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  1. well for me, it truly depends on the size of the break out. if it is bigger, I will dab a lot of, and if its tiny, just a littttle bit So far I like it, and it doesn't smell bad or anything. It has a slight smell of tea tree oil (if anyone has used the pure oil like I have, you will understand why this is the thing you smell beyond anything else, it is a STRONG smell) but in the product it is hardly noticeable I don't know how it would work for everyone. it has close to 5 star rating from many
  2. So I went to target the other day, and saw they had some e.l.f products in kits for 5$. I always assumed e.l.f was just cheap makeup with a lot of cheap blah chemicals, but I saw the words "minerals, paraben free, preservative free, chemical dye free" and I was like oh! this is the stuff I have trying to stay away from (at least with a lot of stuff), it's hard to always though. But anway, so I saw they had a blemish powder and brush kit, and saw the main ingredient is sulfur, and also has tea tr
  3. so for the past like 2 or 3 months my neck and underneath my chin started breaking out a lot more. i NEVER got acne on my neck.i have always had it on my chin/jawline but thats where it has ALWAYS been. bc of the acne i have been putting more concealer on that area, but before i had acne there i NEVER put make up there, only on my face (where my acne has been since a teenager). idk why my neck is like this and it is soooo depressing. what could be causing it? awhile back (maybe 5 or more months
  4. --Val Pal--


    awesome pic!love your gloves!
  5. This is so annoying. I used to never have any acne on my neck, it was generally stagnant on my chin and jaw, SOMETIMES on cheeks here n there. For maybe 2 months I have been getting blah acne on my neck. Sometimes its worse than others, sometimes it heals, sometimes it takes FOREVER to go away. I generally havent done anything different, I dont think I changed many products, and I try to limit products anyway. When I put moisturizer on, I use jojoba oil with it, and have lotion for sensitive ski
  6. heck yes you know it

  7. awwwww i like all of your stories. my story is a bit interesting. i am dating a guy right now, and we arent official or anything, but i mean..i visit him every other weekend and stay at his house for 3-4 nights at a time. lemme tell you, that is a HUGE step for me to even be able to spend the night at his house. the thing with him and i is..we talked for 2.5 years, starting online, and then on texting, and then eventually on the phone all the time, n i was always so afraid to take that step to h
  8. valerian root is named after me jk lol i should get that for my sister...she has insomnia and stays up all night keeping me up by making noise blah >< =P
  9. oh awesome!! whos ur fav band?

  10. Oh thanks! you mean in my bands post? do you listen to those bands?:)

  11. thank you everyone for the support=) how is everyone? i have plans this weekend and have a bad breakout, but i cant cancel, my tickets for what we are going to were already bought adn were mucho $ lol. sigh. and i have an eye issue right now too! it hurts. but anyway..i just hope all this heals before vegas=/
  12. for awhile now ive been trying to keep my head up, ignore my acne when im out, say YES to doing things even if i have acne (and i have plans for the next several weekends including a trip to vegas). but ugh ....finals came for school, theres been a LOT of drama in my fam, and several other little things, and i feel like im breaking out bad, and have a few on my neck too (UGH, i never used to get em on my neck). its so blah. i am going to do some cool stuff this weekend with the guy i am dating a
  13. a sebaceous cyst is usually a blocked sweat gland. sometimes hair follicle . i have had one and i had to go on anti biotics to get the infection away, but still have a bump to this day (its near my rib cage, under breast area) and yeah. so idk if its a sebaceous cyst on ur face, tho im not a doctor. is it really painful? like mine was so painful i couldnt sleep for like a week, thats why i went to a doc.
  14. I hate stretch marks and girls are more prone to get em, even if they are skinny as can be! i have a few girlfriends whole are VERY thin and tall but still have stretch marks at their hip area or near their butt etc. i have ALWays had stretch marks on my inner thighs, idk why, its blah. i lost weight recently and at like 127-130ish right now, tryin to work out and tone things more but i still have stretch marks. and i lost a lot of my breasts which im SO sad about and trying to get em back (a
  15. i totally know how u feel. in highschool i hung out with people with PERFECT skin, and i had acne, and wore makeup. i always felt so blah cuz i never spent the night at sleep overs and stuff cuz i didnt wana clean off my make up in the night to reveal my acne and crap. i never talked to them either, about how it made me feel. in college..same thing..acne made me so ugh. im still in college, and still have acne. i got to the point where i told my mom how much it bugs me, she was totally understan
  16. i know how this is for sure. i can relate. the guy i dated when i was like 17..he had acne. he was still supa cute and all but it did make me feel better that he had break outs too. the guy im dating atm has GOOD skin. he tends to get annoyed when i say that cuz he had alot of acne in his past and claims her still breaks out (not that ive seen)..but his face yeah..it looks great. he breaks out sometimes on his back tho....and he gets insecure about that. i dont mind or judge it. it isnt even bad
  17. god i hate when this stuff happens. ive been goin thru a lil uncertianty/downess over my boy related stuff lately too. but seriously...u see the kind of person he is if he can just sleep with u n then leave. the stress and depressed mood has prolly added to ur skin probs, but time will heal. you can find someone so much better, someone who loves and appreciates you=) and yes...enjoy the good things in life. u are strong without him =) enjoy the little things in life.
  18. breaaaathe. take some deep breaths. *hugs*. many times BC makes people break out bad before making acne get better, keep hope =) thats probably whats happening. you cant stop ur life cuz of this, just try so hard to be positive and it will probably get better=)
  19. you can buy desert essence tea tree oil on amazon. the stuff does smell stronggg, but u can use it as spot treatment to see what it does for u=)
  20. sigh i can relate also. i have 5 siblings , they all grew out of their acne. my younger sister had bad acne, and her lifestyle became partying, not caring about her eating at all , drugs, drinkin, sleepin at ppls houses without washin her face forever, and her acne cleared up. my older sister had acne, and then it went away COMPLETELY when she got prego, and she doesnt even have any scars or anything. she has dewy clear skin. all 3 of my bros grew out of their acne by like 18 or 19. im 21 and st
  21. dont lose her! communication is KEY in relationships, tell her how hard it is for u, and how u feel about ur acne. trust me, i didnt do that for ...YEARS, and then with this guy im dating right now, i told him my freakin huge insecurity about my face and he like..totally accepted it. she seems to REALLY like u, she clearly doesnt mind ur acne=) u should totally be happy in ur relationship and try to be positive =D
  22. lol thanks guys. how the heck does one know if they are allergic to soy? its so annoying with all the info that contradicts other info. you hear to cut out dairy...but then there is soy that is advertised as healthy and good, and u hear about how it effects estrogen in positive ways etc...but then u hears it bad for u and ppl are allergic. should i be drinking like almond milk or something?
  23. does soy milk (and other certian foods that i read about) really increase estrogen? if so, does this help with acne?
  24. YAY i am so happy for you=D so glad u decided to go to the interview!! yayyy