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Natural! Cleared up moderate acne from medication breakout within a week. Greatly reduces redness and irritation. Gives a beautiful glow to my skin that I've NEVER had. yummy lol Sticky and messy. Don't put too much on or it will drip. I had mediocre expectations of this product. I went and bought raw manuka honey 15+ after I had a horrible initial breakout from a retinoid, and the NEXT DAY almost all the firey red zits on my chin (about 15) had flattened and become non-inflamed. This definitely speeds up the healing process!! I used this as a mask for the first few days at night, then switched to the morning. Now I use it as a mask few times a week, leaving it on between 30 min to an hour, and spot treat if a small pimple if forming. I can feel it actually working, but there is no stinging, tingling, or burning. My friend commented how my skin is glowing and she thought I had makeup on. I told her I didn't but that I've been using this stuff and s... Read More

By Ameriwife,