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  1. Ameriwife
    So the new regimen I have is doing amazing things to my skin, not miraculous (that would be banished acne and never returning) but it has greatly improved my overall skin.

    So the bad initial breakout from the Veltin has subsided. There was a few days I ran out of the sample tubes, but started using it again at night on the pimples and tiny bumps under my skin, and they aren't so inflamed when they raise to a head. The veltin really helps to speed up the recovery/cell turnover.

    Also, I started using the Bioderm H20 to removed my makeup, and I believe it nearly gets it all off. I can't believe how much makeup there is (I don't even use that much!) I definitely believe the breakouts were due to not getting rid of all my makeup. I'm not sure that it will or is causing a breakout, but because it's not too drying or oily, I will keep using it. Bought it on amazon for like 30 bucks.

    I'm also using the papaya likas soap, which I'm not sure that I love, but I really like how soft my skin feels. It doesn't completely strip my skin of all the oil, but my face feels much cleaner than compared to Dan's cleanser. And I don't need to use much of it to get it to lather. I think the soap really works on skin that is already fairly light, because I notice my very fair skin and pink blotches are smoothing and becoming more of one tone. I'm not sure that it's improved the red marks or old scarring, but my overall skin has a glow to it.

    Ok, so the absolute amazing part of this whole new regimen is the manuka honey. Since I bought it, I have used it as a mask. Sometimes I leave it on in the morning for 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how much time I have). I just wash my face with water in the morning, pat dry, then apply the honey all over, then pray or read my devotion. After I just wash off with water, sometimes I use a tiny bit of papaya soap. I could NOT believe how amazing this stuff is. Within 3 days of using it, nearly all the huge pimples on my chin had flattened and disappeared! I know I sound like I'm some advertiser, but I am actually blown away how this stuff actually works. I think the honey is what really gives my face a glow. My best friend spent the night last night, and though she could see my pimples, she told me I had a glow to my skin. I told her I wasn't wearing makeup and she didn't believe me. I told her it was the manuka honey. It was $20 for a little jar, but it is totally worth it. In the affected areas of my skin, I can feel something-not tingling, not burning, no zinging- but just that it's working. My skin feels very soft and hydrated after I use it.

    So I have a few remaining pimples on my chin, and one on each side of my upper lip, but things are vastly improving. They are the most red obviously after I pop them, but in the morning it is dried out, scabs, and just peels off nicely nearly the next morning. A week and a half ago, I was considering accutane, and with adjusting my diet to simple nutritious natural foods, getting much more sleep, consistent and gentle with my skin, using basically all natural products, my skin is much much better. I continue to feel good about this new regimen.

    I am so happy! It's not perfect, but I will never expect my skin to be perfect. I was considering getting laser therapy done on the left side of my face, and possibly right side of jawline, but I'm thinking of post-poning it. I read the potential awful long term consequences of it, and I don't want to take the risk. Even if it was a 1% chance of something going wrong, it is your face and you only get one. So, I believe I will let natural remedies and my body heal itself.

    My joy is back!! I can take control and look at people in the eye with confidence. Ok, well now off to zzzzzzzzzzz......
  2. Ameriwife
    Hey everyone,

    I've been studying like a mad woman and running around like crazy lately. I don't think I am particularly stressed, but maybe my body feels it subconsciously? Anyways, about 5 weeks ago I started Insanity (took a week off because I was sick) and I noticed a lot more breakouts on my body and face. I'm wondering if it's because I use a clean towel to wipe away sweat and make sure to shower right after. Maybe it's the wiping action that irritated my skin? Is it the bacteria left on my skin from sweat? I don't know! I haven't had a forehead breakout like this since maybe October.

    Another culprit could be that I went a little crazy on the icecream....I've was eating it like 3 times a week for the last few weeks. I NEVER eat icecream, and maybe the amount of dairy I have is from goat cheese i sprinkle in my salad. That's it! I believe the dairy was a huge contributor, because I was thinking of all the possible things I recently changed in my diet. Sigh..... it's embarrassing.

    So, at least this shows me that I haven't "grown out of acne." I thought maybe I could get away with eating dairy again, but clearly it's clogging my pores and even causing more congestion in my throat and nose. I had a few minor break outs here and there, and then these huge zits on my forehead, acccompanied by little tiny bumps and pimples.

    My resolution to clear my skin and see if that's what caused the breakout:

    1. cut out dairy completely. No milk, cheese, chocolate, etc. (eggs is ok).
    2. Don't use sweat towel when working out (though I'm absolutely soaked during the insanity workouts!)

    A good motivation is that I'm seeing my boyfriend in one month, and want my skin to calm down!
  3. Ameriwife
    Those are my two culprits of breakouts recently. I gave in a few weeks ago to a soy chai tea latte, and ended up with a few rather large zits on my right jawline. It's weird how I freak out about the small pimples on my face, yet say "Aaah oh well" to the hormonal ones that pop up randomly. At least I believe those zits are due to soy. Hopefully spot treating them with Differin lotion will help. And I was in the sun too much, got sunburned, and peeled on my shoulders and back. To prevent more peeling, I applied cetaphil lotion which really broke my back out (IMO). Hopefully those zits go away soon with more spot treatments....

    I haven't been on the boards in a while....due to busyness...or rather just not finding a reason to go on. I don't struggle with major breakouts anymore. I don't freak out and ask everyone for advice if my skin reacts in a way that I've seen it do in the past. If its some new rash thing, then yes I will be calling for help. The breakouts that I do get are rather very minor and little bumps or clogged pores. These I believe are what cause the pore to really get infected and cause pimples...if I take care of extracting or getting rid of the clogged pore, then it less likely will become a zit... Just think about it. It takes about a few weeks for a zit to form. That means that a pore has been neglected for some time and then retaliates. lol.

    There are three main topicals I'm using: Finacea, Veltin, and Differin lotion. These three things are magical and work great on my skin. The finacea takes away the redness but makes my skin kinda dry, the Veltin helps my skin to regenerate faster, and the differin lotion just really smooths out my skin and helps the red marks to fade.

    The deep purplish scars on my left cheek have almost entirely faded. YAY!!!! It's take about a year, but they are finally unnoticeable. There is one sort of dent in my cheek from where a nasty cyst was, but it falls in the middle of my dimple so I think the constant crease keeps it from "filling in." Still I can't complain. My skin is relatively smooth now and I don't need to shy away from harsh lighting that will show the dents and holes in my skin. I want to cry because of how far I've come, and I desperately want to encourage others who are suffering to NEVER give up. There WILL be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Resolution: Continue avoiding soy...! Limit chocolate and caffeine intake....

    Good night yall...
  4. Ameriwife
    I think in my last blog I said that I needed to stop eating chocolate and dairy products...well now I'm really motivated. For the last month, I continued to put cream in my tea, drinking it almost everyday. I haven't had that "mouth" acne for a looooong time, and the last few weeks I've been getting new zits in that area. Ugh. They aren't very deep and go away in a few days, but it reminds me of how my skin was waaay long ago. No wonder I stopped eating dairy! I have to hide the chocolate my friend gave me from Germany. lol. Out of sight...almost out of mind. I hope that in a few weeks my skin will calm down.

    Over Easter break, I took a trip up to northern California, where the weather was 40 degrees F and humid. It was cold, but the air was so moist that I hardly needed moisturizer. It was weird. I woke up and my skin didn't feel parched, and my eyes didn't hurt because they were so dry. I really noticed the difference the day I came back to SD. I felt I was dehydrated for 24 hours! Now, my skin is back to the same old dry, flakey self...ugh. Goes to show that weather really does effect skin!

