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  1. Hey! My boyfriend gets the same type of acne/irritated skin around his jawline sometimes, and he says it's from shaving. He has glowing smooth skin everywhere else. This is honestly what it looks like to me...ingrown hairs and what not. I don't want to minimize the acne on your neck/jawline, but those don't look like cysts to me. It could be hormonal too.

    We make our acne much worse by picking it and irritating it with all sorts of scrubs and washes. I believe that so many acne ads really make one's skin worse! They only want your money.

    This is what I've recommended to everyone on this site who has body acne. I did all these experiments for a year, and have found what has cleared my body acne. I've had it since I was 11.

    1. Throw away all washrags, scrubbers, shower scrubbers, body washes or anything that will "exfoliate" your skin. Honestly all it's doing is irritating your skin. Your skin retaliates from begin irritated and breaks out. I only use papaya soap on my body, which definitely helps with red marks and has really smoothed my skin. I avoid soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate in it. That SLS really irritates my skin.

    2. Look at the shampoo you're using. Head and shoulders may be nice, but it still has SLS. I would recomment Aveda scalp benefits shampoo. I don't know where you live or if it's accessible to you. But this shampoo has also helped clearing my body acne completely. I've been using it for a year now, and once I used another a knock off brand of head and shoulders, and broke out in huge zits all over my neck, jawline, scalp, and back. I buy the huge bottle and it's expensive, but it lasts me about 10 months. It's totally worth it to me to have clear skin. If you can't afford this, I would look into a sulfate free shampoo...but be ware...not every "organic" or all natural shampoo is equal.

    3. Stop washing your clothes, towels, and sheets in detergent. Again, all those soaps have these unnecessary fragrances and perfumes that will irritate acne-prone skin. Sometimes, the detergent never dissolves and actually stays on your clothes. I only wash my clothes, towels, and sheets in hot/warm water with a little bit of liquid soap (wisk). Periodically I've broken out on my back, and realized my sister would leave those bounce dryer sheets in the dryer...! The fragrance from those broke me out.

    4. Be patient...it takes time to heal. There will be ups and downs.

    I hope that you can begin to make these simple changes. I had acne on my body much much worse than you...I had painful deep cysts everywhere. :-/ Oh btw, I don't use any topicals on my body. I however use finacea on my face and neck, which if you look at my blog and pictures you'll see my results with it.

    Best of luck to you bro. Feel free to message me or give us an update!

  2. Hey! how long have you had this and what have you tried? Do you have acne on your face?

    Besides the actual acne, your skin looks really irritated. As hard as it is, DO NOT PICK!! DO NOT SCRUB YOUR SKIN!! This ONLY IRRITATES your skin more, leading to MORE breakouts. I break out in little bumps on my shoulder from the seat belt rubbing on it! Throw away all those body scrubs and scrubbers. Seriously. Give your skin a break.

    I would be careful about taking herbs...maybe you should first get a blood test and see what hormones or liver enzymes levels, etc. are out of balance. I also HIGHLY recommend a food allergy/sensitivity test! I tried accutane for 3 months in 2009 and my skin everywhere cleared up. I had it really really bad on my shoulders. But you know what? The acne came back, though not AS BAD as before. I wouldn't recommend accutane because I felt like HELL when was on it, and I believe I'm suffering side effects from it even years later.

    I found out that almost all my acne is either diet related (allergy to wheat) and hormonal. Acne is also unfortunately hereditary. My parents both had acne, and my mom had it bad on her body. She has keloid scars now on her chest.....that's why I don't pick!

  3. I went on birth control at a really early age...basically when I was 12! My mom wanted to spare me from experiencing horrible acne. I suffered with minor acne in jr high and high-school. Nothing major but it still affect my self esteem. Against my mother's warnings, when I was 18 I went off of birth control (Ortho-trycyclen). Within 6 months I was experiencing these dark deep purple "zits" which were very painful and didn't go away. I was horrified and bought all kinds of makeup to cover them. It was everywhere- jawline, temples, cheeks, etc. After 13 months of being off the pill, I went on 3 months off accutane and back on a generic birth control. My acne cleared up great, but it still came back.

    In September 2010 I switched from the generic birth control to another form...and my skin FREAKED OUT again....except this time it seemed MUCH worse. I went back on ortho-tryclen in Feb 2011 and slowly my skin began to calm down. My GI tract is all messed up (who knows from BC or accutane) but now I have a dairy free, caffeine free, gluten free diet and I have really really good skin now.

    I am worried like every other woman about what will happen when I go off the pill to have a family. I believe I will just taper off birth control. I read on here somewhere that a woman did that for a year...gradually just took less and less doses, cutting the pills in half. I think I will definitely talk to my doc (whoever they will be) before I go off and express my concerns to him/her.

