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  1. I think this poster has it right... there are many benefits, even to your skin, of moderate UV exposure. However, there is no universal application of this, since everyone's skin is so unique. But if you stick to what the media has been saying about tanning, and leave no room for inquiry or education, you will never find the right health and skin care regimen that is best for you as a unique individual.
  2. I know the topic here is skincare...but part of your regimen should be consistent with long term health. And in this sense, tanning may be looked at a little differently. There is so much research and most recently (amidst crazy media frenzy condemning tanning) that shows the benefits of moderate UV exposure (yes including indoor tanning...it is the same UV as the sun by the way) has many benefits. One poster admitted above that she had medical issues with her skin even though she didn't tan.