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  1. Ameriwife

    Dec 10, 2011

    are you wearing any makeup in this pic?
  2. Hey just wanna say that Finacea has done wonders to my skin, so much so that I don't recognize it. Some flare ups here and there, but I think it's diet related because they are deep. Anyways, hope all is well crystal!
  3. Ya, stores vary by brand. It's been a few years since I've bought a new pair of jeans. Most of the ones I've owned I buy at a thrift store or a friend gives me- which not many of my friends are as pettite as I am. Yes, so some stores I know I am a bigger size. I hope I don't gain too much weight haha because then those won't fit me. Oh well. They will be save for those "skinny" days! lol
  4. Everywhere else, my skin is clear- almost 100% clear. Some tiny bumps here and there on my chin or jawline, but these disappear. One side of my face looks pretty awesome, even despite the recent red marks. (The old ones have dramatically faded btw). It's probably a combo of the finacea and papaya soap. However, I seem to constantly get these tiny pimples still on my left cheek. Maybe it's because I tend to sleep on that side more? Right now they aren't cysts but tiny pimples...always a cluster i
  5. Hey I've had microdermabrasion and peels done about 5 times a few years ago by an esthetician, and what I remember is just breaking out after. I went a few times before accutane, and then once or twice post accutane. Still same thing. Breakout. I have very sensitive skin, and I don't remember peeling from the "pumpkin" peel. She wouldn't leave it on longer than like 5 minutes because I was paranoid I would burn my skin. Anyways, my point is that looking back, I would not get micro or a p
  6. Hey thanks Sepsi. I know that not everyone with acne has a problem with gluten. I have had a few friends who all of the sudden broke out with horrible acne everywhere, and it turns out they were allergic to gluten. The blood test is cheaper than the skin prick test. I'm not sure that I have celiac disease- it seems I would get much more sick. But, I hope to at least get some kind of test done. I thought they resorted to the blood test after the skin test in case it was unclear if there's a t
  7. Ya, I didn't realize soy sauce has wheat in it until I saw a brand that had gluten free.... Doh! Well, I don't eat it very often- and your right, there are other flavors I can use in a stirfry! I hope for the time being I can avoid wheat, gluten, and soy. There are so many foods with all of those in them! I have to read the ingredients in everything.
  8. It's awesome that you could have that intolerance test done! I'm jealous And maybe it's like you said-maybe the answer has been sitting in front of you for 8 months. I basically stopped my supplements and vitamins....I hate taking pills!! It's unfortunate though that your mom isn't hearing your concerns that the food you're eating is most likely related to acne. My mom has been very supportive of my dietary changes. It hasn't been that hard to me to change what I eat because first of all,
  9. My friends and family have been telling me the last few months that I've lost weight. Because of previous eating disorders in the past, I don't have a scale in my little house. I don't weigh myself but maybe every 4-6 months, because otherwise I'm afraid my obsession of being thin would start again. If I fit in my clothes I'm happy. Well, the last few months I haven't been fitting in my clothes- they have been a little more "roomy." It's been annoying since I can't wear my pants without a belt o
  10. Ameriwife

    Day 24

    I don't know that I would try anything when you're still on accutane. Honestly, they will fade with time. What has worked for me is papaya likas soap, finacea gel, and manuka honey.
  11. Right, I think I knew that. I wasn't sure how something could be gluten free and still have wheat in it Then save your money and try Soy free. Stick to things you know for sure are Soy free (it's VERY hard) then after 4 days add something Soy. You will know with in 24 hours after eating Soy if you are allergic to it. The only soy product I intentionally eat is a low-sodium soy sauce in a stirfry. I don't drink soy milk or eat soy products other than soy sauce. I know there are plenty of glut
  12. This breaks my heart This man doesn't sound like someone I would want a baby with. Maybe he's frustrated because he wants to fix the problem but can't. And if you went on accutane, that would mean at least another year before you could try to have a baby to make sure there won't be any bad side effects, so I doubt that he even really wants a baby. Maybe what you can do is to taper off birth control. I've read on blogs on this site that if you taper off birth control over a period of months the
  13. Ok, so I will try to keep this short I tend to give too many details, but I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm sorry you feel this let down, after something that was nearly miraculous is now causing damage. I've been there too many times. Short story (I'll try lol): I used birth control from 12 years old til I was about 18 for the management of acne. My mom put me on it because she knew that my skin would break out horribly so she wanted to prevent it. Thank God she did. I was also
  14. wow! this is amazing! How long was your accutane treatment?
  15. Since accutane is a really high dose of essentially Vitamin A, you shouldn't eat foods that are high in vitamin A or foods that create more work for your liver. Foods that are high in vitamin are obviously liver from any animal, spices like paprika, red pepper, cayenne, and chili powder; sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, red leaf lettuce, dried apricots, etc. are examples. Now, these may just be some things to discuss with your doctor to see if what you're eating could affect your trig
  16. I used benzoyl peroxide products (proactiv) for years in jr high and high school. I stopped using it for a time, then my skin got really bad to where I went on accutane in 2009. I didn't try another benzoyl peroxide product until a year after accutane (June 2010). My face the next day was on fire. My skin was sunburnt red, I had BLISTERS around my mouth, and my face and eyelids were super super swollen. I had to take benadryl and a bunch of other antihistamine stuff. It took about a few days to
  17. Ameriwife

