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  1. Ok so I have had moderate acne since i was 13, it came and went from being really bad to not bad at all. I tried proactiv, differin, veltin, solodyn, some other medication (cant remember the name), prednisone, green tea leaves, diet changed for a month...didnt do anything....i also tried so many other creams and many dermotologists visits but ok ive been taking about 32,000 IU of vitamin A a day, and Zinc/Calcium/Magnesium Supplements about 4 a day. As well as Aczone Cream and Cetaphil Moisteri
  2. Well I would say that I am pretty healthy I workout a few times a week, not much cardio though, and I guess you can say that my stress level is extremely high all the time, as I am a very anxious person. I am in good shape, athletic build, always have my whole life, but for the sake of my skin and overall mind and health, I am doing this routine. My new health/acne Regimen Morning: Cetaphil Cleanser Aczone Cream Cetaphil Moisterizer Cetaphil Sunscreen 3 glasses of water Doxycycline startin
  3. so i went to the derm yesterday and he gave me shots to reduce the swelling on a number of zits, he prescribed me aczone cream and doryx, only my insurance did not cover the doryx so i have to wait for another prescription. he also suggested omega fish oil so i just started taking them today i hope this stuff works, he wouldnt prescribe me accutane cause he does not like it, oh well i do get a great amount of excercise and sunlight everyday, my diet is not the greatest but i eat no dairy, or s
  4. yay get to see all my family today with two cysts on my nose i havnt had a cyst on my nose all year now i get two fun fun fun ones scabbed over and bloody i didnt pop it or touch it and the other one isnt all the way to the top yet, both are right on the top of my nose... plus you know the usual red cheecks and whiteheads on side of face and mouth....wearing a hat and sunscreen on my face to try and hide it a little , though i never wear a hat....ready for the looks and comments espec from the
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    my skin from last year to now...
  7. last week was alright my skin was bad but i went to school everyday and dealt with it, but by the end of the week i ended up having three cysts on my nose.....right now my nose is huge and red with bumps and on top of that all the little whiteheads around my mouth and cheeks/ greasy skin..im going back to the derm in a few weeks, it just really sucks because i feel so ugly last night i was brave enough to go out with friends but thought about my skin the whole time i was out and i tried so hard
  8. did not mean to offend anyone under my circumstances with my mom being busy me being 18 and having to car yet till graduation i cannot always eat just fruits and veggies yes i make sure that i eat them everyday if they are avaiable i did cut out alcohol, chips, pretzels, popcorn, dairy, mac n cheese, fast food, and sugary things as well as canned soup a lot of chocolate (small amount like once every two weeks) whatnot...i even stopeed wearing cover up and im a dude!! im that self concious i di
  9. lol my parents told me to stay away from this website but u are 100 percent right lol we need more of ppl like u on here
  10. ok everoyne on here is sooooo paranoid and there is alwasys a reason not to eat a certain foood!!!! i simply cannot get full off of fruits and vegetables everyday and seeds sure some potatoes would but guess what they arggravate acne sure i have tons of pasta and want it soooo bad but nopee today i was at a charity walk and my mom packed a whole grain bread sandwhich with turkey and lettuce.....i was so hungry i ate it along with an apple and orange.....but my brother was eating M&Ms and no
  11. not that bad my acne is pretty gross around my mouth but said fuck it i dont care what others think im not gunna let it stop me from having a bad day....although ive been eating healthy for the past week..i was at a charity walk all day and was hungry and all my mom had was some a turkey sandwhich on whole grain bread and some M&Ms...and i ate them
  12. Almost every single food that I look up on here has some way of causing acne, I have been eating fruits and vegetables all week and drinking lots of water and de-caffeinated green tea, along with seeds and some fish. However I do not have a car yet, I am 18, my mom is very busy and does not have the time to go shopping everyday for food. I have a lot of food in my house but basically everything "aggravates acne" including cheerios, nutri grain bars and meat/eggs. It is not fair I am always h
  13. i started getting acne when i was in 8th grade. i am now in 12th grade and it everyday is a struggle to live. i have cystic acne on my nose, i usually get a big cyst on my nose once every few months, and now recently ive been getting them around my mouth. on top of that i wake up with about 5 zits on average everyday around my mouth. my skin on my cheecks, nose, forehad and chin is always red, im a guy and ive stooped so low that i wear cover up in some spots just to go out. its all i think abo