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  1. eczema is probably from the crazy dryness of your skin. I was on accutane a few years ago, and remember the skin on my hands being very dry and inflamed, especially after using soap or lotions with fragrance.

    Since accutane, my skin has been super sensitive.

    I use Neutrogena "Norwegian" hand cream- unscented. It's the BEST handcream that is thick and DOES NOT leave your hands oily or slippery.

    how long is your dose of azithromyacin?

  2. green tea is awesome, if you havent you should try it. BTW any good products you been using?

    Hey I didn't see your comment for some reason! Well, I listed the prescription topicals I've been using.... other products are Aveda shampoo and foundation makeup....aaand papaya soap. That's about it!

  3. Hey girl, I'm sorry to hear that :( I haven't been on the boards in a while, so I forget who I've talked to or message or what not.

    I don't remember really losing my hair, but it definitely was more brittle and dry. Anyways, if you feel that stopping accutane is the best decision, then it probably is. You do have gorgeous hair tho!

    I don't want to sound like I'm shoving advice down your throat, because I've totally been where you're at... look at my gallery. I just want to encourage you to look into more holistic health, and look at possible food allergies or sensitivities that you might have. I never had a problem with wheat (or at least I tolerated it) until about end of 2010 and I had crazy cystic breakouts out of nowhere. I also switched to a birth control that was higher in progesterone (loestrogel or something) instead of the orthotricyclen that I always used. When I discovered the boards and all the possible reasons for my breakouts, I began trying everything, including elimination diets.

    So, I can suggest if your using birth control, to be aware if it could possibly be causing MORE breakouts. The wrong hormones for your body specifically can do more damage. Second, maybe cut out wheat or something for a time and see if it helps.

    I hope you don't give up on this incredibly hard journey to clear skin!!!

  4. Hey Paul, great post. It's so great to hear that your skin is finally clearing up, and even greater to hear your reflections. What I've found with now experiencing rather clear skin now, is that it's not that we "hide behind acne," but rather "acne masks the inside." Do you know what I mean? I think that we can feel depressed and anxious at any given time, no matter if we have clear skin or a pizza face, a good family or homelessness, a loving relationship or singleness, a good job or unemployment, it is all too easy for us to always find something to be upset and complain about. I think that acne is just something that people can focus all their negative problems on, and in fact blame all their problems and how they feel because of their skin. It's like people don't really want to look at who they are on the inside, they can focus on their appearance. But because they don't either like what's on the outside or inside, the turmoil and obsessive behaviors continue which probably create more acne.

    I didn't realize I used to have a picking problem. Now that I don't have much to pick...I don't pick. I notice it when I'm stressed out...like taking an exam lol. Plus, I can just imagine all the bacteria I'm spreading on my skin. I think if we stop picking, then our skin can not only heal but also be a little less exposed to germs.

    It sounds that you're able to face some really tough stuff, and accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is probably the hardest thing. The world and media is really good at making us feel sh***tty.

    Stress is a very powerful response. It's good in an emergent situation, but not to be maintained constantly. If stress can disrupt the pH in someone's stomach and cause ulcers, why can't it cause lesions on the face? I have a friend who was so stressed out, she had a miscarriage. She is constantly checking the mirror, touching her face, and is restless. My heart goes out to her, because she can never find rest, and the stress and anxiety she is always in very likely causes her acne.

    Something that really set me free a few years ago was reading a book called "Victory over Darkness," and realizing that it's not what we do that determines who we are, but who we are that determines what we do. What we do is simply a byproduct of who we are. What we believe and see about ourselves will then create a course of our decisions that makes our path. If someone believes they are worthless, lazy, and can never amount to anything, then their actions will reflect how they see themselves. But if they know they are worthy to be loved and cared for, that they have an enormous potential to impact in the world, then what they do will reflect that. So, I'm sure that you're not a hindrance to anyone, and I'm also sure that there are people who are feeling just as lonely and down as you and need someone to care about them. The world is missing out on a creative mind and insightful caring heart, which both you have. :) You have reached out to so many people on this sight, which I'm sure many have been very grateful for your advice and concerns. I pray that you really can experience peace and accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you have the power to do.

