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  1. Hello Everyone! So recently I've come across the whole derma rolling thing and I'm kinda scared. I ordered a dermaroller off of ebay and it should be here by Tuesday. I believe its the 0.5mm and it has 540 needles. Anyways, I'd like to know if there are any specific products you use or any tips you'd like to pass along to me. I'm kinda scared of not doing it right or irritating my skin too much. I have some ice pick scars, some hyperpigmentation, and a lot of enlarged pores. My acne is about 8
  2. I used to get a lot of my break outs on my jawline and my neck and my arms. Yeah, BC always made me nauseous and my migranes were terrible.
  3. Hello! So I've been off of BC for about a month now and.... the results aren't too bad. At first I got a lot off break outs on my chest and neck but now that I'm on my period they seemed to have STOPPED. what.... Hopefully if this keeps up I don't have to go back on BC. That ruined my life in more ways than one. For example, this is my first month in 6 MONTHS without a damn yeast infection. I'm also not as hormonal as I used to be while I was on BC. so yeah all is good! I do have a large zit on
  4. I don't remember what its like. I'm closer to clear skin now than ever before, but its still not clear. I can't just waltz out the door in the morning without covering my imperfections. I'd do anything to go back and cherish the skin I had.
  5. I've always wanted to try threadding. It looks like fun! Way better than Waxing. Never. again. lol As for the chemical peel, I'm still on the fence about it. You do have a point: every one has different skin. I might try it on my chest, because I have a bad case of Acanthosis nigricans, which darkens certain spots of my skin. Hopefully it works on that. Though I'm really scared about the whole skin peeling and irritation. I work in a resturant full of ignorant assholes and I'll never get the
  6. I know exactly how you feel! Back in high school when I had severe cystic acne, I used to cry my eyes out whenever a huge social even was planned. Such as a trip to disneyland and my graduation. I decided against going to disneyland with my classmates BECAUSE of acne. I didn't want to sleep in a hotel room full of my pretty classmates while sitting there with my nekkid ugly face. Around my graduation I started Retin-A, so I broke out A LOT. I sobbed for days because my graduation photos would e
  7. Hello everyone So in the past few days,I've summed up the courage to change my skin routine a bit. Starting with Evening Primrose Oil. I heard its good for acne and for the skin so I said "WHY NOT?!". It was like $6 for a bottle of 75 soft gel capsules at Walmart and I'll be taking one a day with a meal. Hopefully I can get rid of Trinessa soon. Them side effects are the death of me. Secondly, I ordered 20% salicylic acid from amazon, also known as the chemical peel. I read all the
  8. Yess i'll post some soon people i've met personally and some that i have spoken to here have had bad experiences with accutane. I'm not trying to talk you out of it or anything! Your body, your choice, and if you feel its the right thing to do, go for it! I'd love to see your progress with Accutane if you do indeed choose to take it.
  9. Hopefully it helps you! I've seen wonders with Accutane as well as horror stories. Hopefully yours is a success story! what are the horror stories? That it makes it worse, side effects, pregnancy (in my state you have to be on two different birth control methods so that one doesn't get pregnant, because a girl in my area did and her baby was born with severe defects). There's just a lot that goes into Accutate and I did consider it for a long time but now that I got my horomones in check with
  10. That's awesome! Glad your acne problems is clearing up too! Its so exciting!
  11. Hopefully it helps you! I've seen wonders with Accutane as well as horror stories. Hopefully yours is a success story!
  12. Definately get on accutane if you can. I tried to when I was much worse, but the only dermatologist in my area that took my insurance was such a prick and a creep that I gave up. I tried to get another dermatologist, but I gave up until I tried BC, which worked wonders. It seems like you just switched all your medications recently. Just let them do their work and don't forget to moisturize! New medications (especially that 5% Benzoyl peroxide) can be really drying and can cause even more irr
  13. I'm afraid that changing my BC will ruin my face again. I'm afraid of changing anything. what's your regime? maybe you need to tweak it to get better results! it gets better, i promise!
  14. So yeah, birth control was the answer to my acne problems. Along with other problems. Mostly acne tho Since I'm on my period and I've been terrible with my eating habits, I did break out a bit on the right side of my face last week. Which got some rude comments from my douche bag coworker. >.> I've been drinking a TON of water instead of sugary drinks and I limit my poor eating habits too. My hyperpigmentation and ice pick scars still persist. I'm deathly afraid of trying an