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  1. Whey/spiking blood sugar/insulin/IGF-1 may not be good for your overall health or acne, but it's definitely good for muscle growth. It really just depends on where you want to draw the line. I've been working out with very heavy weights lately doing IF, and I've never felt better in my life. Though, don't single out whey as having "specific amino acids". It makes it sound like these amino acids don't exist elsewhere. There are plenty of complete proteins out there, whey is just one of them (w
  2. Carbohydrates exist for a reason. Substantial hormonal changes will occur when they are lacking, and this could be what's causing more acne. Don't limit carbs, limit your intolerances and the food that is bad for you no matter what.
  3. If the toxins are going from mouth to oil to sink, and not out of skin or intestines, why would there be those detox symptoms?
  4. If you want to gain weight via weight lifting you need carbs post-workout and lots of protein all-around. Yes fatty foods are high calories but that will do little for your weight gain via muscle (although they can be, of course, wonderfully healthy). Sweet potatoes are great a great carb food but don't do much else in terms of macronutrients. To suggest simply: Meat, fish, eggs & kefir/yogurt. Obviously you will search for the healthiest sources of these and you know what you have intole
  5. Your intolerances don't match up well. And then you include them in your meal plan. To be honest man, I used to try and get a ton of calories a day like yourself. It may create a buffer zone so you're sure you're gaining weight, but overall it will just make you fatter. It's not necessary. Unless you're super active on a daily basis (and that's OUTSIDE the gym) then you shouldn't need much more than 3k calories. Thehoper has some good tips up there. On workout days I eat lots of fruit, st
  6. I don't know any areas specifically. What I do know is living on a farm and going by the healthiest recipes would be an awesome way to live. It's difficult to have the motivation to get creative with recipes on my own, I think.
  7. Not bashing anyone else more than they are bashing me. I'm just spreading good information about low or zero carb diets.
  8. No where in my post did I say anything that went against what you just posted. Many people try to fill in that 20% by eating between 20-40 carbs a day, or they pick one day a week where they load up on carbs. I wouldn't be on a ketogenic diet if it didn't benefit me, my acne didn't get better, but I did lose fat and maintained strength and muscle mass. If I wasn't fat then I wouldn't need to continue this diet after seeing no results for my acne, so zero carbs was fine in my case. Good day sir.
  9. Show's how much you know lol. Ketogenic diets are very popular with bodybuilders, it uses fat for energy. That was another reason I did it, maintain muscle yet lose fat. win/win Do you even understand what you're talking about? Ketones are produced from fat to give energy to the brain, it needs upwards of 100g carbs per day to maintain itself. However, it can only run on about 80% ketones. Where does the other 20% come from? The amino acids in your muscle. This will start occurring as soon as y
  10. It sounds like we should all just live on a ranch together where everything is like a fairytale. Perfectly organic, natural, and acne-free!
  11. Have fun with no muscle. That's where your body will get it's energy if it doesn't have carbs. Talk about holistic health.
  12. Most people stop short looking at labels. Example: They see "0g Trans fat" and think yay! But they miss the .4g listed as partially hydrogenated/shortening/fractioned or however else it is hidden. Your nut butter sandwich isn't all that healthy anymore, nor is your salad with the ranch dressing or your chicken sandwich with a pound of mayo. I guess I should feel thankful my mother actually strives for organic/natural/fresh food, and often asks me for advice on cooking or whether or not such-
  13. So true. It's funny (but sad) seeing people my age (20s) having to go see nutritionists (who also don't know wtf they are talking about) because they have horrible cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, digestive issues etc. Where's the drive to do better for themselves? Live longer for their loved ones, do better for their kids? Healthy food tastes better than anything else. It also makes you feel way better. All it takes is a little research and some motivation to cook for yourse
  14. http://www.silverhydra.com/2011/03/vitamin-like-compounds-choline/ This article should convince those who like research and knowing their stuff, like me. Reason #25039 why I will never be a vegan.
  15. FYI, walking at work shouldn't affect your weight too much. Low intensive stuff like that is primarily a fat burner, not a muscle burner. That's definitely the kind of weight loss you shouldn't be worrying about. Although calling 1-1.5 lbs a week "slow" is kinda ridiculous.