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  1. Option 1- As others have stated above, people quit BC to start a family or just to get off them. Whether or not acne returns no one can really predict. How to choose the right birth control is another matter, since NOT ALL are created equal. I've tried a few generic brands in the past, and broke out HORRIBLY. Birth control also takes about 3-6 months to really work (if it does work), so many people give up too soon on birth control. Option 2- I do not think antibiotics are the way to go. The
  2. Hey, it's good to see your progress!! Your skin looks FABULOUS!!! And if you're paying that much for something that is actually WORKING, then it is clearly worth every penny. I am using very expensive products now, but everyone has been complimenting how my skin is glowing!! Congratulations girl! Keep it up! I hope your regimen continues working!
  3. I know that some people SWEAR by green tea. It is really beneficial because of the antixidants, but for me my body can't handle the caffeine. I remember drinking a few cups a day of green tea, and I broke out in these tiny tiny bumps on my forehead. I have a picture on my blog from a few months ago of the break out. I drink non-caffeinated tea. Caffeine triggers an adrenaline rush (hence why people take it to 'wake up'), and the adrenaline is actually creating a stress response in your body. Str
  4. Ya, it's been a gradual thing of cutting out wheat and gluten. It's sooo hard!! Sometimes, I think I am doing good and can resist cookies and desserts, but then I definitely pay for it later. I'm seeing that I don't really break out now from wheat/gluten....but over the last few weeks I've gotten more and more sore. My joints ache!!! My ankles. knees, elbows, wrists, and even my hands are just aching now and feel very weak. I've allowed myself to eat soooo much wheat products, thinking that if I
  5. Wow!! You're skin is looking soooo much better! I know you probably can't tell the difference, but it seems like you're not getting any more cysts, and the redmarks are greatly fading. Mine don't fade that fast!! It takes about 3 MONTHS for it to fade. Congratulation girl! Keep it up!
  6. I was on ortho tricyclen for 6 years. I went off of all birth control and broke out horribly. When I went on it again, I used ortho-triclycen but the LOW DOSE form. In sept 2010, I switched for some reason to the generic form and broke out horribly. I believe that had i not gone back on the name brand of birth control that I would have continued to break out. I had NEVER had that reaction before while taking birth control. I had NEVER had an initial breakout. That's why I'm saying that whatever
  7. Even though the FDA says they are the same (which they hypothetically should be) it's well-known that generic brands are not always as effective as name brands. Your body responds differently to the synthetic hormones. So, you would rather continue taking a cheap form of birth control and continue breaking out in cysts, than buying a birth control that will not cause the same harm? Your skin was considerably clear, compared to where you're at now. I do not believe that ANY medication should caus
  8. hey ladies, so I've tried my best to read all the entries and your progress. I sounds like there hasn't been progress, but horrible nasty breakouts for both of you I so badly want to scream and totally feel your pain!!!!! I don't even know where to begin. I'm surprised that you are still taking this form of birth control!! The initial breakout shouldn't be THIS bad. I'm telling you, the generic form of Ortho-tricyclen is NOT the same as the name brand! I took the generic form like you and I
  9. I totally aggree with you. Because of the typical American diet, (fast food, GMOs, inactivity, high fat, HFCS, etc) constipation is a problem all across the board so we need to bulk up on fiber just to manage to go poop maybe once every 2 days. And I can agree with you, that now I've pretty much stopped eating wheat and breads, I go probably once if not twice a day. Going gluten free is "inconvenient," but like many have said, I feel great. I can eat food and not feel bloated or lethargic or con
  10. Oh, and I realized another thing that could be breaking me out- the jane iredale cleaner spray that I used a few days ago on my makeup brush. I HARDLY ever use that, suspecting it breaks me out, and now I'm remembering why it just sits in my bathroom. I have the hardest time throwing stuff away (I'm not a hoarder don't worry lol) but I hate the thought of wasting money. It actually smells awesome so maybe I'll just try to use it as room spray haha. Maybe I'm a little more inclined to use the
  11. How is your skin today? It almost sounds like an allergic reaction. I've heard of a few people being allergic to accutane. Be careful...Inflammation, swelling, redness are signs of your immune system working.... But those areas are the oiliest, so maybe it's just getting so dry the skin is freaking out? Of course you have to moisturize!! I was on accutane and I don't remember this at all. I was on the regimen earlier this year and I can tell you my face had this reaction....and I'm alle
  12. Ameriwife