    Who knows...maybe I would have had horrible cystic acne all along but birth control truly prevented it. If this is the case, then I don't regret taking birth control. However, if it just created a dependency on the hormones, then I hope to be wise in the future when I stop taking it...I don't want to stop cold turkey and have my body freak out!

  4. Hey I don't come on the boards much, but I thought I would check up on this post. :) Basically, I don't use a shampoo that has sodium lauryl sulfate...which even the most expensive "organic" brands can still have sulfates in them. However, I think the papaya soap has something similar to sodium lauryl sulfate...but the papaya soap has DRASTICALLY helped my skin! I was out of town and forgot to bring my shampoo.... and I used some knock-off brand of head and shoulders....my scalp, neck, and back broke out a lot and it took a good month to really clear my skin up again. So, I personally wouldn't use head and shoulders... I would suggest maybe you try a "sulfate" free shampoo for about a month and see how your skin does.

    It's really rough to take antibiotics. They mess up your intestinal tract because they disrupt the normal flora (bacteria) in your body- not to mention they are extremely hard on your kidneys. I've only taken topical antibiotics, and took bactrim orally a few months ago because of an ear infection. It actually helped my skin a lot. But then when I went off of it I got the same little breakouts as before. Still, I wouldn't be on antibiotics for short-term, let alone long-term.

    Well, It's maybe not so unfortunate that you mom does your laundry, because this would be a huge blessing to me. I've been doing my own laundry since I was about 10 years old! (My mom worked like crazy so...I had to grow up fast!) Anyways, if you don't want your clothes to be washed in detergent, it might be a motivation for you to learn how to use the washing machine :) I actually don't allow my family members to do my laundry. My mom knows a little better not to add soap, but she still forgets. It sounds like your mom isn't really listening to your concerns. There are so many chemicals in detergents and soaps that are not good for one's skin and she should acknowledge this... You have considered taking DRASTIC measures like accutane... I believe you should make simple accommodations in not washing your clothes in detergent first...and literally modifying anything to get rid of body acne. Trust me on this...I had body acne every where- neck, scalp, back, chest FOR YEARS!!! It's only been for a year now that I've experienced consistent smooth skin, and I believe it's because of the adjustments I made. I was on accutane, and all the acne came back because my skin is STILL sensitive to the things that broke it out before. My friend actually told me she doesn't wash her clothes with any soap, and then I started to do the same.

    Yes, I wash my clothes in hot or warm water, gentle cycle, with a tiny (literally) bit of a liquid detergent. I've tried to wash my clothes all sorts of ways- hot water with powder detergent hoping it would dissolve the soap, cold water only yet my clothes don't seem to get clean, just hot water but my clothes shrink, etc. I actually will refuse to use towels or sheets that still smell like detergent or fragrance. I don't even need to smell them... the fact that my skin feels itchy and crawling will be enough for me not to use it. But honestly, since I don't use detergent, my skin is more sensitive and I pick up on how my body/skin is reacting to my environment. I've been surprised of how long I ignored it!

    I hope you will make the best choices for yourself... the body is really amazing at healing itself...if we let it. Like I said in my last comment: change shampoos, stop scrubbing/irritating/picking your skin, and stop using detergent on your sheets, towels, and clothes. I've given this same advice to MANY other people, and they are clearing up.

  5. Hey Sam I was going to make a post about body acne, but then read your question and decided to answer you :) I am like you....I've struggled (or used to) with acne not only on my face but also on my body. I could never understand it. Topical medications managed it, but it didn't quite fix it.

    When I came to acne.org in early 2011, I had cystic breakouts EVERYWHERE...I had struggled with acne for over a decade. I began reading that using detergent in laundry, certain shampoos, and soaps can irritate acne. At that time, I had HUGE cysts break out around my rib cage and everywhere else...it was so painful and horrible I thought it was shingles. So, I changed shampoos (I use Aveda scalp benefits and refuse to use anything else!), I started using papaya soap, I threw away all the body scrubbers and washes, showering soon after I worked out, and I stopped washing my clothes in detergent. Sometimes I use a little liquid stain remover (wisk) and I avoid ALL fragrances and anything that will irritate my skin.

    The results? Amazing....I could cry because how skin my clear is...and truly how far I've come. At the moment, I've had those stubborn bumps come back and more actual pimples. I couldn't understand why, thinking it may have been that I was sunburned. But tonight when I was doing laundry, I found that effing Bounce fragrance bar that attaches to the wall of the dryer. I was FUMING mad!!!! I told my sister that thing breaks my skin out, and she still puts it in. I totally forgot to check the dryer the last few months....! Now, I understand why I've been breaking out on my back again.... I basically have to rewash all my sheets, towels, and clothes (although I hang up most of my clothes). This is the second or third time it's happened.

