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  1. Aw man, I was going to tell you to do Lactic Acid peels (40% and the move up to 50%) like I did because my face looked liked yours (only my red marks were darker) and the lactic acid really worked wonders. But I don't think it's a good idea to use lactic acid while on Retin-A (I might be wrong but please be careful and research it.) I've tried Emu Oil and it didn't help me at all. Lactic Acid is really the only thing that worked for my red marks. I saw a huge improvement after 2 or 3 pee
  2. It will flake a bit for the first few days but it's not noticeable. There are really tiny flakes. I do my peels either Friday or Saturday night so I look normal on Monday.
  3. Dude I had exactly what you had but on my cheeks. Try Lactic Acid 40%... im begging you to try it. It really does wonders. do 1 peel every week and leave it on until you can't stand the stinging or 10-15 minutes. whichever comes first. After 3 peels it's already worked great for me. Put on Benzoyl Peroxide before you go to bed and let it dry first. Your skin will be red for 1-2 days after the peel though so make sure it's done on the weekend.
  4. I bought it on ebay. This one to be exact. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-oz-Lactic-Acid-Skin-Peel-40-Exfoliating-Peel-/230535322832?pt=US_Skin_Care&hash=item35acf9dcd0
  5. Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid. Please try it. After 3 peels of 40% lactic acid my skin looks so much better.
  6. Please try Lactic Acid. It's worked wonders for me after 3 peels. Only do it on the weekend if you work during the week or go to school because your face will be red for about 2 days. It really does work though. Start with 40% and work your way up. Good luck.
  7. I'm so elated with joy as I'm typing this. What you are about to see is me 2 months ago and me about 5 minutes ago. I've only done 3 40% lactic acid peels in the past 3 months and these are my results... Please ignore my stupid poses lol. Before: and........ .... ...drumroll please... TA-DA! oh and by the way the big red spot is a birthmark in case you were wondering lol but yeah anyway this is onl
  8. ...stop masturbating. Seriously. I thought this was a joke too until I started noticing when I hadn't masturbated for a week+ my skin cleared up. Last week my skin was free of pimples (just red marks from previous pimples) and I hadn't masturbated in almost a week because i started a new job and was working so many hours. Two days ago on my first day off I masturbated maybe 10 times the whole day and today I've been popping pimples like crazy. Stop masturbating for 7 days and see if your ski
  9. Fmylife91

    My nasty scars

    Scars from horrible breakout I had after tetracycline stopped working for me
  10. Fmylife91

    Great exfoliater. It really does work better than acne products. Dirt cheap. Works relatively quick in getting rid of red marks. Stings your face the first few times you use it. (Don't wash it off right away. Leave it on for up to 5--10 minutes then rinse in the shower. Using this every other day for a couple of weeks, my red marks that seemed like they were taking forever to go away finally were fading. I swear to God this is the only thing that has been an effe
  11. I've been on retin-a since november and i've noticed improvement but it's working soo slowly. I was wondering if any of you had some suggestions to clear up my skin.
  12. Haha that's crazy cuz I'm in the exact same boat. I used to be fairly good looking. I had clear skin until I was about 16 then I started breaking out. Tetracycline cleared me up for about a year... then things took a turn for the worse. I grew a resistance to Tetracycline and my acne went out of control... I'm still suffering from redness and scars. I got on minocycline + Retin-A a couple of months ago and it's helped some... I'm going to keep with it and see what happens. The minocycline seems