    Keep it truckin, Paul! :)

  5. Oh and don't use any shower body scrubs or abrasives. It seriously only WORSENS acne as it irritates it...which acne occurs due to irritation (as well as a bunch of other factors). Your skin knows how to heal itself.... Be very gentle with your skin and avoid all irritation as much as you can.

  6. Hey there, I'm sure you might get a lot of mixed responses of horror stories and success stories. Honestly accutane works differently on everyone, but my experience has been that acne does come back after a time.

    I was on 20 mg for 3 months in 2009. I had gone of the pill and cystic acne I never had exploded everywhere- chest, arms, back, face, etc. It was horrifying. Since I had tried many topical antibiotics, the pill, benzoyl peroxide, for about a decade, my doctor decided to prescribe accutane. I never actually went to a derm. Anyways, my acne cleared amazingly, but I either should have been on a longer treatment or higher dose or both because the acne slowly came back. However, it was only mild like the precystic days. *shrug* I also really struggled with body acne even after accutane.

    Being 3 years since accutane, I would not do it again. I don't know that my body could handle it again. I don't know if the problems I have now are related to accutane, or if I've had them all along but was just ignoring them. For example, I've always had digestive issues similar to IBS- bouts of constipation and then followed with diarrhea. I also always felt fatigued and had headaches, and struggle with congested sinuses. I don't know exactly what you've tried, but the biggest thing now that affects my acne is diet. Once I eliminated wheat and dairy, my digestive tract became normal and regular, I no longer struggle with chronic congestion and inflammation, and my acne over a period of months went away. For the last month, I began incorporating cream when I made tea, drinking it nearly everyday, and now I have the same old breakouts around my mouth that I used to have when I ate dairy. It just shows me, that despite the expensive topicals I use, that dairy still affects me. So, even if I were to use accutane again, it doesnt matter because I've realize many of my triggers are due to diet.

    One thing that might *help* your body acne is avoiding fragrances. I don't wash my clothes, towels, and sheets in anything but hot water and a tiny bit of liquid detergent. I only use papaya likas soap, which has gotten rid of those stubborn clogged pores on my body and made it smooth. I've given and recommended this soap to everyone on this board and to my friends. I changed shampoos, and after trying a dozen "organic" brands, I've stuck with Aveda scalp benefits shampoo for almost a year now. The result of all this? I no longer have a body plagued with stubborn zits or clogged pores. I don't use any topicals on my body, unless for a spot treatment. I just make sure to shower once a day- ESPECIALLY after I've been sweating.

    My mom asked me recently if I think the problems I've had were due to accutane, and I told her I think I've had them since jr high, but I didn't know the difference. She then told me a story of a young girl who needed to have her colon removed because of the bad side effects of accutane. My mom basically told me never to use accutane again. I wouldn't even if I wanted to...

    Honestly, I don't know that I would risk it, especially if you want to do all those things. Accutane seemed to get rid of the really horrible acne for me, but eventually it came back. I think accutane is said to be a "last resort" but honestly other options haven't been exhausted. You are lucky that it is primarily on your body, and that you can sort of hide it by wearing shirts (which isn't convenient I know). I hope, in the next few weeks in deciding to take accutane, that you can do some of those lifestyle changes of looking at how you wash your clothes, what soap you use, and shampoo. It sounds silly, but honestly I struggled with body acne since I was 11...and now ten years later I FINALLY figured out the source. Please message me if you have more questions or want advice!