    So, I want to encourage you NOT to take accutane. I was on it....acne is much deeper than that..usually it takes faithfully making a lifestyle change to clear up your skin.... and you may have amazing results like me if you do what I did....it takes a few months.

    1. Change your shampoo. Not even an "organic" one is good. I would look into Aveda scalp benefits. It has no sodium laurel sulfate SLS (I went out of town over spring break and forgot my shampoo...I used some cheap stupid brand and despite washing my hair upside down I STILL broke out on my scalp, neck, and back in HUGE painful zits. SLS is the biggest trigger for my breakouts).

    2. STOP IRRITATING your skin. Be gentle, limit fragrances and scrubs. Papaya soap is very smoothing and it has a whitening effect and can help minimize scars/discoloration

    3. Limit the detergent you use...again it can irritate skin.

    Best of luck to you bro. Message me if you have more questions!!!

  6. Hey Molly,

    I'm on a gluten free diet too. I avoid most dairy, but still eat plenty of chocolate :) In October 2011 I began using Finacea (azelaic acid) that my derm prescribed. I'm allergic to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and many antibiotics so my acne was very difficult to manage. But I started using Finacea, and about 3 months later I had no more pimples. Even the scars, red marks, discoloration, redness, etc went away. My skin was up and down a little bit because I didn't use it for a few weeks then I got lazy and started eating more dairy, but overall my skin is glowing and pimple-free. Finacea is a very expensive medication (at least in the States) but it usually lasts me 2.5-3 months and it has been worth EVERY penny. It was worth searching high and low for something that would work.

    So, I hope that you could look into this or ask your doctor about it because Finacea is mainly prescribed for rosacea. I don't have rosacea but had mild acne. I sooo wish I had got it sooner! I wish you the best of luck girl!

  7. Hey tom, I was on the regimen last year for about 8-9 weeks. I had a pretty good idea that I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide, even though I had used proactiv for years in the past. But....accutane really changed my skin's sensitivity (even two years post 'tane). But, I decided to give it a try, since I saw the regimen work for my friends.

    I was determined for the regimen to work. Even though every time I put it on my skin burned like insane (worse than any chemical peel I had), my skin was always "sun burnt," and it was just dry and flakey like CRAZY. Granted, it did clear my skin (after a HORRIBLE initial breakout), but my skin was just red all the time. I always got questioned if I was sunburnt or had a chemical peel. I don't remember my pores changing shape or anything. The texture sure was horrible. Looking back it was awful.

    Finally around week 9, I began to get these oozy crusty patches on my cheeks. So, I was actually burning my skin. I had been using the BP on my body, which my body was clearing up wonderfully. However, around that time my bad all of the sudden broke out in hives. So, my body was essentially telling me it had had enough of BP. I had to accept that I was allergic.

    It took about a few weeks for my skin to sort of return to its normal color and not flake so much... but the acne had come back as well. Anyways, I was waiting for the side effects to be over around 4 weeks, yet it NEVER got any better at one point. Only worse. I know there are people on here who didn't see great results until 5 months after starting. Uh, no thanks. So, I would possibly look at another medication besides BP. MAybe you're not allergic, but it sounds like you're either using too much (I was up to 2 pumps), or maybe you are just sensitive.....

  8. Hey, I also have suffered with body acne, but hopefully, body acne will become a distant memory.

    Since I was 10-11, I suffered with body acne (as well as on my face). It was always embarrassing and I always longed to wear cute tops and dresses. About November 2010, my back and skin overall took a turn for the absolute worst. Huge cysts erupted around my lower back and rib cage area. It was incredibly painful, and wearing bras was uncomfortable. But when I found the boards, I learned many things.

    After a year of trial an error (changing shampoos, trying Dan's regimen, etc.) I have finally found what keeps my back clear. Everyone is different, but a few people here have been able to reduce their body acne to about 70% less.

    Shampoo- I use Aveda Scalp benefits. I started using this in June 2011, and almost all the acne on my body and scalp stopped after a few months. I still have the same bottle, and will probably by some soon. It's $40, but it's last me almost a year! It's seriously amazing.... my skin LOVES it.

    SOAP- I only use Papaya Likas soap. This soap has truly smoothed out my skin. After the major painful acne stopped, I still had these stubborn nubby bumps everywhere on my body. Clogged pores. Ugh. I started using papaya soap in September, and it not only helped fade the scars and marks, but balanced (more like dried up) my oily body. I don't shower every day, but I try to at least once a day. I make sure to shower after I work out or have been sweating. I've been between 70-100% clear since.

