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Picture Comments posted by Ameriwife

  1. wow!! you truly are beautiful. You're eyes are so captivating! very minor scarring that no one (but people who've suffered with acne) would notice! I can only hope to have skin like this again!

  2. hey I don't come on the boards much anymore....

    but I totally feel your pain! this happened to me when I started using Veltin...had a really bad initial breakout!

    Has your dermatologist seen this? Seems like you're having a rather allergic reaction or adverse reaction to it...mine didn't last this long.

    Although, once my skin purged, then the skin was super clear....

  3. Wow! I haven't been on the boards in a long time and thought I'd visit the gallery again. Just looking at difference in the pics from the first day to the 5th is wonderful. Diet totally affects skin! Keep it going! :)

  4. hey bro sorry its really rought right now... many pics I've taken where I just smiled for the heck of it, though I was hurting deeply. Acne sucks like no other... pm me if you ever need to vent. I rememember the pain and embarrassment like it was yesterday.

  5. hey the marks look pretty flat to me. They actually look like the kind of scarring that I have, except yours are just cover a larger area. Your skin looks great, despite those red marks. What I found really really help fade the marks is differin lotion. The scars I've suffered with for about a year now (though they've been fading) have dramatically faded because of that stuff. Yes, patence is key! continue to document your progress with pics!

  6. Hey girl, you have some redness like you mentioned but your skin looks good! Are you still wearing makeup? I've taken that approach of just living without it :)

    What I found was the culprit for those clogged pores on my forehead was the moisturizers I was using. I began researching if silicones are bad for you, and even though there's a debate, I decided to try a silicone free moisturizer and if it made any difference.

    I can't exaggerate how amazing is the moisturizer I use now. All the little bumps on my skin and forehead are all gone. I get a random little one on my forehead, but overall my skin is the smoothest and clog free I have ever seen it. So, the moisturizer is listed in my signature, Pratima neem oil sunscreen, but it costs a lot of money to ship it so I just ordered the body sunscreen which pretty much has same ingredients but is twice as big. I just ordered a heavier non-spf moisturizer to wear at night so I'll see what that does. I hope this helps!!

  7. hey girl, you really are my inspiration!! I have a long way for my skin to look like yours, but it's my goal. I am so thankful that I came upon your log, and have read it off and on the last 11 months. I've learned sooooo much from you!! Thank you for posting your journey and being so detailed in what worked and what didn't. You really have beautiful skin, and maybe the pinkness is just your natural tone. At least that's just what happens with me. I've looked through your other pics, and there appears to be no hyperpigmentation which is awesome. How did you get rid of it? So do you use a treatment all over to prevent acne? Or just wash and moisturize? You're awesome! I'm eternally grateful for you lol.

  8. At least it really could be the best day of your life! that's awesome that you didn't have to worry about it that day, and that you have beatiful skin and pictures to show a beautiful day!

    I would dread getting married if my skin was the way it is now!