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  1. haha I've never thought about gaining weight so you don't have wrinkles in your face! But....no one is really in control of where they gain weight
  2. Ameriwife

    A Little Better

    So the 2 newer pimples popped tonight. Sounds gross, but I'm gladd because I realized they weren't cysts but just stubborn pimples. I didn't know what to use, so I have some good ol' manuka honey as spot treatment. I did another sandalwood mask (a sample sent from Pratima), and I really love how smooth my skin is after. Though, I would not recommend this product if you have acne all over. It would probably make it worse...but then better! lol. The only "tingly" sensation I felt was my T-zone
  3. No problem I just noticed you use a moisturizer with jojoba oil in it. I used jojoba oil for about 6 months earlier this year when on Dan's regimen, and after as a makeup remover. But I would still break out and my skin had these little tiny bumps/clogged pores everywhere. I never reall thought it was the jojoba oil. Flashforward to September and I was using the Pratima moisturizer and bioderma to remove makeup. My clogged pores and acne reduced like 70%. I believe that at least for me,
  4. Ameriwife

    3 New Pimples :(

    Ya it probably was the mask detoxing my skin. The one on my jawline this morning has reduced like 30% compared to last night.... I'm not beating myself up- at least not like I was the last time I broke out. But this isn't bad like it was then. I won't drive myself crazy and only eat like a rabbit because I fear breaking out...I actually want to live and enjoy life. Plus I lose weight very easily due to a fast metabolism, so I want my clothes to fit me haha. Ya, I'm leaving them alone haha. I
  5. Hey Paul, my heart goes out to you. I second that wanting to wear a mask- not makeup- a mask lol. I'm feeling a little down about this breakout I just blogged about...but I know they will go away eventually...I just hope they don't scar as bad as I think they will. I wish I could actually go back in time to what my skin was like in high school. Granted I had acne, but NEVER any of these cyst pimple things. I would still consider your skin light to mild acne. I basically just see redness, obv
  6. So like always I spoke too soon. Unfortunately, the three pimples that seemed to be very minor have grown to these rather large pimple/cyst things They are all on the left side of my face. One is in the area where I really struggled with cysts, and this one looks like it's gonna scar. There's no head...its just big (well...maybe not that big). Then there is one on my jawline that you can't really see. Then that same one that is rather healing and flattening. A few days ago, I applie
  7. Ya, I'm still not sure about micro. Maybe I'll just do masks and stuff. You know whats weird? The scars on my cheeks (meaning indentation) are more noticeable when I lose weight. It really has to do with the "fat" in my face. I've gained a few more pounds back since I started eating bread and dairy again. Too many people were telling me I've been disappearing and looking very thin. :-/
  8. Ameriwife

    Near Miracles!

    Ya, I've been mentored by the same woman for 4 years now...I think at that point we had been mentoring a year. She is like a mother to me, since my mom isn't there for me emotionally at all. I guess it all just sort of worked out. I quit working at night and I was pretty much done with school...but... it was definitely hard. That's why I suggest having someone to talk to. Even if there's not much going on it's still wonderful to have.
  9. Oh, I forgot to add about the Dove cleanser. Well, a few years ago, I really didn't research acne or products or what to do. I had used proactiv for years and was clueless I liked that it was very mild and didn't burn my skin like everything else, but I don't think it did a good job of removing my makeup and layers and layers of eucerine lotion lol. It's probably because the eucerine was soo thick that the makeup didn't come off easily. I used bare minerals. But you should NEVER let any medicat
  10. hey Tiffany, I didn't get very bad side effects like joint pain... but I did have the dryest skin in the world, cracking lips, and maybe two nosebleeds. The only two nosebleeds I've ever had in my life lol. I have not decided whether I have GI problems now because of accutane. I have traveled to many 3 world countries and have thought it may be some parasite I've picked up. If I could call it something, I would say it's IBS- irritable bowel syndrome. I go through weeks of diarrhea, no matter
  11. Hey Tiffany, thought I would leave some tips. I've shared this to numerous people starting/on accutane, so I feel like a broken record. I was on accutane for 3 months, 20 mg in 2009. It cleared my cysts and major acne, but unfortunately acne still came back- THOUGH NOT nearly as bad. First thing, I think you will see about a week or two into accutane that you CANNOT use retin-a or really any other chemical on your skin. My skin burned if I used ANY kind of fragrance soap or cream. Your skin
  12. I feel preeettyyy good right now. I don't want to say I'm on top of the world, because the higher you the harder you fall. Tonight, I saw some friends from church...and within an hour, TWO GUYS commented on my skin. One guy has autism (but he's not the antisocial autistic) and said that all that "nasty stuff" on my face was gone. I didn't think he noticed haha when my skin was so terrible, but I said thank you and agreed that I'm glad it's gone. It wasn't embarrassing, until he went on about ho
  13. I have come a looonnnggg way with not touching my face or picking my skin. Granted there's not much to pick at, but I remember in March trying really hard to get out of the habit. A few times, I remember resting my hands on my chin, and getting a few tiny pimples there. So, since I hardly touch my face I dont' seem to get as much acne. I only seem to touch my face if I know I have a pimple...so because there's not many of those...I don't touch my face...and I seem to end the vicious cycle. W
  14. Ameriwife

    Near Miracles!