  7. hey peaches I wanna send out some love. I want to encourage you to not give in and give up and let acne win. And your friends probably have other problems that might be bigger than problems with skin. We all have weaknesses :(

    I'm a little concerned with how much you are doing peels, because acne will heal if the skin isn't irritated. Dan really stresses this. I am waaaay more gentle on my skin and don't do anything but mud masks if I want to exfoliate. I know you are doing everything you know how, but I want to encourage you to let your skin heal and don't irritate it.

    I hope you win tomorrow.... :) Be blessed

  8. Hey I just wanna say that I tried removing makeup with oil- jojoba oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and didn't get anything but just conjested skin. Even if people say that the molecules in oil are too big to get in your pores, I disagree.

    Since September, I've been using Bioderma Crealine H20 sensitive formula to remove makeup. It works so good that it removes my sunscreen, moisturizer, skin oils without making my skin dry, tight, or shiny. I have combination skin. Sometimes there is some risidual makeup left over, but I always wash my face after for about 30 sec to a minute. I don't know what kind of makeup you use, but I imagine with heavier foundations and liquid foundations one would need to use more of the Bioderma. Anyways, good luck!

  9. Hey, I tried cleansing/removing makeup with jojoba oil....and ya.. it just made my skin soo much worse! I don't know if you wear makeup, but I found that when I started using Bioderma Crealine H2O to remove my makeup, it greatly helped clearing my skin and prepping it for washing at night. I more or less rinse with lukewarm water after, or use papaya soap. But ya, oil on my face is just a big no no....

  10. Hey, just acknowledging your post and that you're going through a tough time... It sounds like you're doing everything "right." :-/ yet its' so discouraging when we try everything we know how and it still doesn't give us what we hoped for.

    Have you had any food sensitivity/allergy tests? I haven't had them done, but I've done elimination diets this last year, and have pretty much narrowed down I don't tolerate caffeine and wheat/gluten. Since I eliminated those things out of my diet, the cysts and major acne stopped. I use a few mild topicals, but as far as the internal problems that cause acne- it is taken care of if I avoid certain foods. I know there are quite a few people on the boards who experienced great results with moderating their diet, and incorporating a new lifestyle. It sounds though, that you eat pretty healthy. Again, I encourage a food test.

    I hope you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Feel free to PM me if you need someone to vent to!

  11. I have a love-hate relationship with Clarisonic....

    It's great at exfoliating when my skin is just a little flakey or dry. My moisturizer seems to really sink in my skin after. BUT..... I notice I get a few little bumps (tiny tiny) here and there about a few days after I use it. Eventually, if I don't extract the clogged pore, they turn into a huge zit (which is sorta what I have now). When I leave them alone, they decide to retaliate.

    Anyways, maybe being off accutane so recently isn't good for your skin.... I use the Clarisonic maybe 2-3 times a week or as it's needed. But then I'm usually reminded of why I stop using it lol.

  12. Hey I've followed some of your blogs and comments on different topics. I'm not sure what your current regimen is like or what you've tried, but I can admit that the biggest thing (for me personally) what got rid of- or rather- how those stubborn bumps went away- was changing my moisturizer.

    I did some research on dimethicone, which is in almost all makeups, primers, lotions, and soaps. It is essentially a silicone, which gives products a smooth texture. That's why it is mainly in makeup primers, so that your makeup is applied smoothly. Anyways, some people believe it doens't clog pores, but some believe that it actually creates a barrier on your skin, blocking pores. Have you ever worn sunscreen or makeup, and it's a little hot out, and your face is just melting? It's like, your skin is somehow suffocating? Versus if its hot and your not wearing makeup or moisturizer, then the sweat on your face isn't as much. I don't know if I'm explaining it right lol. Anyways, I decided that I was going to try it and put it to the test. In September of 2011, I was at a point where I was using very expensive topicals, using all natural organic makeup that had about 3 ingredients in it, and I was still struggling with these dang clogged pores everywhere- forehead, jawline, mouth, chin, cheeks.