    No Pill, No Gain

    "I’ve always thought that it's probably an acquired taste anyway, especially where attracting the ladies is concerned, and as someone who has zero ability to do that, the last thing I need to be doing is falling into “acquired taste” territory." "There must be a pill for this, like a multi-awesomeness supplement or something?" I had to crack up reading your blog. You are an endearing fellow, who appears to be working through a lot and is willing to be the change that he wishes to see. Ye
  13. I'm not sure this blog will get more interesting than the title lol. Warning you guys haha. I can't make them as funny or interesting as Paul Good thing in my life= pretty much everything. It's not perfect, and there's toxic and negative people who want to infect me with their poison, but I remain unstained. My life's been filled with joy and abundant blessings, and I can't wait to give it all away to others. I'm looking forward to February to spend a week with the most amazing best-friend
  14. I've been on birth control for EVER. Long time. 9 years? Anyways, when I was off birth control my skin went BERZERK. So I'm stuck. I actually lost a lot of weight (for me 5 pounds is a lot!) when I went off of it, my boobs shrunk like a whole size, and my emotions and mood went crazy. So I've been on it since that all happened, and I can tell you that the first day or two of the cycle I wake up in the morning and am nauseated- just like morning sickness. When I was younger I used to actually thr
  15. I don't know what severe is if this isn't it It's definitely more on severe side, as I can see cysts and stuff. I believe Dan's moisturizer caused cysts too. I didn't have them after I was on accutane, but when I started the regimen I slowly started to get cysts. Like others above, you should see a derm and not just do nothing. Where do you live? Cause if you're in Southern California I can recommend a WONDERFUL dermatologist. Your acne won't take care of itself. It honestly looks like your
  16. Neem oil is great for inflammation and cysts, though I don't know if it works fast enough. It's meant only for spots and not all over btw. Manuka honey is also wonderful at reducing inflammation. I had a horrible breakout in September on my chin and started manuka masks and it healed so quickly within a matter of days. Taking aspirin may also help (NOT ASPIRIN MASK) because it's used for inflammation and stuff. A huge factor is DO NOT TOUCH your skin. Do not pick or squeeze or rub your cheeks. T
  17. Dan posts many videos (I don't know if you've ever watched them). I just watched a video he made on smoking and acne. Maybe smoking is also contributing to the cysts?
  18. Hey I thought I'd stop by again It's interesting seeing what you're trying and sensitive to what causes your break outs. You've helped me out sooo much and I can't thank you enough for creating this blog, updating it, and giving wonderful advice!! I just wanted to ask that doesn't the neutrogena moisturizer you use have silicone/dimethicone in it? I thought you said you avoid this? Because of this whole "does silicone cause acne" debate, I decided to test it and lay off all silicones and su
  19. It's a little more involved than that, but essentially yes. The major preventative for my hormonal acne is birth control, as well as avoiding other things that affect my hormones and endocrine system like most dairy (has the cow's hormones whether its organic or not), caffeine (gives me heart palpitations which creates a stress response which creates acne), and genetically modified food like soy and corn. Ok so that's sorta taken care of. As far as topically, I don't use any moisturizers on
  20. That is how I was greeted by some of my friends tonight that I haven't seen since late October. Granted, it was dimmed sorta lighting, but I wanted to cry because I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. I've never had so many compliments on my skin in my entire life! Currently, there's only two active pimples on my cheek. The one on my jawline is almost finally gone it's just sorta peeling now and not even red or discolored. My cheek actually looks very good and there is no more peeling or r
  21. I think I need to write a log and put in all my history/info/advice/regimen etc. and just refer people to it, because I find myself sharing the same things repeatedly! First of all, you're gorgeous and have beautiful eyes! From the looks of your acne, it seems hormonal as well as maybe some of the things you're doing topically. Since everyone is different, I can only speak from what has worked or worsened my acne, and hope that I can help others discover their culprits and cures. I'm on
  22. Ameriwife

    TCA peel in March 2010

    whoa this is crazy!!
  23. I saw this video a few days ago, after someone else posted it on this site. My skin would break out HORRIBLY if I used what she uses and is THAT rough with my skin. I used to use liquid makeup and powder and all those harsh and cheap chemicals, and my skin was so congested and always had breakouts. I've always been on the pill, so it doesn't get too bad. Though I greatly admire her for posting this video and to help others struggling with acne, I can imagine some desperate person wasting
  24. This is a very very old thread! But since people are currently posting on this for some reason, I thought I would give advice, because I used to struggle with the same thing (sometimes still do). Ok, those little "bumps" or "under-the-skin bumps" can either be from makeups and cosmetics. It's actually called "acne cosmetica." There's a tab on this website called "acne types" or something and it goes through acne cosmetica to acne congoblata or something like that. Anyways, certain chemicals