    DETERGENT- Someone already made a comment about this. In February 2011, I stopped washing my clothes in detergent. I just washed them in hot water on the gentle cycle. This helped to greatly reduce acne... Now, I use a tiny bit of Wisk, a liquid detergent, as my skin tolerates it. At points, I have broken out, because I used a towel that had been washed in detergent, or put my clothes in the dryer that had those fragrance sheets or whatever. I wash all my towels, clothes, sheets, etc. with no-little to no detergent. I almost get nauseated now when I can smell the detergents on my friends clothes.

    OTHER- I would like to add....don't use any scrubs. I know the temptation is to just scrub all the bumps away, but honestly this leads to more irritation. I actually avoid almost all irritation for my skin- like I don't let the seat belt touch my bare skin. So seriously throw away (or hide) all abrasives and scrubs and peels. Your skin needs to heal itself, and needs to be treated gently.

    So those are the 4 main things I did that just about completely got rid of my acne- changing shampoos (has no sodium lauryl sulfate), using a wonderful natural soap, not washing my clothes in detergent, avoiding fragrances altogether, and just being very gentle with my skin. I don't use any topicals or medications on my chest or back, and I'm nearly 100% clear almost 100% of the time. I NEVER thought this would be possible! I hope you can begin to make some of these adjustments, and try it for at least 3 months.... that's about how long it took me. But overall, it took about a year of trial and error. Best of luck!!!

  9. I don't really remember breaking out more when on accutane, but Mac is probably one of the worst products you could put on your skin IMO. People who have never had a pimple in their life can wear Mac. Everyone else is better off not wearing that makeup than wasting their money and putting it on. I've tried every sort of foundation- everyday minerals, shiseido, mac, loreal, lancome, clinique, cover girl, bare minerals, rejuva minerals, etc. In November 2011, I started using Aveda foundation, and I will never wear another foundation again. This makeup covers great and DOES NOT break me out (granted I have a great makeup remover).

    If the pimples are popping on their own, it's better than getting dirty fingers in there and messing with them. The trick I've used to pop pimples is santizing a very sharp needle with alcohol, GENTLY poking the head of the pimple, wrap my fingers in tissue paper, and gently squeeze in a inward and downward motion. But this only works if the pimple is ready to pop. You still risk scaring doing this, if you squeeze or poke and it bleeds. Once it starts bleeding, stop and leave it alone. Blood vessels are in the derms, which scars are formed in that layer of the skin as well.

    I couldn't use any sort of medication or treatment on my skin when I was on accutane. It would just burn my skin so badly. Besides, your skin should be dry enough that you wouldn't need to "dry out" the pimple. And that's a common myth people believe- that they need to "dry out" their skin because it's oily and full of acne. In fact, I would probably do the opposite and not put a medicated treatment on it, but neosporin or aloe vera (from the plant). I think if you moisturized that area, it will be less irritated which will help healing and prevent further acne.

    Best of luck to you my dear! Be blessed!

  10. This whole conversation/topic is interesting, yet incredibly sad to me.

    I totally understand why someone would not want to pass down their "bad" genes- whether it be severe acne or a heart defect. To say that you won't have children because you basically don't want them to suffer what you have suffered, is just plain foolish. People cry and obviously are depressed for many other reasons besides having a deformed face or acne. Even the most beautiful super model suffers at one point (or maybe her entire life). There is suffering and pain in life, no matter what the cause.

    I started to get acne around 10 years old. In gradeschool, jr high, and high school my acne didn't bother me much. Granted, if it was severe, it MAY have, but I didn't pay much attention to it. My mom was the one who put the pressure on me to have clear skin. It was MY OWN mother who could have been the culprit to being depressed over my skin. But the moderate acne I had didn't really affect me. I didn't have severe depression over it. Now, that's not to say in recent times I haven't had a break down because my skin was unbearable, because I have definitely suffered the physical, emotion pain and embarrassment of having acne- from light to severe. I realized, after 10 years of "suffering" with acne, that my acne- from severe to light- has been due to food allergies. Even if you have no "acne gene" but if your child is born with Celiac disease, they will most likely experience skin problems if they go undiagnosed.