    Now onto good ol' high fructose corn syrup. I avoid this ingredient like the plague because it seriously is so awful for you. It's good because it eliminates wasting money on expensive drinks at Starbucks. I almost always sweeten something with honey (or if I run out I use Stevia). But the other day at Starbucks I decided to get iced tea, sweetened with a little of their classic sweetener, and I had the WORST headache ever. It almost felt like a migraine. I was thinking it was my contacts, weather change, etc. Nope. Today, I bought a bottled iced-tea and halfway through drinking it I felt a headache coming on. I looked at the ingredients and guess what's the FIRST ingredient... high fructose corn syrup! Like not even TEA is the first ingredient lol. So, this twinging headache is reminding me never to touch that stuff again. Ugh. I'm getting mad that the FDA approves of this artificial sweetener, because it's probably related to more heart disease and diabetes that we realize.

    Anyways....that's my vent!
  5. Ameriwife
    Oddly enough, my skin has been looking really good lately. Nowhere near perfect or flawless or even 100% pimple free, but at least in the morning my skin is even-toned and good. Unfortunately, toward the end of the day, it gets oily and sorta red. But who knows, I've been eating spicy foods lately so maybe it's making my skin flush. It seems that when I've applied makeup the last few days, it doesn't necessarily make my skin look better...

    Anyways, it's probably been 4-5 months since I've gone in public without wearing foundation. And what was great is that I wasn't self-conscious or thinking about it during the day. I didn't wanna wear it because I had clinical at a hospital, and when you wake up at 5 in the morning, by 3 o'clock my makeup is sorta running off my face. But, I still want to get away from using foundation, so maybe this is a good step now that I'm virtually clear and the scars/red marks have faded a lot.

    I'm relieved the last thing I really have needed to worry about it skin. Though, I'm waiting for the acne to come full force after eating chocolate everyday for the last week or two... Life is crazy busy trying to graduate nursing school...and look for a job in this unfavorable economy!

    Peace out to ya'll and best of luck. Don't ever stop listening to your body, and changing your lifestyle so that you can be acne-free.
  6. Ameriwife
    You decide. I feel like I really need to get my mind off of everything that's going on. It's funny how when our skin is looking great, we can somehow forget how to treat it and keep up with our personal regimens. And life gets busy, so skin is sort of on the back burner for me.

    There have been minor pimples here there- particularly around my nose- where my upper lip and nostrils meet. But those were just clogged pores that have gone away. Some zits but they are very superficial and go away in a day or two with no scarring. That volcanoe between my eyes is nearly gone, just dry skin that is in its place. I zacked that thing with Finacea. But now, I have this big pimple next to my mouth. It hurts It reminds me that acne is painful lol. Mouth pimples are the worst lol. It's deep too. I honestly believe though it's because of dairy. The last few weeks, I've done an experiment of ingesting dairy- like half&half creamer with my tea everyday, chocolate, or milk with lattes, etc. I haven't had a zit like this in a while, so I guess I will stay away from it!

    Embarrassing thing- my dad went to pick up my prescription of finacea, and when I retrieved it from him he was surprised at the cost (roughly $180). He asked, "is that some zit cream?"
    Me: "Ya dad, it is. But it really works so it's worth it..."
    "What happened to clearasil?"

    People that don't understand acne make comments and suggestions like that.

    Anyways, skin is recovering again from not doing my regimen for those few weeks. Nothing major has happened...no cysts at least....yet... At least I know not to attempt that experiment again in the future! Ok, enough procrastinating... now on to dreaming about perfect skin
  7. Ameriwife
    Hey so I thought I would update my blog, even though life is very busy right now.

    I just want to say, that ufortunately, I've tasted the effects of what it's like to not do your regimen for a few weeks. Now, two-3 weeks later, my skin has broken out. Not horribly, but enough to show me that... I'm still not in the clear yet of just "not getting acne anymore." People, listen to me- don't just NOT do ANYTHING. Acne has a source (well many) whether its triggered by food, bacteria on your skin, harsh skin products, chemicals, blah blah. But...take action! Don't just let acne "work itself out." I went from being 100% clear for 3 months straight, to about 60% clear in a matter of weeks from not doing my regimen. Anyways, that's my advice for ya'll!

    Not using my normal regimen for a few weeks really caught up with me. It's so funny how it really takes a week or two for a zit to form! I have had a few minor breakouts, minor enough that applying finacea daily and rather liberally has helped them to just dry out and disappear. They haven't been those painful or deep pimples, which shows me that it wasn't anything internal that caused it. Just very mild acne that has gone a way in a few days with using finacea and differen lotion.

    However, I have this HUGE pimple between my eyebrows I've rather left it alone for a few days and waiting for it to come to a head.... I was surprised because it's like there was no for-warning lol. Usually I can catch it early enough (a tiny bump) but this was impatient lol. I know that there's no point to pop it unless it's ready... Anyways, looked like tonight the zitzilla was ready to go down. Hopefully in a week there will be no trace of it...

    Oh, that cyst thing on my forehead has finally flattened. I believe I've had foods with gluten/wheat because my stomach/bowels has been in pain at certain points the last few weeks.... and usually a cyst will show up about 2-4 weeks later. Anyways, I'm just hoping that whatever mistakes I made it doesn't take too much a horrible toll on my skin. Ive been increasing my dairy, soy, caffeine (tea), and chocolate intake....seeing if it has an effect on my hormones...we shall see in a few weeks. Probably will with all the things I overloaded in my system!

    Overall, though there's been some set backs (even on my back, neck) it's clearing and life will go on. There are waaaay too many things for me to worry about right now... I don't have time to stress about acne!

    Best of luck to you all in your journey! keep up the fight and don't give up!
  8. Ameriwife
    The last few weeks-months have been amazing. Not particularly skinwise, but life in general. Yes, there have been ups and downs with skin and people in my life passing away, but I'm so excited for the future (even if acne is still in it). I'm incredibly thankful for a caring and compassionate dermatologist who has listened to my concerns and respects my knowledge about my skin. I'm thankful for incredibly supportive and encouraging friends who help me to see my worth. I am even more thankful for my amazing boyfriend and best-friend who loves me unconditionally and supports me in my passions and desires.

    I'm experiencing less and less breakouts nowadays, especially on my body. I was on an antibiotic from an ear infection, and I understand why people take them for acne. I didn't have one zit for 2 weeks!!!! I saw my derm on Feb 8 and he was very pleased with the results of finacea. He said that my scars are relatively flat and should smooth out and fade very nicely. This was so encouragaging, since I thought they would turn into rolling or box scars. He prescribed a differin lotion that I have yet to pick up (it's probably another $200 prescription!). He gave me samples that I have been alternating every other night with the finacea. When my boyfriend visited for 10 days, I didn't do my regular regimen. I removed my makeup at night and washed my face twice a day as usual, but I didn't apply any finacea. I just didn't want to look like a ghost in front of him lol. Besides, it probably wouldn't have stayed on with all his kisses! It was such a relief and amazing feeling that I didn't have to hide behind makeup. I could cry because I remember the horrible cysts and breakouts like it was yesterday- always covering up my jawline and neck with scarves to hide the scars and lumps on my face, wearing hats and beanies to cover the mountain range on my forehead, cringing whenever anyone would touch my arms or back because of the huge cysts that plagued my body as well... He held my face in his hands and described everything that he sees and called it beautiful. He truly loves me unconditionally- with makeup on or without, with acne or porcelain skin, when I'm frustrated or joyful....And this is kind of love is what I've found to be more satisfying than experiencing any zit-free day and glowing skin. He commented on how smooth my skin is (especially back) and loved touching it. It was just a beautiful and pure time spent with him, and I was able to focus on on him and our relationship and not complain or fuss about my face. Anyways, maybe too many details, but it was a very freeing and wonderful time.

