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  1. hey y3rfd0g, i have some questions regarding body acne 1) I realize you had body acne, my question is... did any topical regimen help you treat it (i.e. acne.org regimen)? 2) I read a post of yours where you said that you should not pick at your acne because it can lead to scarring (obviously). My question is, do you believe that using harsh products (like benzoyl peroxide... what about alpha hydroxy acid?) can cause permanent scarring? What about if you wear a tight shirt, or a backpack.....

    1. Ameriwife


      Hey! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to respond. I was finishing my degree, graduate, and left the country for a month. Anyways, when I did the DKR it worked on my body, although my skin was really dry. However, I knew when I started it that I was really sensitive to BP....after two months of using (although I cleared up) I started getting hives and rashes everywhere so I stopped using it. :-/ I don't think that BP or AHA leads to scarring, but they are really tough on your sk...