    I found an amazing moisturizer on Pratimaskincare.com. They don't use any alcohol, unnatural chemicals, no preservatives, no silicones, etc. I've been using this sunscreen for 5 months, and about 90% of my acne is gone. (ya I get a random zit here or there) but I have received soo many compliments on how my skin is glowing and soo smooth. And it is. Granted, my skin was already purging from Veltin when I started using Pratima's products, so after the purge was gone, my face was really healing and clearing up. One time, when I had run out of the sunscreen, I used my old bottle of Olay and my skin liked freaked out. I literally felt my skin was suffocating (like someone put saran wrap on my skin) and I washed it off a few hours later. It was awful, and I was reminded that I will never go back to a simple drug store brand.

    I think it's more than a coincidence that I changed moisturizers. This is the first and only moisturizer I've used that doesn't have all those harsh chemicals and preservatives in it. My skin doesn't tolerate all of pratima's products (like botanical moisturizer) but this has truly dramatically changed my skin. I don't have those stupid stubborn nasty clogged pores anymore. The sunscreen is expensive ($18 for 4 oz.) but...it is worth EVERY cent. Even if you don't get their product, begin looking at moisturizers that don't have dimethicone or alcohol products in them...

    Anyways, best of luck! I hope your derms and doctor listen to your concerns and give you the best care!

  13. Ya, I imagine all the bacteria that will be left on my face if he kisses me lol. But, luckily I didn't have any breakouts anywhere (except the mountain on my forehead) so....I didn't feel like he would be grossed out. He actually would hold my face in his hands and look in my eyes :) It was very sweet. I really had the fight the urge to smack his hands off, and just savor it because my skin wasn't all bumpy or in pain and I wouldn't need to be embarrassed. Unconditional love is better than clear skin! lol :) IMO

  14. I did the regimen for 9 weeks, and my skin was always shedding like crazy and I looked sunburnt all the time. I eventually started to break out in a rash all over when I would use the BP, so I had to stop the regimen. Though I was clear, it was just awful all over. Oh, and the weird thing is I would get random cysts too like you said. I'm wondering if it was from the lotion? idk.

    Anyways, my acne slowly came back, but not terribly like it was before the regimen. I quite the regimen in April 2011, and finally in October 2011 found my miracle drug (finacea), after acne had got worse.

    It sucks, but don't give up. Continue experimenting, and if you're not 100% satisfied, try something else or return the product. Almost 90% of the acne I've had was due to moisturizers. I believe that the alcohol and dimethicone in moisturizers causes acne, even if the product says it doesn't. In September, I started using Pratima's products, and I've seriously never experienced such an amazing product. My skin no longer feels like its suffocating under sunscreen/moisturizer now. Anyways, I hope you experience clear skin again! Best of luck to you!

  15. how long was your course?

    mine was short and rather light- 3 months at 20 mg. It was back in 2009, so it seems like a little blur. But within a month of getting off accutane I had a pimple. I sorta wish I had gone and done a second round, but...after what I've been through this year and my acne coming back full force, I have realized that my acne is largely related to my diet. I believe I have a wheat allergy/ or gluten intolerance, which created an inflammation in my body. So, I'm not sure that a second round of accutane for me would have made any difference.

    You do have legit concerns about the side effects....

    What I use is finacea. It is for rosacea and mild acne, and I've been using it about 2.5 months. I have been suuuuper sensitive to like everything since accutane, even though its been longer than 2 years, and finacea has been the mildest yet most effective medication topical I've ever taken. However, it takes about 10-12 weeks to really work, so I'm nearing the end of seeing the best results. I knew the minute i put it on, heck even researching it, that it was for me. Then, my derm asked me about finacea even before I asked him for it! I knew it was meant to be. I had been using a retinoid (Veltin), but it was breaking me out horribly. I still use it now, maybe once a week, on my forehead and T-zone, and it gets rid of the clogged pores and for a few days my skin is glowing. But this is too harsh for me to use all over.

