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  1. Hey man! What is acnotin? is that like accutane? Hope u are well. Yeah its like accutane. I am using topical product to maintain it, sometimes there are minor breakout due to shavings.
  2. hey bro! been a long time since I last checked ur thread. Nice progress! I been taking acnotin 20mg daily for 4 months now, my last box of 20mg will be taken once weekly till I run out of it. So far so good
  3. damn you are cut bro. gym for life! 40 mg is still ultra low dose and it should not cause your face to blush. you should see very little side effects. yes, you will have drier than normal lips and skin, but nothing annoying. Keep me updated bro! Update: Went to the club a few days ago...and I hated it! Ya know why?! Cuz it was too damn dark for people to appreciate my skin! Hehe. Seriously, I wanted so bad for them to brighten the lights in there. Good times. It's been a little over 21
  4. Hey yunchang, I am planning to take low dosage of accutane. Like 20mg every 3 days, means 1 week is around 40mg. Will it cause my face to blush? Or will if have any noticible side effects?
  5. Is there suppose to be a detox process when I went from totally no fruits to 2-3 servings of fruits a day? Like a sudden change in my body system. I start to feel really thirsty and drank hell loads of water, dry throat n ears but when I spam water, its still manageable. My bowel frequencies are also increased compare to last time. Its been 2 weeks and I never missed a day. Hope after a month my body will get used to the fruits.
  6. I gonna try this method while using my topical products + natural acne pills. My sister face is 98% clear and she eats fruits EVERYDAY! I haven't been eating fruits since few years back. Been already a week since I started. Shall update again in a months time
  7. actually i did a tattoo quite big, at least 25-30 cm long on my back. But i am not taking accutane, i am eating the acnotin, don't know whether is it the same. Mine is 20mg per day. But that was like last year august. I started acnotin aug 2009 and end at ard sep 2010. Nothing happen much, only thing is that the tattoo is sort of poping out, like a scar, u cant see it, only can feel it.