    What I'm saying is that there is no guarantee that your child will be affected the same way from acne as you or others have been. How foolish it is to think that we could ever predict the future, or predict the quality of life for our future children. Besides, what are you going to do when you adopt a child? Demand to know that child's genetic code? What if that child, though it wasn't expected, develops acne in their life? It's just plain stupid to think we can predict the future. Things can be likely to happen, but we honestly won't know for sure. There is a family I know, where the father has cerebral palsy, and all his 3 children have it. His sons also have/had severe acne. Talk about a double wammy! But I can tell you that they've made an impact in my life, and they are all very talented and gifted. Though I would not want to walk in their shoes, I can't judge them of their quality of life just because what they physically, mentally, emotionally, go through. It's their life, and they can let the cultural pressures destroy them, or they can CHOOSE to be happy and content (despite their condition.)

    If one values life based upon genetics, then they are entering a dangerous ground. Look at the result of the millions of Jews, families, and the physically/mentally sick people that were murdered because someone thought that they weren't fit to live. Some people believed that those mentally handicapped human beings weren't worthy of producing offspring and the risk couldn't be taken that their "bad genes" would be passed on. So, what if a whole society decided or outlawed people with acne not to procreate....then it would cease to exist. I'm just saying that societies have tried to control genes, and it lead to destruction.

    QUOTE (Renegade Angel @ Sep 11 2011, 08:48 PM)

    QUOTE (jjn @ Sep 3 2011, 05:19 AM)

    I don't think it is right to have children if your family has a history of severe acne. If you really want to have kids, there are many children out there abandoned by their biological parents who are looking for a loving home. Adopt!

    Are you people serious? Don't have kids because of acne? How illogical is that...that's like telling people with cancer, diabetes, or some other disease not to reproduce. Just get them treatment if they have acne, and keep it moving. I'm really shocked by the ludicrous responses in this thread...

    Yea just get them treatment and they'll be alright rolleyes.gif If it was that simple, there wouldn't be a www.acne.org forum.

    I suffered from severe cystic acne for almost two decades. I tried treatment after treatment with no success. I would never want to put my child through what I had to go through. If you would be willling to put a child through it just to satisfy some biological urge to procreate, then you are being very selfish and not putting the well-being of this child first and foremost.

    If you have severe acne and you want to have kids, you can always adopt. That is an option I will seriously consider.

  11. I wonder how long it takes to break out from food? I know for some things (like an allergy) it can be rather immediate. But I know that it takes about two weeks for a pimple to form, whether by skincare/dietary causes. It seems that foods that cause acne will build up in your system if you consistently eat them, then about 2 weeks to a month later there's acne.

    I took two cinnamon capsules for one day (totaling 1 gram) and waited to see what my skin would do. Within the next few days I had a few bumps around my mouth, sort of in the oiliest parts. I thought it was unusual, but maybe not lol. I found it rather hard to remember to take a cinnamon pill after every time I ate, so when I would remember I took one. I remember taking Acnepril capsules (about 8 a day) and my face got much worse. So, I feel like if i were to continue with the cinnamon capsules, I would just take it slow at first and not give my body any kind of shock.

  12. wow ya gluten free does help

    but have fun losing 20 pounds

    im trying gluten free to man and its soooo tough.. everything has wheat flower or whole oats and malted shit...

    how the hell do u make gluten free stuff or know if its gluten free... how can oatmeal be gluten free if its "OAT" meal.... theres no getting around the oats

    Yes, I did a gluten free/wheat free diet on and off this last year, and since December have finally resorted to being gluten free. Not only has my acne stopped and the huge random cysts that came, but my joints (knees, elbows, ankles, wrists) are no longer inflamed and incredibly sore. I no longer struggle with something I would call IBS- chronic constipation AND diarrhea. My system feels restored. I have loads of more energy. And yes, I dropped about 8 pounds initially (I also cut out dairy), so now I'm down to a little 110 pounds.

    Basically, the only safe way to eat gluten free food is if it says it on the product. I even buy vegan butter that is gluten free. And 100% oats do not contain any gluten in themselves. The problem comes when oat is stored in silos that have also contained wheat and other grains. So, there are 100% gluten free oats like the "irish oats" or something like that, that are safe. If you have a wholefoods store or health food store near you, you are more likely to find gluten free foods there. Quinoa is corn based, and is used to make all kinds of gluten free pasta, etc. I eat gluten free pasta almost everyday. You can also get brown rice pasta, but I don't think it's as good as quinoa. There are also brown rice breads that are more filling and satisfying than normal bread. So...there are A LOT of options :)

    Interesting thread. I have chronic hives (dermatographism) and have heard that gluten can be a key trigger. I'm working on cutting out gluten from my diet (except for Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal in the AM - YUM). I hope this helps with my skin as well. I have had pretty bad hormonal acne on my cheeks/chin but it's been under control w/ Yaz for the past few years and Yasmin the past month. I am considering quitting the pill and working on diet/holistic/other options on clearing my skin since my husband and I want to start trying for a family eventually.