    Anyways, I don't know that I would go on accutane again. It's not the answer. Best of luck to you

  16. I totally agree with Paul. The cycle of acne continues when we pick. I hardly get acne anymore because I've stopped touching my skin in general. Actually, sometimes I like to touch my skin because of how smooth it is now. Even after a few months of smooth skin, I still can't get over it.

    I'll also add that...the time I was on accutane was a VERY stressful time. A guy who had literlly proposed to me and we were taking pre-marital classes had dumped me and didn't say one word to me after that. There were so many variables in my life that were so stressful, and I remember crying everyday super hard tears. It just seemed like the deep sorrow would never cease. I keep a journal, and when I read about those times I can't believe how I made it through, but through God. So, having been there, I want to say that there will be an end and your skin will heal and repair itself...if you just give it time... I know how brittle the skin gets on accutane. It can be a MESS if you just pick and scratch and then there's raw patches of skin. I don't think I ever picked my skin on accutane, because I knew I would scratch my skin off.

    You have some great people around you :) The people you want around you will accept and love you regardless. :) There will be an end! Just have peace and let your hands rest....

  17. I will admit that I had a really bad breakout from Veltin (like retin-a). It was HORRIFIC!!! And it took a few months for the breakout to go away. However, the only good it did was keep my forehead clear and get rid of those stupid stubborn flesh-colored bumps. I only used it two weeks and refused to go anywhere. I called my derm and he said that a breakout was common but to stick with it....Yeah right. I'm glad I stopped it, and he gave me a much more mild prescription. I use Veltin once a week on my forehead, and T-zone. If I use it more than once, my skin is angry, red, and peeling.

    I know how you feel about the red marks :( My skin takes a long time to heal...especially on my cheeks. Marks just stay red for a long time!!!

    I wish you the best and not giving up! You're beautiful, with or without acne :)

  18. Thank you so much Paul for your encouragement, and the time you took to respond. Yes, my skin has come a long way- I actually didn't know my skin could really look like that. It's still annoying that acne still comes, after all the effort I make to prevent it lol. Like, why can't we be like other people who have never had to worry about it?

    Yes, I feel unconditionally loved by my boyfriend, so I really don't stress to much about my current skin. It still is soooo much better than when he last saw me in person (back in August). Hopefully I can stay away from wheat, dairy, and caffeine when he's here. I thought, "of course I'll eat ALL the boxes of Swiss chocolate he brought me!!" lol. Diet was part of the reason the acne had grew worse back in August. But he is aware of my diet changes and lifestyle (not specifically because it's due to preventing acne), but I'm highly suspicious that I actually have a wheat and dairy allergy, so this is another reason to not eat it. I feel LOADS better, and good skin is another bonus.

    I will remain positive! I don't expect my skin to go through too many ups and downs like last year, and will be grateful that my face isn't deformed or in pain anymore.

    :) Thanks again Paul!

  19. Hey girl, it sounds like you're feeling pretty down :( And we are our WORST critics.

    My boyfriend is Swiss and is in med school in Switzerland, and see the stress he goes through in studying to pass his exams at the end of the semester. I'm about to graduate this semester (God willing) in nursing, but it's been no easy process. It seemed as if my future hanged in the balance of every test. At this point, I sincerely trust the Lord that my life is in His hands, and He has brought me this far and will continue to give me the strength to keep going. So...in other words, you're not alone.

    I believe that a major reason I breakout in huge/cystic pimples is because of stress. There have been times where I didn't have any of the foods that break me out, and was very diligent with my skin care regimen, yet was wondering for a while why there were 3 huge painful pimples that just kept getting bigger. I realized I had been very stressed. Have you find any ways that you can release your stress- exercising, meditating, yoga, writing, music, etc.? I hope that you can find a release for all this stress, instead of harboring it! :)

  20. Also, you can "trade" in your wasted products that are sitting on your shelf on MakeupAlley for other products you might want to try out.

