maybe use it in the morning and drop BP for the morning (so I can stop ruining all my clothes). However after reading this im just gonna stick to what is working and hasn't caused any side effects.
  12. If your gonna use AHA instead of the moisturizer. Dan's says to try and using just the cleanser and AHA in the morning and then normal at night (Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer). I was thinking of trying this because I am just ruining shirt after shirt with Benzoyl Peroxide during the day. If your gonna use AHA as a spot treatment, use it after you put on BP (make sure to let the BP dry, and AHA as well), then put on the moisturizer.
  13. I would find a different moisturizer. Cetaphil for some odd reason gave a bad reaction to my face. It would get red, itchy and inflammed. Also I would get more acne then when I wouldn't use any moisturizer at all. Ever since I got Dan's Moisturizer it worked great and I never experienced any of the side effects cetaphil did. So you might want to check that out.
  14. It just might not work for everyone. However Dan's Regimen and products treated my acne and cleared it up in just a couple of days and has been about 95-99% clear since.
  15. I am unsure on the application of the tube as well because I use the pump. However I found that I went up to the 3 pumps of BP (normal application) pretty fast without any problems. I use it on my face and my neck as well. You really don't want it to have a thick layer but just enough to really get the BP on the face/neck and that's it.