    What recipe did you use for the cookies and brownies?


    You can also use Bob's Red Mill cookie mix and brownie mix :) I made the brownies which turned out suupper yummy, but I don't eat caffeine and try to stay as far away as I can from chocolate...but I'm addicted :) I made chocolate chip cookies from a mix and they were very very good (of course not the same as the amazing chocolate chip cookies my mom makes, but hey it will do). I just made a vanilla cake from a mix byRed Mill, which I might add applesauce or something so it's not so dry. Basically, you just have to remove ALL WHEAT and GLUTEN products from your house, and COMMIT to being gluten free- for at least 3 months. It will do nothing for yourself if you eat some gluten free stuff, but go out and have pizza. There are many things I need to turn down because they are wheat - desserts, pizza, bread, etc.- but it is totally worth it. I haven't got the blood test/allergy test yet, but that's my goal this year to get it confirmed.

  13. Y3rfd0g--Also, have you thought about taking cod liver oil instead of just vitamin D3? Many people have had great success with cod liver oil, for what I believe consists of 2 reasons.

    1. Vitamin A and D are said to work together. Many things I've read say that Vitamin D isn't absorbed as well without Vitamin A and vice-versa. Since Vitamin A has been linked to oil production control, and Vitamin D is thought to promote normal cell growth (keeping the skin from shedding abnormally fast), it makes sense why many have had success with the cod liver oil combination.

    2. If your body isn't absorbing the D like it should, zinc, which has been considered a major link to acne, can't be utilized as well. Many Americans are thought to be zinc deficient, and even more are believed to be Vitamin D deficient. The reason I believe in that is because we supposedly only need roughly 10-15mg of zinc each day. Yet, when recommending zinc for acne, researchers suggested up to 135mg a day. What I think is this -- due to technology keeping us indoors more and the busy American life causing many to suffer with poor diet, people with better skin aren't vitamin D deficient, and therefore don't need to supplement with zinc as their body can utilize the small amounts from food. Those deficient in Vitamin D have trouble absorbing as much zinc so larger amounts must be used to achieve results. This is why I added the combination of Cod liver oil, zinc, and vitamin E (all of these are said to work together, Vitamin E's role being that it keeps Vitamin A from being oxidized, which helps it work with Vitamin D better, in turn allowing for better zinc usage). Again, this is based on loads of research and my opinion, so feel free to disect the argument if something doesn't sound right! I enjoy the criticism!

    I went and bout a few 500 mg bottles of cinnamon at CVS. It was buy one get one free. I don't actually take the D3 or zinc everyday like I should. I've been testing to see if it really makes a difference in acne, and it seems that since I've stopped taking it, my skin hasn't got any worse. It has probably got a lot better actually. The only thing I still take is garlic sometimes, but I eat a lot of food that is high in fresh garlic, so I don't over do it. My skin has greatly improved since I've cut out wheat/gluten, and a LOT of processed foods. I've been eating more cheese products, but a direct milk product- like icecream or actual milk- will for sure make me break out. I make almost all my meals at home and from scratch. I have felt LOADS better, and the horrible digestive problems that have plagued me for the last 7 years (or rather my whole life) are not felt anymore. I believe, since my digestive tract isn't so damaged anymore, it's able to absorb much more nutrients from the food I eat. This I believe it why my skin has gotten soo much better. It's not necessarily for a "lack" of vitamins, since I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I think the majority of people with acne have absorption problems. But I'm won't argue if you're right or wrong, but I think it's all very interesting, and the continued research in this area will definitely reveal a lot in the future.

    Anyways, I will start the cinnamon "vitamins" tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!

  14. I have {edit HAD} terrible acne on my back and especially my shoulders, though it wasn't to this severity. Keloid scarring runs in my family, so I made sure to never pick. I have pictures of a few years ago, and am embarrassed that the acne was literally so bad.

    I went on accutane in 2009, and it completely cleared the acne on my shoulders/arms. The scars that were pitted are now almost completely smooth, flat, and the color of my normal skin. It's been about 2.5 years since accutane.

    I believe that accutane is prescribed for this severity. I seriously don't get why soo many people take accutane for minor acne. They just have had it for 10+ years and want to rid it completely, but I don't agree with that. I'm not recommening accutane, because that's a personal decision you need to come to on your own, but it definitely helped me. Granted, acne has come back in various stages since accutane, but it's never been as *bad* as it was pre-accutane-especially on my back. I think accutane is the only medication aggressive enough to handle it.

  15. where did you

    hey its been about a month later since your post. Any luck?

