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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Tony and I'll just give some brief background information about myself. I think it's safe to say that I'm quite experienced with acne. I've been dealing with severe acne since the age of 15. I've undergone two treatments of accutane but it always comes back (although not as severe as it used to be). But anyway, back to the main point. I've always been skeptical when people have told me to change my diet, mainly because the people that tell me this have clear sk
  2. Today, I felt like I had hit rock bottom. Being a freshman in college, I felt like I had no one to talk to my problems about. Especially when it's something as trivial as ACNE. I just couldn't control my emotions any longer. Out of desperation, I decided to drive over two hours to see my yellow lab....whom of which is like my brother, son, and best friend at the same time. (I grew up with three sisters and not much of a dad) Even after balling my eyes for over two hours, I just couldn't control
  3. Wow great advice on here guys. I don't think my input will do much, but I would have to agree that Accutane would be a good option. If acne is affecting your life that much then I would recommend Accutane, but only if you have tried everything else. (And you obviously have) I also understand your situation completely. I took accutane about a year ago and it kept me clear for the duration of my treatment, but those were the greatest months of my life...sadly lol. I am looking forward to going on
  4. About 3 new pimples. Cannot wait for summer so I can finally get off these stupid topicals and antibiotics for accutane round 2. Pretty scared of the horrendous IB plus the post anti biotic flare up though. The next three months are going to be rough...
  5. I was put on Minocycline 2 years ago for about 6 months, but had to be taken off because it was losing its effectiveness. About a week later, as you can guess, I get the biggest acne flare of my life. I then went on Accutane for 5 months and that cleared me up. However, 2 months later my skin became oily again, and my acne also came back. It's been about 9 months since I've been off accutane and I recently just tried switching from doxycycline to minocycline (50mg a day). I asked my new derm
  6. About 9 months ago, I finished my first course of Accutane. I was really happy with the results, but I still had really deep scaring from even two years ago. Two months after my treatment I began to breakout again (though not as severely), so my doctor put me on Epiduo. I was on Epiduo for about 4 months, and I would say that it had helped a little, but hadn't completely rid me of acne. I wasn't happy with how things were going so I went to see another derm, but both had insisted that I stay
  7. I would switch my derm if I was absolutely certain that my sweating was the problem, but I don't know that because I remember sweating all the time while on Accutane and not breaking out.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to see my derm this friday and ask about the spiro, but knowing her she would probably not allow it. The only things that have seemed to work for me were antibiotics (but made my acne a lottt worst after I was taken off of it) and Accutane, so I might ask to go back on it a second time.
  9. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I was on Accutane for 5 months and I've been off of it for about 4 months. My acne came back (not as severe) about a month later and then my dermatologist put me on Epiduo. I've been on Epiduo for about 3 months now and was optimistic, but it doesn't seem like it's working anymore. My problem is I only use it at night (as recommended), but I sweat a lot for no reason and my skin gets really oily, so I'm not sure if I should wash my face because it's been getting pretty
  10. I think time would be your best bet! If not you can get laser treatments but they're pretty expensive and still take some weeks to see results.
  11. I started getting really dry lips a little after my first week and my skin stopped producing as much oil during my 2nd week. I'm also on 40 mg a day, and I think the drug is a lot more effective if you eat it with a very fatty meal and drink it with a glass of milk because it's fatty soluble. I just started doing this 3 days ago and I'm feeling the side effects a lott more. (Not sure if this is good or bad)
  12. I was on minocycline for 6 months and began breaking out shortly after. I stopped antibiotics immediately, and began breaking out like mad before I was able to get on Accutane. I'm in my 3rd week of Accutane right now and let me tell you...the breakout from getting off of antibiotics+IB from Accutane will be killer. I was only on antibiotics for around half a year and I thought that was too long, but I see that you've been on them for quite some time...so I think you would be making the right ch
  13. I want to have clear skin because I hate disappointing my friends and family. I'd hate to have to take my senior picture looking like this. I want to be able to make it up to a girl that I lied about not wanting to be in a relationship because I didn't feel secure about my looks whenever I was with her. I want to be able to make eye contact with a person without them glancing over at my acne. But really, the biggest thing I want back in my life is being able to think clearly...not having acne in
  14. My derm has never heard of anyone using oral steroids for their acne unless it was because they got an allergic reaction to Accutane. Have any of you ever used prednisone and how did you get your derm to prescribe you it? I feel like my acne is slowly becoming severe and my IB has just began, but there's no way in hell to get my current derm to get me the drug.
  15. My derm wouldn't prescribe me Prednisone no matter how much I asked, she said that dermatologists never prescribe steroids to cure acne unless it was like severe acne or a bad reaction to accutane. I've heard a ton of positive feedback from the drug though, even though there are risks to taking the steroid I don't see them outweighing the emotional impact from acne as long as you're not on it too long. In any case...I don't really trust my derm anyway, considering she left me on antibiotics for