    With all that said, I hope that not doing my regimen for those days will not have any negative effects. Maybe taking that antibiotic hopefully killled whatever bacteria would have grown from not applying finacea. So far, I have one active zit where I always get them! It's like a clogged pore never really...heals or comes loose or something. Anyways, of course I had to fuss with it after my boyfriend left, and now it's surfaced and rather big But everywhere else my skin is looking pretty fabulous. After a week of using the differin lotion, the scars have DRAMATICALLY smoothed out and faded. It's like my skin needed something extra to give it a kick and help it heal. If I didn't have this huge zit smack dab in the middle of my face, I wouldn't wear makeup....(but I always say I will stop wearing makeup when I don't have a zit lol). That cyst thing on my forehead is still faintly there...a little hard bump that wil probably be gone in a week.... I think it's a cyst that resulted from accidentally eating wheat.

    I'm thinking of finally posting a log or topic or whatever of everything that I've tried that doesn't work, and describing everything from diet to skincare to makeup to hormones to accutane, because I am frequently asked many questions, and I feel I am beginning to sound like a broken record....working on this and other commitments is tough!

    Anyways, thank you to everyone on this site who has helped me in my journey, and poured out their advice and wisdom and encouragement! I hope I can in turn do the same for others!
  9. Ameriwife
    For those men out there- do you find zit cream unattractive? I mean, would you want to lay next to your wife when she has a mask or creams that spot her face? I worry sometimes what my future husband would think if I went to bed with how my face is now lol. Sometimes it's a relief not being married- since I don't have to perform my unsightly nightly routine in front of anyone. But I wonder how I will keep up once I'm married? I seriously hope my skin doesn't go downhill again, because it would be even more embarrassing and ever more zit cream! lol

    I seriously can't complain- and am not complaining, because the acne I get ....you couldn't even really call it acne. The big suckers happen very rarely now, but the small tiny bumps/pimples still come and go. The most amout of the small "pimples" I get is 3, which is nothing compared to 15 that I used to have at one time. I'm just spot treating them with a dab of finacea. I remember wanting to go off makeup to see if it makes a difference, and wondering if I should make the final leap. At this point, I'm doing all I can to prevent topical causes my acne. It just seems like the few temporary clogged pores is from makeup. sigh. What's a girl gonna do?

    I seem to have lost the glow in my skin, and I believe it's because I ran out of the Pratima face sunscreen, and decided to try the body sunscreen. I don't like it as much for my face, and believe it was causing breakouts (maybe not?) so I've stopped using it on my face. I ordered the face sunscreen and wait until it arrives. I have a little less than 3 weeks until my boyfriend visits, so I hope my skin calms down and I can get back to what it was a month ago! This winter is awful for my skin, and I try not to run the heater so I don't dry it out....

    Anyways, thanks for reading I am always welcome to messages for any advice or wisdom!

    ok, so this is a pic of my skin with light makeup about 3 weeks ago. I was almost 100% clear...and hope my skin returns to this!
  10. Ameriwife
    I had family from out of town over this weekend, which meant a lot of yummy food I could not have, like pizza, appetizers, desserts, etc. I made a lemon jello cake for my aunt's birthday with a cream cheese frosting, but was disappointed I couldn't eat it. I couldn't find a gluten free cake mix (now I looked online and they are sold at target....) but I did great and I didn't eat one cracker or dessert or slice of pizza that had wheat! It's been about a month and a half from eliminating all wheat and gluten, and I haven't had a cyst since. I am feeling great and have a lot of energy (or at least a normal amount of energy now). My joints aren't inflamed or hurting, I don't have headaches, and my digestive tract is consistent.

    I've even continued eating a fair amount of dairy (gluten-free lasagna, cream cheese frosting lol, gluten-free pizza, etc) and I still get pimples but they are soooo minor. They go away very quickly. I hope it won't catch up to me too bad in a few weeks!

    I have yet to find a good chapstick that doesn't give me little bumps/clogged pores that line the edge of my lips. I have like chronic chapped lips, no matter what the season. Because of the shedding and roughness, I've developed this horrible habit of chewing my lips...which worsens the problem. I use softlips, which works ok and doesn't seem to cause breakouts, but whenever I switch to the actual Chapstick brand or other things, it creates problems. My lips are just never moisturized enough. The breakouts are probably really from using Aquaphor at night, which the worst pore-clogging thing you could put on your skin. But hey, my lips are soft and smooth in the morning...but dry! lol It's like they soak up all the petroleum....

    I ordered the Sandalwood Rose face mask from Pratima, after falling in love with a sample they sent with an order.... THIS IS LIKE PUTTING HEAVEN ON YOUR FACE!!! It is soooo smooth and makes your skin feel equally smooth. It tightens my pores (which are really noticable in the T-zone of my cheeks) and gives my skin sort of a glow. I've used it in the mornings, every other day, though it says to use twice a week. I've noticed a few very minor pimples since using it, which it may just be my skin purging. But at this point, there's A LOT of variables for those little buggers.

    Anyways, at this point, I am really really please with my skin. I have hit the true 12-13 week mark of using Finacea, and see now that it really does take 12 weeks to experience it's full effects. The major blotchiness and redness in my face is gone. I wake up in the morning, and theres a light flushed color on my cheeks, but it looks natural. Lately, my skin is looking great so that I don't really want to put on makeup. It's greatly helped to reduce redmarks, but it takes a long time. I'm only self-conscious sometimes of the actual indentation of the scars on my cheeks. I remember in April/May looking at my jawline and all the holes and craters that were scars left from the horrible breakout from Dan's regimen. I was worried they would stay there forever. But, now that area is considerably smooth, and much much less noticeable. So, I'm hoping that these places on my cheeks will fill in with collagen again. I can't worry and stress over them. My skin is NO WHERE near where it was a year ago. It almost makes me cry!

    My boyfriend comes in 6 days! If my skin stays like it is, I would be very confident in not wearing makeup around him. I'm soo excited!!!!
  11. Ameriwife
    It has been about 2 1/2 months since I started my finacea regimen. I still only use it once a day, but I think I apply a rather liberal amount at night. I have been noticing over the last few weeks, that I seem to have more facial hair...even my forehead! lol I am blond and have very fair skin, so the hair is blond as well. I noticed that my hairline seems to be getting thicker! There are these short hairs that just have kept growing, and I have at least 3 new rows of hair. Around my jawline and hairline is where it seems to "come in" the most lol. Oh gosh. I heard of facial hair being a side effect, but they said it was very rare! I think the participants were too embarrassed to confess. That is the ONLY side effect of finacea that I could complain of. It has been worth every flippin cent otherwise!

    This may be the first month that I don't have some kind of cystic breakout (fingers crossed). I've so far gone through my period unscathed. I look back to October, november, and parts of december and think that the cysts had to have been caused from eating wheat or soy. wow. All the more motivation to avoid it!

