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  1. DAY.........1 AGAIN Stress of interview + isolation before and after interview = pick pick pick. Yeah, this time I picked it worse than my first post for this. However, I had a huge ingrown hair on my upper lip which I had left alone for a couple of weeks. Hurt so much that I had to pop it, but it kept leaking throughout the day. Sadly, I know that this will leave a dark mark for at least 3 months. Ruined my smile dammit. Also, I realize that I need to get rid of my whiteheads somehow, and Dif
  2. DAY 7 Not sure who is still reading this, but here's the quick update on my acne. The inflamed whitehead on the right side of my face is still a bit painful - I really hope that it doesn't turn into a pustule right before my interview on Wednesday. Otherwise mostly non-inflammatory acne around my face As for the picking, it's getting easier to ignore the acne when I'm outside of my apartment with other people. However, my whiteheads are growing in size, and I'm worried that being trapped under
  3. Hey I'll join you in this. I'm also trying to break that bad habit, but only on day 6 right now Anyway, best of luck with this. I'll be keeping track of your progress.
  4. DAY 6 Well here is is, about 1/3 of the way in to the 21-day habit breaking quest! No really big breakouts. A couple of whiteheads have inflamed and calmed down. I just started back up with Differin 0.1 gel a week ago so this could be a mini-IB happening. As long as I don't get any cysts, I'll be happy. Lighting really does make a difference, as you can tell from the two sets of pictures. Thankfully whenever my appearance matters (i.e. going out to a party/club at night), most of it
  5. Perfection, must be in our genes . I mean comon, when anyone thinks of asians they think of super smart overacheivers at everything. But yeah, so far I've gotten over most of my worrying. As I have mentioned before, I feel that unless it's with a particularly painful pimple, I'm not too bothered or self conscious about it during the day. Maybe 21 days is all I need for this. I do use BP as a spot treatment, but I find that spot treatments in general do no help with those under the skin pi
  6. DAY 3 So my worst fears have finally been confirmed. Before, I was always worried that if I didn't pop my whiteheads and blackheads, they would eventually become inflamed under the skin. Well, guess what? A couple of these are now red lumps under my skin, which means that I can expect them to pop up with whiteheads in a week or so. Also, an ingrown hair that I popped on my upper lip a while back is getting ingrown again. Dammit. Plus, I noticed that I have tons and tons of whiteheads around my
  7. Alrighty then. Here we are, at Day 2. Let's hope that I can get past 3 days this time around. DAY 2 Super super happy today! On a completely separate note from my appearance, my scientific paper is finally getting published. Plus, it's going to be the feature article for the next month's edition of the journal. Finally, after two years of work/writing, someone thinks that my research is important. Ok then. Not really much in terms of new spots, but then again, I did not touch my ski
  8. Ah thanks xgirl for the compliment. Congrats on getting to phase 2, I guess that I'm around phase 2 as well, as I am still touching my bumps frequently but not squeezing them. I have to admit though, I'm only mostly clear because I started taking oral antibiotics (doxycycline). Otherwise, my inflammatory acne would come back. Wish I could just grow out of my acne already, it's kinda hard to explain my medication situation to my friends whenever we go out or go on vacation.
  9. Hey deamonn. Yeah, I am a bit OCD with this, but more so when I get a painful pimple. I'm getting better with not scanning my face for imperfections with my hands or in the mirror but damn it's hard to avoid it when I'm washing my face and especially when I'm applying moisturizer/medication to my face. Man, even those 15 days seem difficult. Even with my log and pictures, it's still very very tempting. Good idea with the calendar btw, I'll try that out later tonight. I'm actually finding tha
  10. DAY 2 So the picked spot from yesterday is smaller, but I have a feeling that it is going to pop up with a whitehead soon, which means that I'll have to wait another week or so before it dies down. Yesterday I took a couple of ibuprofen pills, which definitely helped with the swelling and pain. At least it doesn't hurt anymore today, which means that I can ignore it throughout the day. I notice that whenever I get a painful pimple, every time it hurts, I am reminded of my acne and become more s
  11. Thanks again deamonn. Believe me, I hear you. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what the hell I'm trying to pick at. If I feel any sort of uneveness on my skin, I have the urge to poke and prod at it, which of course does it no good. I know that my skin is pretty much ok, even in terms of the hyperpigmentation, but my goal with all of this is to get rid of the picking and obsessing behavior all together. Maybe I just need to make myself so damn tired that I don't even have the energy
  12. DAY 5 ---> back to DAY 1 Dammit, so In my drunkedness (I went out drinking last night), I decided to pick and squeeze at a slightly painful spot on my left jawline that was definitely not ready. The result? A wonderful bruise, which I hope will not turn into a cyst. Hurts too. And yeah, this will leave another wonderful hyperpigmented spot which will last a couple of months. Dammit again. Well I guess that now I have a picture of what happens when I squeeze spots that aren't ready on my j
  13. Nope. Benzyl alcohol is much different than benzoyl peroxide. If you're worried about the irritation and acne, the benzyl alcohol at that low concentration is not comedogenic and should not be irritating, unless you are allergic to it. Highly unlikely, though, since this is the stuff that they have in IVs in hospitals.
  14. Interesting, because retinoids, such as Retin A and Differin, are used to help with wrinkles and skin aging, as they promote collagen formation (the stuff that gives skin its structure and firmness). They do however thin the upper layer of skin, as they prevent excess dead skin buildup, hence the reason why retinoids are so heavily prescribed for acne.
  15. Way to burst my bubble of breaking the habit in 15 days lol :P But yeah, I probably should have known that it was just an urban myth. Still, 100 days (or even for the rest of my life) sounds like a better goal anyway. And yes, telomeres are basically on the ends of chromosomes, which are made up of DNA.