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  1. I tried proactiv last year to see if it would help. Instead, it dried me out and made the skin under my nose peel VERY badly. I decided to try the stuff again this week, thinking that it might work this time. WHAT A MISTAKE! I am regretting my decision so badly! After only one day of using proactiv, my face broke out in this huge, red rash all over! I never get acne on my forehead because for me, acne is hormonal, but proactiv made me break out right above my eyebrows and at the hairline.
  2. i really like the clinique air brush concealer in fair. it comes in a great little wand so application is a cinch. i follow up with prescriptives magic liquid powder in red neutralizer. i hate makeup, so i need everything to be minimal and easy!
  3. i dont think that the higher the spf, the more white the sunscreen gets. i suggest 45 with uva/uvb protection. i really like the neutrogena ultra sheet sunblock in 45. it is non greasy and makes your skin matte. plus, it blends into your skin really well. cheers!
  4. my FAVORITE sunscreen is the neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock. it comes in 30spf and 45 spf. its non greasy and it almost gives your face a matte look. it also doesnt smell...i hate the smell of sunscreen. its the best one ive tried so far and ive tried a lot of different brands, including the other neutrogena ones. ps: its on sale for $7.99 at target this week!
  5. I was a little anxious about using moisturizer too when I started the Regimen, but i discovered that my face produced more oil when I didn't use a moisturizer. My acne became more irritated and oilier than ever. I think the key is to find the right moisturizer for you. I use clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It's lightweight and great even on top of BP. I usually apply BP and wait 15-20 min before applying the lotion.
  6. Hi! I'm looking for a good sunscreen that is non-oily but gives good spf protection. I've noticed that with the reg, my face is now extra sensitive to the sun (Because of the BP). My oil of olay spf 15 lotion isn't enough protection for me in this hot CA sun. Any suggestions for an spf of 20 or higher?
  7. i've tried the lettuce toner, and while it feels great on the skin, it did little to clear my acne. it does smell amazing though. id say for me, it was more of a girly fun product to use, but it didn't really help my acne, and mine is mild to moderate. one good thing though is that it doesn't sting or irritate. it just keeps your face smelling nice for a couple of hours.
  8. i used sal acid along w/ bp for years and it never did anything for my skin. however, after modifying dan's reg, i've been using SA in the mornings and then moisturizer w/ sunscreen after. i use BP only at night and then moisturizer on top of that as well. i found that it SA in the morning helps to minimize my oil production throughout the day, even after applying moisturizer. it also controls the amount of small bumps that tend to crop up around my cheeks and jaw line. only SA has proven t
  9. ive tried the moisturizer and the toner. i hated both. the toner was very gentle to my skin but my acne stayed the same. it didn't really make any difference in my skin. i personally like the clean and clear astringents better for clearing up the smaller bumps.
  10. im such a huge fan of prescriptives! i posted before that their magic redness reducing powder is amazing and it doesnt make me break out at all (even the tiniest spot of makeup, like if my mom hugs me or something near my face gets me all flared up) because its all water based. you can buy prescriptives at gloss.com. hope this helps!
  11. hey matthers, thanks for the advice. the yogurt thing is a good tip. im anxious to try mino cause nothing else has worked so far. what part of so cal are u from? im from hunt bch. cheers!
  12. so the tetra and clind is working for you? i just got recommended that so im curious as to how good the results are. how long did it take for your face to clear up? did it get worse before it got better? i really hate that.
  13. my derm gave this prescription to me today but im skeptical after reading comments from people off this site. i have really oily skin and tiny bumps mostly on my cheek and chin. my derm said my acne, on a scale of 1 being mild to 4 being severe, is about a 2-3 and im def prone to flair ups. anyone in this same acne situation taking these meds? how is it working for you?
  14. ok this was my old treatment when i combined sal acid w/ bp: 1. microscrub exfoliating stuff 2. sal acid clean and clear wash 3. sal acid astringent from clean and clear 4. bp 10% clean and clear 5. clinique moisturizer i was on this reg for about a year and i never really saw any improvement. however, recently i started getting cystic acne on my chin/jawline and now im thinking that it's from the crazy amount of product i was using on my face (plus the fact that i was using sal
  15. well, its translucent (sp?) so its very very light coverage. ive tried prescriptives magic foundation underneath the magic powder and that works very well too for more coverage. i have small acne all over so it works for me. but id recommend getting a makeover (fun!) at the prescriptives counter and then walking around the mall and in the sun to see how you like it. regards!