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  1. So its been a long time since I've updated my blog and a lot of that has to do with the acne.org interfacing that keeps logging me out every time I change the page. Whenever I do get a blog ready to post it, it logs me out, then I have to re write it...a vicious cycle. What you want to know: How's it working? I want to preface my response to that question by saying I did get a bit off track from the regimen around the time of week 4. A change in my sleep schedule and meeting a really cut
  2. One thing you want to be careful of with the concealer applicator tubes: Since it has a reusable applicator make sure you wash it with soap and hot water and dry each time after you use it BEFORE you put it back in the tube. If you don't do it EVERY time i'm sure it would be ok but just realize that you are taking the bacteria that causes acne on our face and mixing it in with the concealer. When you reapply the concealer you may be spreading bacteria which causes new acne to form!
  3. Possiblement

    Decent coverage Luminous effect Nice consistency Known to cause cystic acne - caused it in me! Expensive Not a lot of variety in types of foundation I used B.E. foundation for years, albeit in my teen years and first year of college I used it sparingly. It wasn't until I had a few bad break outs in spring 2010 that I started using this product everyday to cover up the FEW spots. Throughout the summer developed a pretty serious case of acne (from my own personal experience - 1
  4. I seem to be getting logged out each time I switch to a different page or try to post something? Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Good news! My face seems to have nicely adjusted to BP and at 2/3rd the recommended amount my skin has virtually no redness or flakes. I was pretty surprised that my face adjusted so quickly as I had always thought I had sensitive skin. With other products such as Proactive, I never gave them enough time to get past the irritation faze. Now I realize that maybe I should have give them a longer shot. Although, I find that Dan's Regimen is way more simple and so far pretty dang effective. As f
  6. Hello! So I've decided to report on a weekly basis because a) I've read too many blogs/message posts that update day to day and its hard to get a big-picture idea of results when you have to sift through so many blog entries and b) it is less nit-picky (I don't want to have a blog that reports each new pimple as they emerge)! So its day 7 and with careful and sparing application of BP my skin has adjusted very well. The first couple of days were ROUGH with very red/flaky skin but I contin
  7. The washcloth idea is a great one! It has gotten a tad bit better the past few days but my eyes are still a bit puffy. My face as a whole is not swollen. My skin is also tolerating the BP more and more. @bleachedanothershirt: I don't see why the moisturizer would cause swelling but be careful not to moisturize too close to the eye area because you might move some of the bp into this area.
  8. Hey! I noticed from your blogs that you really increased your BP dose quickly which may be why your skin is/was SO red and SO flaky. From what I've read on message boards and from Dan's advice and pictures on BP dosage on the Regimen rules page that you should increase BP by week not by day. I am finishing up my first week of Dan's treatments and I only use an thick inch of BP, sometimes only once a day and will increase by inch each week or as my skin allows me too. Slowing down and taking a bi
  9. So I am no my fourthish day of the Regime and my face just is UNCOMFORTABLE. I know this is to be expected as my face is practically a BP virgin. I have decided to do BP once a day for this first week to not over do it like Dan's videos and advice on the message boards say. Note: I've incorporated drops of jojoba oil in the moisturizer. I also want to try the "baby brush treatment" sometime soon to shluff off all the flakes/dry skin. As of now: My skin quality: -Tight -Thoroughly
  10. Hi all, I am on my 3rd day too and I have both eyes swollen, not shut but it looks the same way eyes do after a long long crying session. I had been doing twice a day so I think ill do once a day this first week and move up to twice next week. GRRR... puffy eyes!
  11. My eyelids and under eyes are puffy. I will try my hardest to avoid washing my eyes but its sort of unavoidable. Thanks for your help! Anyone else have advice?
  12. Hi All, So I am on my 3rdish day of the Regimen and I have noticed my eyes are beyond puffy but swollen. I know that your skin needs to become accustom to BP but has anyone else experienced this????? DIScouraging... I am avoiding the eye area like Dan specifies....
  13. So a few days ago I chipped in the bucks (an extra $20) to get express 2 day shipment of the Regimen product kit. It arrived today this afternoon and I was so pleased. The products look great and feel great too! I was worried about the smell, but so far so good. The cleanser: Foams great. I was skeptical about the "10 second or less rule" but 10 seconds really is a sufficient amount of time. The BP (treatment): This was pretty thick but the little I put on spread easily and absorbed
  14. Possiblement

    Before 1/31/2011

    These are all images from before I started the Regime. Some are from the "golden days" of perfect skin - which ended Spring 2010 :( Some are from time abroad (3.5 months) when I gave up mineral make up and my skin cleared tremendously.
  15. Hello (if anyone else chooses to read this!), It's two AM. I've been obsessively looking up acne remedies for the past few hours. It really has become an obsession which started 9 months ago when I began to develop a chronic case of moderate cystic acne. A little background info: I'm a 21 year old college student. I always thought I had the "blessed" skin gene since besides a case of normal pre-teen break outs, I had fairly clear skin. Unfortunately both my brothers have suffered from cy