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  1. First course cleared me. Then it came back years later, but less severe. 2nd course has me clear again. No different than first course, same side-effects as before, no better no worse
  2. I dont wash my face at all while on tane unless coming from the gym. It's just too irritating for me. When i do i just use the dove moisturizing bar very gently. I also have dove face lotion for men. It works well enough for me. I guess my skin likes dove products
  3. Blood tests which check the liver, kidneys, (complete metabolic panel with SGOT, SGPT and T. Bili) along with blood count (CBC with Platelets and Differential), blood fats (Triglycerides), and if you're a woman, a blood pregnancy test called a Serum Quantitiative Beta HCG (this is much more accurate than a urine test early on in a pregnancy) are all performed
  4. Increase H2O and fiber as already mentioned. Also look into a probiotic. Bacteria is your friend on this one
  5. I've been out for about 5 days and havent noticed any negatives. My new insurance company is having a fit and the pharmacy wont release the drug (yay!)
  6. I can all but guarantee you this was the main factor in your friends being approached and not you. Nobody is going to approach someone that is staring at the floor (I know because i've been that person many times). As the guy above me said, girls are the same way too. I get approached 100x more now than when my face wasnt clear. However, i still think that's all on the confidence. My confidence goes as my skin goes. OP, you're hot and you know it. I hope this thread gives you some more re
  7. 10 years. 14-24. On my 2nd round of accutane now and currently pleased
  8. Agreed ^ Im on my feet all day at work and go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Mixture of running and lifting. Have had zero negative effects, and thanks to accutane dont even break out anymore when i workout Edit: Im on 40mg/day. dr wants to up me to 80/day this month so i will update then
  9. Sans insurance in Ohio is ~$390/month for 40mg Amnesteem. This includes scrip, monthly visit, and bloodwork. So basically $2400 for a 6 month course. That number is hard to look at. However, money comes and goes, and I would much rather be happy and confident with my appearance
  10. read this http://www.dermadoctor.com/article_Accutane_96.html
  11. If that is for the office visit and the blood test that is about right. I pay ~$75 for office visit and ~$36 for blood work
  12. You guys are a trip. This isnt a competition to see who has the worst acne. If the OP is upset about his skin he has every right to pursue whatever treatment he wants. Whether it's one pimple or 1000 pimples. It's his choice. His Dr obviously thinks he is fit enough for accutane and if he decides to take it than so be it. There are plenty of people that have taken accutane with great results and zero negative side effects other than dry skin (myself included). I started my second round of
  13. Acne caused way more depression in my life than any pill ever could, for what it's worth
  14. Seriously my least favorite thing about acutane is the packaging. It's completely unnecessary to have all that cardboard/literature. Then the little tabs never tear right. Then when i pop the pill out it goes flying and i have to spend 5 minutes on the floor trying to find it.
  15. well, no medicine will help if you really have a virus. other than dulling side effects. but yes, i would say you can do that. if anything, i would just avoid medicine with acetaminophen as the pain reliever. It's metabolized through the liver and your liver doesnt need extra stress right now good luck!