    The change I've made in my regimen is the Veltin. I used it on my T-zone, and my skin has been shedding the last few days. I only put it on once! It's the fourth day, and parts of my skin are still peeling. I know you're not supposed to use an exfoliator when on a retinoid, but I have been using the olay clarisonic brush about every day for the last 3 days to help get rid of the shedding cells. I did it VERY gently though, so not to exfoliate too many layers. My skin is very soft and smooth again, and no blackheads/clogged pores.

    Anyways, skin seems to be taking a big turn for the good. I started using the pratima body sunscreen again (still waiting for the face sunscreen!!!), which seems to have just brightened my skin again in just a few days. There are two minor spots, one on each side of my face around my jawline, that I didn't extract yesterday, and now they look like small legit pimples. I imagine they will go away in a few days. It just shows if I dont get those clogged pores sooner they will actually become a zit. rrrrrrrrrrrr I've been eating a little more cheese lately, but still limit it. I had a minor zit on my upper lip/mouth a week ago, which I link to dairy.... Oh well. Skin is still looking awesome, which...is an incredible blessing.

    21 days until I am in the arms of a man who loves me unconditionally. Mmmm, a sweet embrace it will be!
  12. Ameriwife
    Happy New Year! Hey yall, so I thought I would update. It seems that once people clear their acne, they drift away from the boards and go on with their lives. This is partially the case with me

    I was just calculating my expenses on just over the counter/online skincare (cleansers, treatments, the Regimen, lotions, makeup-remover, shampoo, soap) and makeup products alone from about Novemeber 2010 until now, so a little over a year. I've estimated that I've spent about $1500 dollars just on trial and error and trying to find my cure for acne. That doesn't even include the expensive prescriptions ($150+ each) that began in September, nor the visits to the derm ($35). I have mixed feelings, and was actually angry at some of the purchases I made. I'm angry that many companies are so good at giving you false hope, and even claiming to clear your acne in 2 weeks. These acne-product companies just know how to use the weaknesses of someone who is desperate to find a cure.

    In the beginning of the year, for over $100, I bought Acnepril, which are capsules you take that are full of different herbs and garlic. I experienced an initial breakout, and had only gone through one bottle in 2 weeks that was supposed to last 1 month. I have 4 unused bottles just sitting there. I won't take these, because some of the herbs (ex. milk thistle) counteract the effects of birth control, as it is metabolized in the liver. That may be why I was breaking out. I was a fool and didn't read the return policy, so I was unable to return them. The bottles just sit there....ugh. WASTE of money!!!

    I WASTED money on makeup that broke me out more, even though some of it was vegan and organic makeup. I bought Jane Iredale, Almay, and Rejuva Minerals- all which did nothing for my skin nor even provide any coverage. Unfortunately, the rejuva minerals is non-refundable. I bought cleansers and moisturizers that now just sit on my shelf, reminding me of my wasted money. I actually probably spent more than $1500, but I was very good at returning products I believed was breaking me out. Good thing I did!

    But on the bright side, I would say that about half of my purchases have been the reasons I can have clear skin today. They are very expensive products (moisturizer is over $30, sunscreen is $18), but honestly they work so it's not wasting my money. No matter how cheap something is, if it breaks you out do not buy it!! What's the point of trying to get clear skin, if your putting crap on your face?! So my current regimen, though expensive, is what somehow eases my regret. I almost know that I don't need to waste money like that this year. I may spend the same amount, but I know it won't be wasted. I know that at least I won't be so frantic to cure my acne. I'll just try something, give it time, and return it if I'm not 100% satisfied.

    A little update on my skin- I've been having tiny pimples just appear sorta everywhere. Not at the same time, and nothing that isn't manageable or doesn't go away. I have suspected that it's from using the Pratima Body sunscreen. The bottle is twice as big as the face sunscreen, and only has maybe an ingredient or two that's different! But I just noticed the application wasn't as smooth on my face and my skin just didn't look the same. So, since I've stopped using it for 3 days, the tiny pimples have stopped. Maybe I also broke out because I was using less of the Finacea. I usually apply probably way more than the prescribed amount, but I only use it once a day. I'm wondering if lessening the amount and using it twice a day will make a difference...

    Anyways, I am looking forward to fulfilling my goals for this new year! I'm so relieved, though it's been a year long journey, that I don't worry or stress about my skin. I can't stress about how much money I spent, because I've realized that stress is almost the number one trigger of acne for me. I've seen a pattern through documenting pictures that my skin goes through. It seems that around the end of my class and the final exam, I break out in huge welts. I also know this is due to wheat/gluten.

    Anyways, I don't know if I could write a more boring blog These mainly are for me anyway, but if any of you have questions, message me! God bless!
  13. Ameriwife
    I'm not sure this blog will get more interesting than the title lol. Warning you guys haha. I can't make them as funny or interesting as Paul

    Good thing in my life= pretty much everything. It's not perfect, and there's toxic and negative people who want to infect me with their poison, but I remain unstained. My life's been filled with joy and abundant blessings, and I can't wait to give it all away to others. I'm looking forward to February to spend a week with the most amazing best-friend and most precious person to me! I'm not stressing about my skin or having it look absolutely perfect. It's seriously a 180 degree difference than a few months ago. I have my last final this weekend and then a three week break....I can't believe it!!! I'm so ready for REST!!

    My skin's had very minor set backs the last few days, and I'm going through a list of possible culprits. The thing I think of first is the most recent thing I've changed to my regimen or diet. So even though I've been loving my skin being moisturized with the Pratima essential oil (that I've been using twice a day since thursday) I've had a few super tiny pimples since then on the T-zone of my cheeks and between my eyebrows. I used the body oil once on one side of my back/one should and back of neck. After running my fingers across today, I'm finding little bumps here and there and on my neck It seems that my body can't handle any kind of oil. I know I must seem like a perfectionist, but this is how we clog and clog and put crap on our skin until it retaliates and breaks out. I don't want to keep doing this to my skin and making it get worse. My skin is clear enough (especially on my back) that I know a tiny clogged pore will turn into a zit in a few weeks if left alone.

    So...do I go to the hassle of returning the products to Pratima? It is SUCH a hassle!!!! They were extremely expensive, but maybe if I use them once in a blue moon (for like for massage? lol yep definitely once a year lol) then maybe I can keep them. I definitely know I can't use them on a regular basis. Sigh. I somehow don't want to feel that yet another purchase is wasted.

    The little bumps could be attributed to sleeping as well or not changing my pillow frequently, etc. It could be from my aveda foundation, which has dimethicone listed as second ingredient (but I don't buff the makeup into my skin). It could also be due to that huge pizza I ate on Sunday night! The AMOUNT of food alone will break anyone out, nonetheless the ingredients lol. I've also had dairy here and there the last few days (some goat cheese in a salad but not a bowl of icecream....ok so more like a dozen home-made chocolate chip cookies!!!=heaven in my mouth), so maybe this is another culprit? They don't seem hormonal though, even though that's supposed to happen any day now I got one pimple on my upper lip (pretty minor) and those I'm almost always sure comes from milk. But all these super tiny pimples seem superficial.

    I hope this could be read despite my ADD tangents and thoughts amidst of a thought lol. Never stop looking for your cure!!