    I didn't have acne on my chest this bad, but it was very localized between my breasts (TMI lol).

    Anyways, I don't use any sodium lauryl sulfate or scrubbers or abrasives. I used to scrub the heck out of my skin, which I didn't realize only made it much much worse. Now, I've been using papaya soap, and this stuff has been AMAZING (not that amazing on my face though). All the clogged pores on my body have nearly vanished...it's amazing. I have ALWAYS had clogged pores and body acne. i wish I took before and after photos!

    So basically, do not pick or scratch or use anything to irritate the area. I know it's so hard not to. But this can definitely lead to scarring whistling.gif(

    Is acne hereditary in your family? Like did your mom or dad have it? If it is, then this acne will be more stubborn as someone previously said. Anyways, give us update!

    where did u get the papaya soap?

    I bought the papaya soap on amazon.com. You can get it at most philippino markets I hear, so next time I'll just buy it from the store in my area. I think it was 3 dollars a bar, but it's totally worth it!

  16. Well, if you really do have rosacea, finacea is the prescription that is used. I don't have rosacea, but suffer from unevened skin tone, red marks, and light/mild acne. I've been using finacea since early October, and am 98% clear 95% of the time. My skin has also gotten much lighter (I have fair skin anyway) and the redness and bumps have almost all gone away. Finacea is expensive (in the US I pay $160 a tube) but it is finally something I can use where there was no initial breakout or adverse side effects.

  17. I thought about wearing the Double wear foundation when I was looking a few months back. I used to wear liquid makeup, but looking back, I believe it caused my acne. I actually believe almost all makeups and foundations cause acne. It does largely depend on how you apply makeup too. If you use the same dirty sponge, then all the bacteria on the sponge just goes right on your skin. If you use your fingers, be sure you wash your hands really good before and after.

    I wear Aevda dual foundation, and have been using it for the last 2 months. It lasts about 2 months (I wear it nearly everyday) and its about $24. I KNOW this is a product I will continue to buy, because I do not break out much anymore. It does contain "dimethicone" which I believe can cause breakouts, but I don't suffer from those same clogged pores and black heads like I used to. I didn't realize how much my skin felt like it was suffocating under all my previous moisturizers and heavy foundations. Now, I just moisturize, wait about 10 minutes, and apply the Aveda foundation with a brush. The makeup covers pretty well, the more you use and buff in your skin. I don't use any concealers like I said, because I believe it will clog my pores. Everytime I've had red marks on my left cheek, I would cover it with a TINY TINY bit of concealer (jane iredale), and a few weeks later have another pimple show up. I haven't used concealer in that area in over 2-3 weeks, and I haven't had a breakout there since.

    Ya, I know what you mean about derms. It is almost the same here. Any good derm will take a few months to see. I have a fantastic derm whom I have known for over 10 years. Only in 2011 did I start going back to him because I realized I needed professional help with my skin. He really listens to my concerns and is a great doctor. I am under my parents insurance, so I have a co-pay of $35 a visit. The finacea gel I buy that lasts about a month is about $160 a tube!! The Veltin I use (it's great for the stubborn bumps on your forehead) is about another $200.

    How long have you been using the BP? I honestly found this to be too harsh and drying, which can be irritating and lead to more acne. If you can, maybe see the derm again and ask for finacea. It's really mild and non irritating, and used for rosacea. You're acne doesn't sound too terrible, it's just under/in the skin.

    It's a shame that Pratima (the skin care brands I use) don't ship internationally, because they are really great products. I think 50% of the reason I have clear skin is because of them.

  18. Hey Jess,

    Asking someone to give you a regimen on this site, and you will get 100 zillion responses! :) But that's great that so many people are passionate to help others.

    Ok, so just look at my most recent blogs because I've posted pics of what my skin was a year ago, and what it is now. I don't bother updating my gallery anymore. You can just skim over them, since I don't want to sound like a broken record. I just hope you can see that I am a person who has tried everything, no matter how expensive it was or patient I was for them to work. The things I do now have FINALLY cleared my skin, after ONE YEAR of diligent trial and error.

    can I ask what your current regimen is? It sounds like your acne is more of a cosmetic problem. I've found when I get a angry pimple is due to a clogged pore that just got fed up or irritated. There's acne cosmetica, which there's a tab on this site that discusses the different types of acne. No matter if I have a bad pimple, I DO NOT put concealer on it. No matter if something says 'hypoallergenic' or 'non-comodegenic' don't trust it. Most makeups and primers horribly clog the skin and create this awful barrier so what's on the skin gets trapped. This is due to silicones, commonly labeled "dimethicone." Most people say it's none irritating or acne causing, but... honestly it is. Once I started using a silicone free moisturizer my skin nearly completely cleared.

