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  1. I haven't been on this site in quite a long time. It seems one comes here with their acne woes, desperate for a cure, then perhaps find a cure for their acne and don't  visit the site anymore. Well that's me! I've moved across the world, gotten married, and now have had my first child. My skin was amazing during my pregancy and breastfeeding, now it's coming again and I'm on the search again. My acne journey continues....

  2. eczema is probably from the crazy dryness of your skin. I was on accutane a few years ago, and remember the skin on my hands being very dry and inflamed, especially after using soap or lotions with fragrance. Since accutane, my skin has been super sensitive. I use Neutrogena "Norwegian" hand cream- unscented. It's the BEST handcream that is thick and DOES NOT leave your hands oily or slippery. how long is your dose of azithromyacin?
  3. hey y3rfd0g, i have some questions regarding body acne 1) I realize you had body acne, my question is... did any topical regimen help you treat it (i.e. acne.org regimen)? 2) I read a post of yours where you said that you should not pick at your acne because it can lead to scarring (obviously). My question is, do you believe that using harsh products (like benzoyl peroxide... what about alpha hydroxy acid?) can cause permanent scarring? What about if you wear a tight shirt, or a backpack.....

    1. Ameriwife


      Hey! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to respond. I was finishing my degree, graduate, and left the country for a month. Anyways, when I did the DKR it worked on my body, although my skin was really dry. However, I knew when I started it that I was really sensitive to BP....after two months of using (although I cleared up) I started getting hives and rashes everywhere so I stopped using it. :-/ I don't think that BP or AHA leads to scarring, but they are really tough on your sk...

  4. Hey everyone, I've been studying like a mad woman and running around like crazy lately. I don't think I am particularly stressed, but maybe my body feels it subconsciously? Anyways, about 5 weeks ago I started Insanity (took a week off because I was sick) and I noticed a lot more breakouts on my body and face. I'm wondering if it's because I use a clean towel to wipe away sweat and make sure to shower right after. Maybe it's the wiping action that irritated my skin? Is it the bacteria left
  5. Hey! My boyfriend gets the same type of acne/irritated skin around his jawline sometimes, and he says it's from shaving. He has glowing smooth skin everywhere else. This is honestly what it looks like to me...ingrown hairs and what not. I don't want to minimize the acne on your neck/jawline, but those don't look like cysts to me. It could be hormonal too. We make our acne much worse by picking it and irritating it with all sorts of scrubs and washes. I believe that so many acne ads really make
  6. Hey! how long have you had this and what have you tried? Do you have acne on your face? Besides the actual acne, your skin looks really irritated. As hard as it is, DO NOT PICK!! DO NOT SCRUB YOUR SKIN!! This ONLY IRRITATES your skin more, leading to MORE breakouts. I break out in little bumps on my shoulder from the seat belt rubbing on it! Throw away all those body scrubs and scrubbers. Seriously. Give your skin a break. I would be careful about taking herbs...maybe you should first get a bl
  7. Hey I didn't see your comment for some reason! Well, I listed the prescription topicals I've been using.... other products are Aveda shampoo and foundation makeup....aaand papaya soap. That's about it!
  8. I went on birth control at a really early age...basically when I was 12! My mom wanted to spare me from experiencing horrible acne. I suffered with minor acne in jr high and high-school. Nothing major but it still affect my self esteem. Against my mother's warnings, when I was 18 I went off of birth control (Ortho-trycyclen). Within 6 months I was experiencing these dark deep purple "zits" which were very painful and didn't go away. I was horrified and bought all kinds of makeup to cover them.
  9. Hey I don't come on the boards much, but I thought I would check up on this post. Basically, I don't use a shampoo that has sodium lauryl sulfate...which even the most expensive "organic" brands can still have sulfates in them. However, I think the papaya soap has something similar to sodium lauryl sulfate...but the papaya soap has DRASTICALLY helped my skin! I was out of town and forgot to bring my shampoo.... and I used some knock-off brand of head and shoulders....my scalp, neck, and back br
  10. Hey Sam I was going to make a post about body acne, but then read your question and decided to answer you I am like you....I've struggled (or used to) with acne not only on my face but also on my body. I could never understand it. Topical medications managed it, but it didn't quite fix it. When I came to acne.org in early 2011, I had cystic breakouts EVERYWHERE...I had struggled with acne for over a decade. I began reading that using detergent in laundry, certain shampoos, and soaps can irrit
  11. Those are my two culprits of breakouts recently. I gave in a few weeks ago to a soy chai tea latte, and ended up with a few rather large zits on my right jawline. It's weird how I freak out about the small pimples on my face, yet say "Aaah oh well" to the hormonal ones that pop up randomly. At least I believe those zits are due to soy. Hopefully spot treating them with Differin lotion will help. And I was in the sun too much, got sunburned, and peeled on my shoulders and back. To prevent more pe
  12. Hey girl, I'm sorry to hear that I haven't been on the boards in a while, so I forget who I've talked to or message or what not. I don't remember really losing my hair, but it definitely was more brittle and dry. Anyways, if you feel that stopping accutane is the best decision, then it probably is. You do have gorgeous hair tho! I don't want to sound like I'm shoving advice down your throat, because I've totally been where you're at... look at my gallery. I just want to encourage you to l
  13. hi, I am interested in your posts because I just too have cut out milk and coffee from my diet and Id like to try finacea. How long did it take before you see results with finace and the diet? thanks.

    1. AuguriesofInnocence


      hey Im going to ask about finecea Ill let you know soon

  14. Ameriwife

    Finally clear in 2012

    I don't expect perfection now, but looking back on how far I've come in a year, it is remarkable. I have some scarring left but the holes and purple marks have faded due to Veltin and finacea. I changed my diet and overall my lifestyle. My current regimen is washing with water + papaya soap, applying finacea at night, and using Pratima's sunscreen daily. That's it!
  15. Hey Molly, I'm on a gluten free diet too. I avoid most dairy, but still eat plenty of chocolate In October 2011 I began using Finacea (azelaic acid) that my derm prescribed. I'm allergic to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and many antibiotics so my acne was very difficult to manage. But I started using Finacea, and about 3 months later I had no more pimples. Even the scars, red marks, discoloration, redness, etc went away. My skin was up and down a little bit because I didn't use it for a