    Ok, so I thought I would attempt to salvage to make this blog worth viewing, so I'll upload pics. for those of you who are too embarrased to take pics with no makeup on or skin looking its worst. TAKE THE PICTURE!!! You HAVE to chart your progress or digress, so that when things do get better, you can be thankful that there's improvement. These pics aren't photoshopped but I'm wearing makeup yet you can see the one on my lip. It's actually more of a clogged pore and not a pimple, but my skin is so fair that it stands out even with makeup!! lol skin is looking pretty good. For those of you who haven't been aware of my journey, I'll show you a glimpse. Ok, so I just have to throw in an old pic from Jan 27th of this year before I came to acne.org and my whole process and search for my perfect regimen and clear skin started... I honestly cringe looking at this. Actually, this pic doesn't even show HOW BAD my acne was, because it doesn't show all the nasty and painful cysts on my jawline and neck. I have taken over 200 pics this year tracking my process, and still counting. You can see how much pain I was in. Thank God that's long behind me!! Praise the Lord for healing my skin!
  14. Ameriwife
    That is how I was greeted by some of my friends tonight that I haven't seen since late October. Granted, it was dimmed sorta lighting, but I wanted to cry because I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. I've never had so many compliments on my skin in my entire life!

    Currently, there's only two active pimples on my cheek. The one on my jawline is almost finally gone it's just sorta peeling now and not even red or discolored. My cheek actually looks very good and there is no more peeling or raw skin. Even the red marks don't seem too bad, but maybe that's cause I'm comparing them to the active pimples haha.

    So I did something tonight that I just might regret later. I ate an entire medium pizza!!! cheese, tomato sauce, bread crust, veggies....It was amazing!!! My classmates looked at me as though I was starving and were surprised that someone my size could eat sooo much. To be on the safe side, I took some garlic pills so hopefully this may prevent any breakout my body decides to cause.

    I've been using the essential oil twice a day, 3 drops (one on forehead, and one on each cheek) and I gently rub it all over. Then I apply my moisturizer. I think I should limit it to at night before I apply finacea because I don't want to over-do it. Oh, and when I use it, the finacea tingles again like it did in the beginning. I know this means it's working! It stopped tingling after a while and I was worried it stopped working. It's honestly so mild that maybe I've been used to chemicals and products burning my skin.

    So I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness. I'm overwhelmed that the Lord is cleansing me from the inside out, and showing me the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. I was thinking today how around my birthday I was very very stressed out (I hadn't cried THAT hard in a suuuper long time), and about a week or two later erupted in those cyst pimple things. Anyways, what ever the cause, I'm filled with joy and thankfulness, which I believe is what people see. It's like a good, new, and positive cycle is continuing!
  15. Ameriwife
    My friends and family have been telling me the last few months that I've lost weight. Because of previous eating disorders in the past, I don't have a scale in my little house. I don't weigh myself but maybe every 4-6 months, because otherwise I'm afraid my obsession of being thin would start again. If I fit in my clothes I'm happy. Well, the last few months I haven't been fitting in my clothes- they have been a little more "roomy." It's been annoying since I can't wear my pants without a belt on the smallest notch. So, a few days ago I went shopping for jeans at American Eagle with my friend, and to my surprise I was no longer a size two. They were falling off when I walked around. I wasn't even a size zero. I had to go out for a third time from the changing room, and get a double zero. They fit awesome- so awesome I had forgotten what it's like to wear a pair of jeans that actually fit. My friend was surprised because I don't look like emaciated or twiggy. I still have curves (24 in waist, 35 in. hips) but it's just smaller. I still haven't even weighed myself. Like I said, if I can fit in my clothes, I'm happy.

    Besides the weight change, my skin improves little by little. I regret putting on the Veltin (like retin-a) because the cyst thing on my jawline is firey red and peels like crazy. the other two pimples have gone, but now the spot where they were is this peely red patch. Sometimes, throughout the day I'll glance in a mirror to find this HUGE flake of skin on my cheek where the pimple was. If I gently take it off, then there's this bright red area. The other two on my neck have pretty much gone away and are healed. Just a slight mark is left but it will fade. The one on my jawline hasn't shrunk....just has this hard shell of a scab and dead skin.

    After this peeling ordeal, I remember what it was like on accutane. My skin peeled in these huge sheets, and then there would be raw skin underneath. I'm sO GLAD I didn't go back on accutane!! What a nightmare. It seems the Veltin isn't good for an actual pimple, but would work great for comodones and clogged pores. So I'm leaving the lesion on my jawline alone, and waiting for the scab to fall off on its own. Concealer has worked very well so I'm not too self-conscious about it. I'm wearing makeup almost everyday again, because somehow it gives me hope of what my skin can look like scar free. I believe I've found the difference between being a slave to wearing makeup, and wearing it to just enhance what's already there.

    I've been trying to stick to dairy free, wheat free, caffeine free food. Now, I'm going to try to eliminate soy. I have to figure out how to make a chicken cashew stirfry minus the low sodium soy sauce...
  16. Ameriwife
    Everywhere else, my skin is clear- almost 100% clear. Some tiny bumps here and there on my chin or jawline, but these disappear. One side of my face looks pretty awesome, even despite the recent red marks. (The old ones have dramatically faded btw). It's probably a combo of the finacea and papaya soap. However, I seem to constantly get these tiny pimples still on my left cheek. Maybe it's because I tend to sleep on that side more? Right now they aren't cysts but tiny pimples...always a cluster in the same area. I'm hoping that finacea will continue to work! I also understand it can take some people a long time of using finacea for it to rid their stubborn acne. But maybe they pop up because that's were I mainly apply concealer. I used it quite a bit the last few weeks to cover up the recent breakout! Ugh. I don't want to perpetuate the cycle, so I'll just have to stop using the concealer unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

    The cyst thing on my jawline is still there- but it's not as inflamed, raised, swollen, or red. But....it's like a tiny hard ball in my skin. The other's have faded for the most part and neck and jawline is no longer sore.

    The essential oil for face and essential oil for body have arrived..and I cannot describe how good they smell and feel. I almost gasped when I saw the size of the tiny 2 oz bottle that was 34 bucks! I thought it was maybe 4 oz at least. lol Anyway, this stuff smells and feels amazing. It doesn't even feel like oil-its like rubbing silk in my skin. I put my moisturizer in the palm of my hand, put a drop of the oil, and then mix it a little then apply it. It actually makes the lotion go much further an I don't need as much. I can see why they recommend using the oil with or before applying moisturizer. Surprisingly, my skin isn't oily. It's not even really skiny-but almost a glow. It really sinks in my skin.

    I honestly don't know how I can keep up with the expenses of all the products I'm using. The items in my bathroom are probably worth more money than anything else in my house! ok, maybe not my mattress. My friend spent the night and said that I smelled really good lol. It's the oil! I put the body oil on all over (even back and chest) and my skin is soooo soft. Hopefully I don't breakout or get little bumps everywhere. I was just going to put it on my legs, but once it was on, I HAD to put it everywhere lol.

    My friend whospent the night uses the Regimen daily. (She actually told me about this site back in January). She even uses the BP all over. Though she's clear on her face, her back is covered with bumps and some minor pimples. I gave her the remaining tube of my Veltin to put on her back, so hopefully this will help her! I just felt bad, because I remember it was just in August that my skin was like that. I'm so desperate to clear others skin!

    I recommend, for any of you on accutane, to invest in the essential oil from pratima. There's all kinds from acne prone skin, very dry skin, or all skin types. This will save your skin!! I actually need to test it for a few weeks to see if it will break me out or not. I'm 90% clear I guess (?) I haven't had any major breakout since mid september (besides this allergy one). Hopefully, I will see on other parts of my skin if I get little clogged pores or red bumps.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!! My boyfriend is visiting in February!! I hope all this joy I have will clear my acne alone lol. If my skin stayed like it is, I would be very confident around him, and not worry that he's kissing or touching a face full of acne. I will see him in 58 days!!! Praise the Lord. Ok. Homework time.
  17. Ameriwife
    Life goes on. The pimples are so bad as I feared. At least they weren't genuine cysts so I'm a little less nervous how they will scar or not.