    I had a history of depression before accutane. I believe it's all been situational. I had a very very difficult family, which attributed to the fact that I felt horrible about myself. And when I was on accutane, I had just broke up with my ex-boyfriend, (who practically proposed to me), so with that alone nearly sent me over the edge. We were going through pre-marital counseling and planning a wedding- and then one day just ended it with me and almost never had any contact with me after. I also
  15. good to see you're back. Btw, your skin looks great!
  16. Hey I just responded to your comment on my blog, but thought I would add a little here You're not a walking disease....many many many people struggle with acne. I'm sorry you can't even look in the mirror...I was there not too long ago. I'm not saying accutane is the only answer, but accutane flat out works...whether acne comes back is really dependent on the person I guess. But accutane isn't the only answer. I'm sure there are many other preventative measures to be taken post accutane- l
  17. Ya, the fact that I was on accutane for a short while a few years ago shows me that the likelihood of it really curing my acne a second round is not high. Did you ever try accutane? I'm not suggesting it to you haha just curious if you went down that path. Well seriously thank you for your comment. This Thanksgiving, for the first time really in my life, I was thankful for clear skin. It may sound vain to conceited, but it was wonderful not to worry about my family staring at a pretty face w
  18. Ameriwife

    Near Miracles!

    Hey girl, I'm so sorry this ordeal with accutane is such a struggle Yes, my general practitioner prescribed it. I think a medical doctor can prescribe anything he is comfortable with. Well, I was saying that if you to decide to take it, make sure you tell someone you're on it, and be honest with your symptoms is all I'm saying. I was really depressed while on it (but like I've said I think it was situational that brought it on) but I never thought of hurting myself or anything. Just make su
  19. I haven't updated in a while, or at least don't have much time to. I don't really have anything to update on, besides continual progress! Currently, there is no active acne on my face, but I have one huge volcano on my neck haha. The Finacea gel seems to do really well at getting pimples immediately, no matter how big or inflamed. But I haven't had one on my neck in a looongggg time. I'm wondering if it's caffeine or dairy? The scaring one my cheeks seem to fade as well- and the pimples I get do
  20. Hey I use a moisturizer but you can't get it in a store. It's Pratima rejuvenating moisturizer and during the day I use the neem oil sunscreen. They are expensive, but it has seriously revolutionized my skin. They are organic and have no preservatives or parabens in them.
  21. Ameriwife

    Near Miracles!

    My general physician prescribed accutane for me. He didn't refer me to a dermatologist (though....maybe I should have gone?) I guess he thought I only needed 3 months, which maybe he thought my acne wasn't THAT severe. Idk. Looking back, I wish I had been on it longer, but then I was going through hell so I was glad to be done. Ya, I couldn't imagine worse side-effects...20 mg was enough! What kind of birth control are you on? How's it going? I find that birth control takes about 3 - 6 month
  22. Hey girl, you have some redness like you mentioned but your skin looks good! Are you still wearing makeup? I've taken that approach of just living without it What I found was the culprit for those clogged pores on my forehead was the moisturizers I was using. I began researching if silicones are bad for you, and even though there's a debate, I decided to try a silicone free moisturizer and if it made any difference. I can't exaggerate how amazing is the moisturizer I use now. All the li
  23. Ameriwife

    Near Miracles!

    Hey Blue I was on 20 mg for 3 months. I honestly believe I should have been on for 6 months as I was still breaking out, but nearly all the cysts went away. I seriously believe at a low dose and a 6 maybe 8 month course will be fine. I was rather reckless with my health when I was on it lol. (minus drinking alcohol cause I don't drink). The higher the dose the more severe side effects, and a possible back lash of initial breakout. I don't know that I scar any worse now than before accut
  24. Ameriwife

    8-31-11 No makeup

    hey girl, you really are my inspiration!! I have a long way for my skin to look like yours, but it's my goal. I am so thankful that I came upon your log, and have read it off and on the last 11 months. I've learned sooooo much from you!! Thank you for posting your journey and being so detailed in what worked and what didn't. You really have beautiful skin, and maybe the pinkness is just your natural tone. At least that's just what happens with me. I've looked through your other pics, and there a
  25. Ameriwife

    May 25

    Oh thanks! I forgot this was up haha. Well, I'm glad I recorded my journey. This is a really old pic lol so that scarring isn't noticable anymore.