    I do not use benzoyl peroxide since I'm allergic, though Dan's BP works wonders. I do not use salicylic acid because I believe it created huge cysts and greatly worsened my acne. I do not use Alpha hydroxy acid, and I believe it is just too harsh for my sensitive skin.

    What has worked great for me, despite all the very expensive treatments and prescriptions, is finacea (azelaic acid). It's a prescription mainly used for rosacea and mild acne. It takes about 2 months to really work, but it is not harsh like everything else I've tried. If you do a treatment that is very harsh or aggressive at first you will break out. All those little comodomes will come to a pimple. It looks like you're in the UK, which I believe if you got a prescription for finacea it is much cheaper than here in the states.

    so, bottom line is my main regimen is listed in my signature. Message me if you have questions!!!

  19. Option 1- As others have stated above, people quit BC to start a family or just to get off them. Whether or not acne returns no one can really predict. How to choose the right birth control is another matter, since NOT ALL are created equal. I've tried a few generic brands in the past, and broke out HORRIBLY. Birth control also takes about 3-6 months to really work (if it does work), so many people give up too soon on birth control.

    Option 2- I do not think antibiotics are the way to go. There are many harmful strains of bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics because antibiotics have been misused and over prescribed. Antibiotics are very hard on your kidneys. My cousin was on and off them for years due to kidney stones and infections, and went into full blown kidney failure. Almost everyon I know that took antibiotics for acne did not have success. Then they go through more antibiotics, damaging their kidneys. With benzoyl peroxide, I would HAVE to recommend Dan's BP. I am allergic to BP, but I did the regimen earlier this year and had 100% clear skin. The BP is amazing, but it is VERY drying. It's questioned whether or not it goes into your bloodstream, but I don't know. Even though I had to stop using it (got a rash everywhere I applied it) it is really a great product and worth your money.

    Overall, I don't think there is really any regimen that you do ONE time and then you will never have acne again. I was on accutane in 2009, 20 mg day for 3 months and my acne came back. Granted I wasn't on a high dose nor on it for a long time, but still....I chose the LAST resort and it still wasn't cured. So if you take birth control, you have to give it time to work. And when you go off it, you will need to be aware of the possiblitiy of breaking out. If your on antibiotics, be prepared for all the other infections you get (like yeast infections), stomach problems, and kidney issues that are side effects. With BP, your skin will need to get used to it so start it out slow. I think all these things you would need to continually do to keep clear skin. Know what I ,mean?

    anyways, you can always message me if you have questions!

  20. I know that some people SWEAR by green tea. It is really beneficial because of the antixidants, but for me my body can't handle the caffeine. I remember drinking a few cups a day of green tea, and I broke out in these tiny tiny bumps on my forehead. I have a picture on my blog from a few months ago of the break out. I drink non-caffeinated tea. Caffeine triggers an adrenaline rush (hence why people take it to 'wake up'), and the adrenaline is actually creating a stress response in your body. Stress is a HUGE HUGE HUGE culprit to my acne. The last few months, I can narrow down when I was really stressed out, because I broke out in these huge cyst pimple things.

  21. I recently stopped eating gluten because I think I have an intolerance to it. A week later I was almost completely clear, and almost two weeks later I am more clear than I have even been. My skin actually looks good.

    I really recommend trying it!

    I stopped eating pasta over a year ago because I noticed it made my skin very oily, and I'd wake up with a lot of white heads the next morning if I had it for dinner. But I had never completely cut out cereals and bread.

    Oatmeal seems to give me gas and bloating, without necessarily causing major breakouts, but I cut it out now too.

    I eat fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, the usual good stuff.

    Right now I'm trying to add limited quantities of dairy to my diet to see if what I thought was a dairy intolerance was actually related to my gluten intolerance. If it's fine I'll eat a bit of cheese and yogurt here and there, but not much.

    Ya, it's been a gradual thing of cutting out wheat and gluten. It's sooo hard!! Sometimes, I think I am doing good and can resist cookies and desserts, but then I definitely pay for it later. I'm seeing that I don't really break out now from wheat/gluten....but over the last few weeks I've gotten more and more sore. My joints ache!!! My ankles. knees, elbows, wrists, and even my hands are just aching now and feel very weak.

    I've allowed myself to eat soooo much wheat products, thinking that if I don't break out than I don't have an intolerance to it.... But my mom gets the inflammation/pain/soreness as well. :( It's just another motivator to completely cut it out of my diet. Maybe I'll make that a goal for next year, since this year I just battled with it off and on.