    So the first pic is last week sometime when I first got up in the morning aka no makeup. The red marks on my cheeks are hyperpigmentation My skin has changed since then- smoother in some parts with scars a little faded, yet more broken out in others. The other one with makeup on is from today. You can still see the two pimples I've been complaining about lol. Granted, I don't heavily apply the foundation, but it goes to show that the aveda makeup covers well....or at least to my satisfaction!

    Anyways, enough procrastinating on my homework...that's due at midnight lol. Peace out.
  18. Ameriwife
    So the 2 newer pimples popped tonight. Sounds gross, but I'm gladd because I realized they weren't cysts but just stubborn pimples. I didn't know what to use, so I have some good ol' manuka honey as spot treatment.

    I did another sandalwood mask (a sample sent from Pratima), and I really love how smooth my skin is after. Though, I would not recommend this product if you have acne all over. It would probably make it worse...but then better! lol. The only "tingly" sensation I felt was my T-zone which is totally fine. Then I skipped finacea and applies pratima rejuvenating moisturizer. I really love this stuff. It's not greasy at all, really sinks in my skin as I gently rub it in for a few minutes until it's all absorbed. I didn't know moisturizer could feel like this!! I'm completely

    I've found something interesting. When my face was full of tons of clogged pores and blackheads everywhere, I would have "smooth" skin (if I didn't have pimples), but it wasn't glowing. I mean, you couldn't easily distinguish the clogged pores. Now, since all that junk is out of my skin, I can see the bump of a clogged pore/blackehead. It's weird, but cool. Before, if I stretched my upper lip it was loaded with them and just nasty. Now, I can see a blackhead thing forming and can extract it and it's gone. A few days ago I had a clogged pore/comodome thing on my forehead that just sat there for a few days, and extracted it so the bump is healed and not there anymore. So this is good I guess because I can see a pimple in its like baby baby stages, before it will actually turn into a pimple.

    I haven't been that great about sleeping on my back and not letting my face touch the pillow. I haven't been for actually a month now haha. I still get these super tiny bumps along my jawline, but I'm wondering if that's from the run off of soap/moisturizer or something not comletely being washed off. Also had a few bumps on my temple/hairline. Maybe going to try to sleep on my back again.

    I ordered Pratima's essential oil for face (was like 34 bucks for a teeny bottle!!!) and the essential body oil (21 bucks) so I hope those will be good investments. I imagine they will be since it's getting into winter (in san diego lol) even after moisturizing my face it still seems a little dry.

    Ok so tonight:
    Washed hands with soap and hot water (i always wash my hands and fingernails thoroughly for 20 seconds before washing/touching my face. Do this!!! don't put grubby nasty hands on your skin).
    Removed makeup generously with bioderma. LOVE THIS STUFFF!!!!
    Rinsed face with luke warm water and papaya soap.
    Sandalwood mask for 10 minutes. Rinse off. Pat towel dry.
    spot treat with manuka honey.

    Sounds good. Hopefully tomorrow the spots will look better. G'night!
  19. Ameriwife
    I feel preeettyyy good right now. I don't want to say I'm on top of the world, because the higher you the harder you fall. Tonight, I saw some friends from church...and within an hour, TWO GUYS commented on my skin. One guy has autism (but he's not the antisocial autistic) and said that all that "nasty stuff" on my face was gone. I didn't think he noticed haha when my skin was so terrible, but I said thank you and agreed that I'm glad it's gone. It wasn't embarrassing, until he went on about how my face was the equivalent of Phantom of the opera...Anyways I'll take his gloating over my skin. Then another guy-not really even a 'friend'- who always seems to compliment me asked if I was using a new foundation because my complexion looked great. I said "Aw...thanks! ....yes, and I changed many other things!" So I am glad that currently I'm not experiencing such pain anymore. I'm not getting carried away, but my self-esteem was boosted by a zillion notches.

    So, on to the topic of this blog I have done maybe a handful of microdermabrasions/peels from an esthetician a few years ago, and from what I remember I seemd to break out real bad after. I know that micro and peels are not good for skin that's covered in acne, because it leads to more irritation. I am thinking though of how to smooth out the little dents on my cheeks. They aren't icepick scars but may look like they could develop into box scars.It seems weird. Some days they aren't so noticeable, then others they are worse, as if the collagen or fat in my face goes down. As far as pigmentation, they have greatly faded. I can obviously see the biggest comparison from March/April of this year until now. I'm debating whether to get a facial and micro again, or if I should just let my skin heal on it's own (which it's doing a pretty good job). I know that microderm you need multiple sessions if you want to see even marginal results. Any advice?

    I have a pimple on the left side where my cheek/chin meet. It was just a tiny under-the-skin bump, so I put a dab of finacea on it and worked it in, and now I guess it's just coming out. I don't really think it's hormonal, since it's not deep or painful. It's not really all that inflamed- and I haven't picked or scratched it!!!! (That's probably why it's so calm!) I actually think it's from using the Jane Iredale concealer in that area to cover the last breakout. The concealer works really well, but it's thick In the areas I seem to use the concealer, I get little clogged/pores or bumps. They are super minor and go away if I work the finacea into them, but it prevents me from using the concealer generously. I don't want to end up in the same place I was in a few months ago; clogging up my skin to cover my scars, then breaking out bad because I was so vain, then having new scars to tempt to cover. So, I guess I reserve it for the deep purple mark on my right cheek (from the cyst that popped).

    I didn't put on finacea tonight because I thought my skin just needed moisturizer. I don't want to get into the thinking that I can stop using finacea, because I almost know I will break out again. My skin is very smooth, hydrated, and soft now and instead of wanting to attack pimples with my fingernails, I want to run my fingers over the smoothness. A few months ago, I hated washing my face and feeling all the lumps and bumps, but now I LOVE it. lol. I love holding my face in my hands haha.

    ok, so I will stop gloating over my skin. Hey, I feel like I deserve it. I've been through a VERY tough year with my skin, but it's been quite a journey and I'm so thankful for how my skin is today-right now. It may look the best it ever will, and I need to appreciate that!
  20. Ameriwife
    So like always I spoke too soon.

    Unfortunately, the three pimples that seemed to be very minor have grown to these rather large pimple/cyst things

    They are all on the left side of my face. One is in the area where I really struggled with cysts, and this one looks like it's gonna scar. There's no head...its just big (well...maybe not that big). Then there is one on my jawline that you can't really see. Then that same one that is rather healing and flattening.

    A few days ago, I applied a small sample of the sandalwood mask that pratima sent me. In those 3 areas/pimples, it was tingling really bad though it didn't really hurt. I thought, "oh its good it will just zap them!" All the rest of my skin was glowing after I washed off the mask.

    Flashforward 2 days and they are huge. It's like....the mask must have brought it to the surface or something. I'm not sure how to treat them, since applying a dab of finacea isn't taking care of it. Maybe neem oil again? I dabbed on some veltin on the three spots, and they are lightly tingling. Hey, that prescription is very expensive, so why not use it..hopefully it doesnt many my overall skin/surrounding area worse.The sad thing is even if I don't touch these pimples or pop them, they will scar- at least the one on my cheek. Ugh.