    Hey thanks for your post! Currently, I don't really "suffer" from acne. At least, compared to what it was, I can handle a pimple every now and then.

    I actually relied on those sites like makeupalley and beautypedia, and they have been very helpful. Of course, even the product with the most raved reviews still broke me out. It seemed that the products I now stick with aren't very popular or have many reviews, so I think I need to write one :) But yes, my search has finally lead to positive outcomes. And this website has been my faithful guide. The topical I use now is because I was reading a blog on it and had something inside me say this is going to work. My acne is also related to what I eat, so there has been a big diet change for me- but another benefit is that I feel great.

    It's sad to think that everything is a business and everyone wants to make money off you. I remember my derm prescribing a treatment with benzoyl peroxide in it, and I told him I get an itchy rash from BP. It was a topical that is new on the market, so I imagine one of those sales reps pitched it to him. Oh well. He's still a great derm.

    I didn't know that you can trade products! Well, mine have been sitting around for some time!

  21. Happy New Year to you! smile.pngHonest truth, I have a whole box full of Acnepril stuff I never used. As I recall, the dosages were pretty high so I bought a large supply and spent goodness knows how much money. It's still in the box and I only used it for a few days. I've lots of bottles and containers of various different things, all barely used, all labelled as some kind of awesome cure. Plus the various types of topicals which turned out to be way too harsh, makeup and various other magic "concealers" which were not as advertised... it all adds up. So if it makes you feel any better, you're not on your own.Maybe those companies do see us as targets and maybe we did "fall for it", but every thing which didn't work brought me closer to the real solution and the real solution revolves around things like diet, stress management and well-being. Had those "quick fix" products worked, we wouldn't be as in tune with our bodies and our skin as we are now. Maybe we took an unnecessarily long route - mine was so scenic that it lasted about ten years - and maybe we put ourselves through all sorts of things we needn't have, but the important thing is that we now know what's what. The way I see it, without that journey, I wouldn't have found acne.org and I wouldn't now be 100% acne free.Everything happens for a reason.So actually, in a way, I enjoyed reading this entry. I guess I can relate.Sounds like you've interesting times ahead of you this year. What are those goals you wish to fulfill in 2012? I aimed to get clear by the end of 2011 but I never thought it would actually happen. If I could manage that, perhaps there's every chance I'll achieve whatever goals I come up with and attempt to achieve this year, too. I wish you the best of luck and success in achieving yours. smile.png

    Hey Paul! It's so good to hear that you're finally able to enjoy a day of clear skin and be able to look forward to the future. I have a really good feeling that in 2012 you will be unhindered.

    How annoying about Acnepril. I guess we were desperate to see their claim of clearing skin in 3 days. HAH!

    Congratulations that you could fulfill your goals for 2011. Even if there are setbacks this year, you should make goals- like not coming up with reasons why not to go out :) Make a goal to be free. :) I did that one year, and at the end of the year I went skydiving. That pretty broke off a lot of fears and anxiety I had. If I could jump out of a plane, I can do anything!

    What are my goals for this year? Well, I'm a Christian and have made a goal to memorize the New Testament. I've already memorized large portions already. I know many people discredit the Bible and say how it's been re-written so many times and it's not reliable, yet I've had life-changing experiences from it. Not everything in life is meant to be intellectualized and reduced down to logical comprehensions. There's more than your mind, there' is your heart too. Memorizing verses have completely lifted me out of depression and the negative thinking I always had. I suffered with a lot of anger,stress, and bitterness (which no wonder I had terrible acne), and God's word washed that away. Opening myself up to what He wants to say has pushed me to love beyond any human effort or will. I don't understand why anyone would want or think they could even attempt to be a 'good' person, because simply on our own strength or flesh, we can't do this. Besides, everyone's standard of good is different from another, so what's the point if there's no ultimate standard. Anyways, that is just one of my goals for 2012!