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  1. well for me, it truly depends on the size of the break out. if it is bigger, I will dab a lot of, and if its tiny, just a littttle bit So far I like it, and it doesn't smell bad or anything. It has a slight smell of tea tree oil (if anyone has used the pure oil like I have, you will understand why this is the thing you smell beyond anything else, it is a STRONG smell) but in the product it is hardly noticeable I don't know how it would work for everyone. it has close to 5 star rating from many
  2. So I went to target the other day, and saw they had some e.l.f products in kits for 5$. I always assumed e.l.f was just cheap makeup with a lot of cheap blah chemicals, but I saw the words "minerals, paraben free, preservative free, chemical dye free" and I was like oh! this is the stuff I have trying to stay away from (at least with a lot of stuff), it's hard to always though. But anway, so I saw they had a blemish powder and brush kit, and saw the main ingredient is sulfur, and also has tea tr
  3. so for the past like 2 or 3 months my neck and underneath my chin started breaking out a lot more. i NEVER got acne on my neck.i have always had it on my chin/jawline but thats where it has ALWAYS been. bc of the acne i have been putting more concealer on that area, but before i had acne there i NEVER put make up there, only on my face (where my acne has been since a teenager). idk why my neck is like this and it is soooo depressing. what could be causing it? awhile back (maybe 5 or more months
  4. This is so annoying. I used to never have any acne on my neck, it was generally stagnant on my chin and jaw, SOMETIMES on cheeks here n there. For maybe 2 months I have been getting blah acne on my neck. Sometimes its worse than others, sometimes it heals, sometimes it takes FOREVER to go away. I generally havent done anything different, I dont think I changed many products, and I try to limit products anyway. When I put moisturizer on, I use jojoba oil with it, and have lotion for sensitive ski
  5. heck yes you know it

  6. awwwww i like all of your stories. my story is a bit interesting. i am dating a guy right now, and we arent official or anything, but i mean..i visit him every other weekend and stay at his house for 3-4 nights at a time. lemme tell you, that is a HUGE step for me to even be able to spend the night at his house. the thing with him and i is..we talked for 2.5 years, starting online, and then on texting, and then eventually on the phone all the time, n i was always so afraid to take that step to h
  7. valerian root is named after me jk lol i should get that for my sister...she has insomnia and stays up all night keeping me up by making noise blah >< =P
  8. oh awesome!! whos ur fav band?

  9. Oh thanks! you mean in my bands post? do you listen to those bands?:)

  10. thank you everyone for the support=) how is everyone? i have plans this weekend and have a bad breakout, but i cant cancel, my tickets for what we are going to were already bought adn were mucho $ lol. sigh. and i have an eye issue right now too! it hurts. but anyway..i just hope all this heals before vegas=/
  11. for awhile now ive been trying to keep my head up, ignore my acne when im out, say YES to doing things even if i have acne (and i have plans for the next several weekends including a trip to vegas). but ugh ....finals came for school, theres been a LOT of drama in my fam, and several other little things, and i feel like im breaking out bad, and have a few on my neck too (UGH, i never used to get em on my neck). its so blah. i am going to do some cool stuff this weekend with the guy i am dating a
  12. a sebaceous cyst is usually a blocked sweat gland. sometimes hair follicle . i have had one and i had to go on anti biotics to get the infection away, but still have a bump to this day (its near my rib cage, under breast area) and yeah. so idk if its a sebaceous cyst on ur face, tho im not a doctor. is it really painful? like mine was so painful i couldnt sleep for like a week, thats why i went to a doc.
  13. I hate stretch marks and girls are more prone to get em, even if they are skinny as can be! i have a few girlfriends whole are VERY thin and tall but still have stretch marks at their hip area or near their butt etc. i have ALWays had stretch marks on my inner thighs, idk why, its blah. i lost weight recently and at like 127-130ish right now, tryin to work out and tone things more but i still have stretch marks. and i lost a lot of my breasts which im SO sad about and trying to get em back (a
  14. i totally know how u feel. in highschool i hung out with people with PERFECT skin, and i had acne, and wore makeup. i always felt so blah cuz i never spent the night at sleep overs and stuff cuz i didnt wana clean off my make up in the night to reveal my acne and crap. i never talked to them either, about how it made me feel. in college..same thing..acne made me so ugh. im still in college, and still have acne. i got to the point where i told my mom how much it bugs me, she was totally understan