    I guess my days of indulging in chocolate, cheese, bread, and anything else (canned food/chili, frozen strawberries, tomatoes) are over... I have to be motivated again not to eat dairy, gluten, or caffeine. In the last two-three weeks, I've had 2 or 3 soy chai-tea lattes total at starbucks. I almost never drink anything from there since I dont drink caffeine, so I'm wondering if the breakout is from that.... Seems that chocolate breaks me out on my rights side around my jawline/cheek/mouth area. I believe the iodine foods like strawberries, eggs, and tomatoes cause breakouts on the left side. I've had a lot of mayonaise lately in tuna salad and sandwiches..

    Or it could be from the conditioner I use. The skin on my back is so clear now (practically 99%) that if I get a pimple I can trace it to some cause- usually irritation from soap/detergent. I noticed I started to breakout on my back all of the sudden when I tried the Aveda conditioner a few months ago. Now I just flip my head over and put it on the ends, and rinse it out without letting any of the run off touch my body. A pain, but the ends of my hair can get too dry without conditioner. Like...Friday I washed my hair, but I just tilted my head to the right side, and some of the water ran down the left side of my face/neck. I thought "oh no, I wonder if the conditioner will break me out..." and you know what? Almost in the exact same areas that I felt the water run are the exact same areas I have these 2 pimples.... hmmm. I guess I need to be very strict how I use/rinse this conditioner, or just give it to my sister to use since it doesn't seem to bother her.

    Anyways, I don't want to be hard on myself, since my overall skin is looking really really good (a little dry today though). I think they are related to my diet because it's not the "superficial" acne that you get from resting your hands on your face, using the wrong skin products, etc. These are the deepish ones....that I don't want to mess with. Sigh.

    Oh well. Just notes for me to keep track of. Need to get back on eating "healthy" and making 90% of my own meals. Problem is I don't want to be losing weight again. I'm only 5"5 and already 110 pounds. I used to be close to 120 pounds a few months ago...
  21. Ameriwife
    Wow. I can't believe how good my skin looks.....Sometimes I honestly look in the mirror and remind myself that I'm NOT wearing makeup! My skin looks that great right now.

    It's like, all the bumps and pimples just vanished after using finacea for a few days. I guess its been 2 weeks total. It says that it can take much longer like 8 weeks to see effects. I just can't believe it!

    I went to an allergist today for a consult for the skin allergy test or blood test. She told me all the different things she would test, and I checked to see if my insurance covered it....and it's not. It's $700!!! My mom needs to think about it- which I totally understand. I guess I will continue avoiding those foods until I can actually get the test. I just want to be able to say "no I can't eat that- I'm allergic" instead of just being seen as a picky eater.

    My diet hasn't been the greatest, but I'm determined not to give up lol and give in in just eating a bowl of icecream or bag of cookies.

    I haven't worn makeup since Halloween party Saturday night. I wore it a few hours, and my skin was just itching on my cheek. Now there's a few tiny very minor bumps there....

    Currently, I have two suuuuuper tiny pimples on my chin- right next to each other. I wonder if this is from greasy food/oily food?

    I've been taking zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d3, garlic extract, and birthcontrol about every day for a week now... Maybe this has definitely helped my skin?

    There are still red marks on my cheeks, and faint ones along my jawline- but I am CONFIDENT. The finacea has greatly reduced redness in my face and the red marks. My dad today said that my skin looks great, and I wasn't even wearing makeup! This totally made my day!

    Ok, so I think considering accutane is definitely out of the question. I see now that my acne is totally related to what I eat- ESPECIALLY dairy and soy. I'm really excited about my skin and just praying that it continues to be clear for my birthday party this weekend. If I break out after that- I guess I'm fine lol. Yay! It's all good...
  22. Ameriwife
    I haven't updated in a while, or at least don't have much time to. I don't really have anything to update on, besides continual progress! Currently, there is no active acne on my face, but I have one huge volcano on my neck haha. The Finacea gel seems to do really well at getting pimples immediately, no matter how big or inflamed. But I haven't had one on my neck in a looongggg time. I'm wondering if it's caffeine or dairy? The scaring one my cheeks seem to fade as well- and the pimples I get don't seem to leave a super nasty red mark...The places on my cheeks where my dimples form seem to have these little pitted scars in the center. I hope this goes away!!!

    Anyways, I have eaten nearly everything under the sun the last week- airpopped- popcorn, 2 McFlurrys, mcdonalds french fries once, In'n'Out burger once, lasagna a few times, cheese almost every day, etc....my stomach seems to be fine, though I'm not as "regular" as I was when I wasn't eating cheese. I've been staying up late the last few weeks and haven't taken my supplements. The sinus headache and congestion has become worse now and is an actual head cold now. I've been around a lot of sick people, so it's probably my turn. However, I seriously notice a huge difference when I eat dairy now. I am WAAAYYY more congested. Ugh....why me? lol.

    Overall, I am very please with my skin, even without makeup, and my family continually compliments me I am so relieved they are giving positive feedback. I really like the Aveda makeup and the new moisturizer I bought from Pratima. I'm encouraging my sister to try the regimen and use the moisturizer I have, but she is so stingy. To me, there's almost no price I wouldn't pay to have clear skin. It is so worth it to me to buy quality products that won't harm my skin, than to expose my skin to crappy industrialized mass produced skin products. So far my skin regimen is good and I have almost no clogged pores or bleackheads...maybe my nose. I'll take pics tomorrow morning of what my skin looks like when I first wake up.

    My sis and I stopped in sephora, and I nearly wanted to gag at all the displays of all these chemicals and makeup that seemed to vomit "I'll give you acne!! Buy me!!!" I felt like I was getting acne just looking at all that crap. I felt bad for a young man behind the counter, whose face looked like shiny wax. You could see every tiny bump on his face through the amount of liquid makeup that was thicker than the ozone layer. He seemed offended when my sister said she doesn't want to use liquid makeup he recommended her. So anyways, I'm glad those "cake-makeup" days are over!

    That's it I'm soo glad I stopped considering accutane, and continued searching for a regimen that would suit me. Best of luck everyone! Don't give up, even if there is a bad IB!
  23. Ameriwife
    A few days ago, I went to the mall to exchange shiseido sunscreen my mom bought me for my birthday for maybe some eye makeup or something. Since I am very happy with the pratima sunscreen and convinced that dimethicone lotions clog my pores, I didn't want to use it (even though I used to). I wasn't wearing makeup when I went up to the shiseido booth, and was actually feeling really good about my skin. I mean, from a distance my red marks weren't noticeable. So when I was just looking around at the eye shadow, the woman at the shiseido booth was suggesting all their different foundations. I told her that I used to use it years ago for a long time and I think it's a wonderful product, but it feels too heavy now and I don't wear much makeup anyway. I just kept getting a horrible vibe from her. It's like, it was so unacceptable to her that I wouldn't care to wear makeup, and that I would go out with my skin "looking like that." I decided to get some sexy brown eyeshadow, and that was that. I didn't want to give the woman the gratification that I needed foundation.
    So for all those makeup artists who work at those booths, just accept the clients as they are, and not attack them with foundation and brushes and concealer like this woman began to do. I was more selfconscious throughout the day, but reminded myself how far my skin has come this year, how far I have come in that for 10 years I couldn't go out of my house without a pound of makeup on, how people have been complimenting on my skin without makeup on.