    6 months.

    Wow!!!!! I didn't think the regimen would work this good Congrats on your progress cause this is truly amazing! Not only is your skin clear, but you look happy and at peace with yourself. Keep it up!!
  18. @Tunnelvisionary: Yes, things can be wheat free and have gluten in it, but I'm not sure about the gluten free but there's wheat. Anyways, as far as intestinally, sourdough bread is what my digestive system can handle. If I eat wheat bread, my stomach turns into knots and hurts very very bad. @kidego: I have health insurance, but I have a deductible of something like $1,200 which means that for procedures or anything in the year I need to pay up till that amount before the insurance company
  19. Hey guys, I'll skip my whole speel of my acne history and come straight to the point. So far, my skin is looking awesome (compared to how far I've come this year!). The superficial acne is very minor, and pimples are far in between. But my question is if the pimple things I get now is from wheat or gluten or another potential allergen. They seem to appear along my jawline and neck, and appear out of nowhere but in relation to things I eat. They don't really have a "head" but are not cyst
  20. Ameriwife

    Day 18 Accutane

    I couldn't go an hour without moisturizer when I was on accutane!!! lol my face would be in serious pain if I didn't moisturize. I remember I could just sit there and peel layers off my skin. Gross! Just don't scratch or pick or peel your skin...it really needs to heal and will shed on its own Yes, as your skin becomes more dry and as your pores shrink, the closed comodones and clogged pores will dry out/come out. I don't remember experiencing a "purging" with accutane...just everything dr
  21. Ameriwife

    A Little Better

    Yes, the tretinoin gel can be harsh if it's overused. I have some that I only use on spots which works well, but it makes the skin around the pimple peel a lot. I'm glad I switched to the finacea because it's the first acne treatment/medication that doesn't make my skin red at all or peel. Maybe dry sometimes. I need to get on my vitamins again. I just HATE taking pills. I noticed a few more of those weird pimple things, with two new ones on my neck/jawline that just showed up today. I'm
  22. Ameriwife

    Update With Pics

    Ya I'm so glad! haha thanks for the Hi-five lol.
  23. Ameriwife

    A Little Better

    wow, I really need to write these blogs when I'm awake and don't make so many mistakes! haha I swear my writing skills are usually much better Yes, I believe they aren't as bad as I feared! Well, it seems that when I first started using manuka it was amazing. I think it still is really good as a spot treatment, but I'm not sure about using it all over anymore. I remember having a few clogged pores right in my T-zone and nose after doing a manuka mask. So, is there anything else you're using
  24. Life goes on. The pimples are so bad as I feared. At least they weren't genuine cysts so I'm a little less nervous how they will scar or not. So the first pic is last week sometime when I first got up in the morning aka no makeup. The red marks on my cheeks are hyperpigmentation My skin has changed since then- smoother in some parts with scars a little faded, yet more broken out in others. The other one with makeup on is from today. You can still see the two pimples I've been complaining a
  25. I admire your thoughts Paul- or rather...how you articulate them. It wasn't until this year that I would have meltdowns and refused to go out and cancel on people because of my skin. Even a year or so ago, when my skin was its worst, I didn't let much hold me back. I just piled on makeup and took on the day. But for me it seemed to be the opposite as you. I was in touch with the world around me, but I wasn't in touch to myself or rather-my skin. I just thought, "oh another painful pimple..this s