    Actual update on my skin- there is a hormonal zit right next to the one on my cheek/jawline that is coming up. I'm not squeezing it or poking it because there is no head, but just putting a lot of neem oil on it. Not sure if its getting my period (from not taking birth control) or the crap I've eaten. Anyways, it's not real noticeable or huge or hurting, but its there.....lol. About 3 super tiny pimples on my forhead and mouth/chin area, but they are nearly gone now.

    I looked at my back yesterday and saw a huge zit on the lower part of my back. I thought it was really strange since I haven't had one in that area in a LONG time. I was thinking that a week ago, I took a shower at my friends house and used my own shampoo, but I used her towel....and so maybe the towel caused it? That's really the only thing I can think of, since I don't wash my clothes in detergent or use any fragrance crap on them. Anyways, skin looks good, and will just hope that any major breakouts are over with, and the finacea will continue to fade the marks. I'm debating whether to start using it in the morning as well, since I seem to rub it in better now so my face doesn't look chalky. It's so expensive that I don't want to put it on, and then have to wash it or rub it off so I don't look ridiculous lol. We will see. I want the maximum results of this product, and I know it says to use it twice a day.
  24. Ameriwife
    So it seems that my skin is faring pretty well, but has been dry. I guess I only moisturize once a day (morning) and don't at night because I don't want it to make the finacea rub off. I think the intake of dairy and wheat has caught up with me. I have about 4 super tiny pimples on my chin and mouth area, and one that has somehow just appeared throughout the day. Not worried about it though. I really believe this is from dairy, since I haven't had a pimple like this in a LOOOONNNNG time. Maybe it's from using dimethocone? (I'm pretty sure aveda has dimethicone in it). It's still really minor, but I think I need to just stop at this point before my skin retaliates.

    I just don't want to be so self-conscious and in a bondage to food. I don't want to miss out on hanging out with friends because they will go to a restaraunt where I "can't" eat. Anyways, opened the box of swiss chocolates my amazingly awesome and handsome boyfriend sent me for my birthday....and know it's downhill from here lol. The chocolate is like an orgasm in my mouth. lol.

    I've been breaking out on my back and not in tiny little pimples that would come and go. These are actually like inflamed and seem to come out of nowhere, but continue to pop up. I don't usually use the Aveda conditioner, but my hair has been dry so I've used the conditioner about every shower I've taken for the last few weeks.... I even tried washing my hair upside down. I guess it doesn't really effect my scalp too much because I put it more on the ends...but still...just annoying. Maybe I will ask my hair stylist if there's another conditioner that won't break me out. But first I need to get clear on my back again. It's just weird because I haven't had a zit on my back for a few months now at least. I've been putting veltin on them and they seem to go away quickly. Again, it's not like it's been in the past, but I suspect it really could be my diet or the shampoo.

    So, I guess I will talk about the real reason why I'm writing this blog tonight. I've been encouraging my sister, ever since I tried and have known about the regimen, to try it. She uses proactiv but still breaks out when she doesn't use it. She is really stubborn and swears by it, and I told her she just needs to use BP gel or treatment, instead of the whole regimen (face wash, toner, and lotion) being ALL benzoyl peroxide. She says she has oily skin, but it appears she's always had dry skin. Anyways, how do I encourage her to use it? She complimented me on my skin tonight, and said that it's glowing and looks beautiful. I told her thanks and that I just make sure to keep it moisturized and am gentle. I actually spent about 15 minutes pricking with a needle and gently popping this HUGE crater Mt. Vesuvius on her back. This this HAS to be painful. Anyways, I kept at it until I started seeing blood, then I stopped. Then I put neem oil on it...hmm maybe I should but the left over BP on it, and hopefully it will show her that she needs to use dan's BP! I'm thinking of maybe getting her some bioderma makeup remover since I need to order more STAT.

    This is what I hope to do for my sister. Give her a bar of papaya soap and have her wash her face with that. Then give her the travel size bottle I have of the regimen. Then maybe...give her my olay lotion or my lotion I use now. I just don't want to waste money on her and her not use it correctly and then her say that it doesn't work. hmm any advice?

    Ok. So I finish homework, wash face, do nightly regimen, get to bed at decent hour.
  25. Ameriwife
    Hey guys, so there hasn't been much to report about any skin problems....as of yet.... the first pic is from 10/31 with no makeup so just one week ago. I was actually at the allergist office.

    I got confused of when I was supposed to start my period, because I missed a few days, then accidentally grabbed an old birth control packet. So I just thought, oh I finished I guess and was waiting to start my period, and then i didn't get it...so I rummaged around and found the packet I was supposed to be taking...UGH. I missed 4 days!! and I have another week at least of pills for this cycle. Hopefully this doesn't mess up my hormones too much. I don't feel any sore spots in my face that could turn into cysts/pimples. There is one cyst thing that has been lingering on my jawline area for the last month. It has dramatically gone down with the help of neem oil, but it is still there. Weird. It's like a tiny little hard ball under my skin. Gross!

    Anyways, I had an awesome birthday weekend. I had a TON OF CHEESE, GLUTEN, SODA, and CHOCOLATE!!! All the food my friends and I made was absolutely amazing!! I would say it was definitely worth it lol. Though I haven't had any bad breakouts yet, I've felt really crappy and lethargic all weekend, having a sinus headache and feeling very drousy. I still have left over gluten free chocolate cake that I'm eating everyday...

    Though my birthday weekend was fantastic, my actual birthday (yesterday) was good but then turned awful. My dad's in the hospital and it's a huge stressor for all of my family. I was stressed and overwhelmed with my family's selfishness and pride, I just broke down crying. The Lord showed me and guided me through it, and I feel more free today. I figured just to cry and let all my frustrations go, then trying to keep it and hold it inside. The last time I cried that hard, I broke out really bad, but at that time I could feel as if the stress was depositing in my face. Yesterday, I felt a relief and much much better.

    Almost everyone has been complimenting on my skin- my family, friends, strangers. This is even when I don't wear makeup. I've told my friends it's because I don't eat caffeine or dairy anymore, and they are beginning to believe me. We'll see how much I'll suffer from eating delicious yummy buttery cheesy greek food this weekend!

    I'm going to try Aveda foundation, since the Rejuva minerals seems to give my skin a rash unfortunately. There goes more wasted money. I actually bought the Aveda makeup, and the second pic is after my friend/stylist at the salon put it on. My eyes look hazel for some reason. Obviously, it covers the purplish scars on my cheeks. I like it, but again I don't like the "makeup" feel on my skin. I'm beginning to just feel good about my naked skin. The third pic is the same night but much brighter lighting. I'm hoping the shallow indentation scars will smooth out and fill in...but you can see them in this lighting.

    The only areas I have black heads are on my nose. Everywhere else is pretty much free of black heads and clogged pores. I had a few around my lip, but I think it is because of the lip stainer or chapstick I use. I dont care too much about those, because I MUST wear chapstick or something to keep my lips hydrated. I currently have a small zit on my chin, that doesn't seem to have a head. It's weird. I put neem oil on it and don't squeeze it. Hopefully it will just flatten out and go away. It actually looks like a red mole somehow than a zit. Weird.

    Anyways, I'm anticipating a bad breakout. At least this is a week before my period is supposed to start, so maybe the breakout will come this weekend or next week lol. So lets see- I went WAaaaaaaayyy off my diet, AND missed my pills AND didn't take my supplements for a bout a week. I've been downing garlic pills, hoping it will just cleanse away the crap I put in lol. So there's my update. Yay! (hopefully I won't breakout in cysts!!!)