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  1. Hello everyone, Not going to lie. But it's not good to be back this time around. It's been a awhile since my last update. To tell you the truth, everything was going GREAT! I have been extremely happy with the spiro and the atralin gel. They have done their job, no complaints here. I also had no side effects....that I'm aware of.... Anyway the reason I'm back is that I became pregnant end of Feb or beginning of March. I missed my March period and started to feel pregnancy symptoms. I d
  2. Just wanted to share that I also have been on spironolactone....for a year now. I'm really happy w/ the results. I also use Cerave Lotion....I'm so grateful this product exists...it has done wonders for my skin along with the atralin gel. I also avoid dairy, excersise 3x a week. I finally found a regamine that works!
  3. Wow I can't belived a year has passed since I've been on this regimen. I can't say enough about the spiro and the atralin gel. They are both amazing!!!!!!! I'm so so so so happy with my complexion. I have minimum break outs right about a week before my period and they usally heal within 2 days. Just the other day I was washing my face in the shower and I was just so greatful to God that as I ran my hand accross my face all I felt was smoothness. Unlike a year ago, were the water itself
  4. Well, I'm not pregnant. I got my period January 4th. I was so werid, all the symptoms I was having were just not normal. The oddest ones were the heartburn and nausea. I have also been breaking out all of a sudden, not drastically, but it's like one day I have 4 small pimples, and by the next day or so they are gone. Right now I have one on my chin. It's under the skin, little bumpy and tender to touch. Let's see what happens. I love that I have no wrinkles!!! I've been using atralin fo
  5. Happy New Year!!!! I'm still doing good. i did have a tiny set back, I developed 2 zits on either side of my neck. Not large, but noticiable. They have now faded away. It was suprising since I've hadn't had any on my neck in about a year. Anyways, I contribute that to the week off I had eating all sorts of unhealthy foods. I indulged on the things I avoid all year. (soda, chocolate, cake, candy, fried food. etc.) I said I wouldn't fee guitly, but my inner voice says I should have done
  6. Okay so it's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted. I'm still doing good. I broke out a little on the left cheek, but it healed rapidly. I'm not so worried about breakout anymore as they are so minor. To be honest, I've be slacking a little with applying the atralin gel. I guess because I'm not worring so much I just get lazy and forget to apply it. i saw a recent pic and my face looks so smooth and young, I just can't believe it. I get a little depressed when I look in the mirror and s
  7. Hello! Well I'm still doing great! But lately I haven't been drinking enough water. it's funny though, when I do drink water, I feel more thirsty!!! That's weired huh....im probably dehydrated. Anyways, I also had drying on the corners of my mouth which I think had to do with putting atralin to close to that area. I haven't had any spotting, but I suspect my period is coming soon since my breasts are a little sensative. I was intimate on Nov. 12. I also forgot to take spiro on Saturday an
  8. You and I have a very similiar success story with Spiro. I also started taking it in February and today I'm clear. I take 100mgs also. I'm so proud of myself because I was sooo patient. In the beginning I also felt that Spiro wasn't working, but I had faith. Now today I'm so pleased. Like you, I also have very minor breakouts which heal withing a day! I thank God, I finally found something that worked. Hopefully my scars will fade away with time. What topiccals do you use???
  9. Growing up I never used make up because it felt that would make my acne worse. I've had moderate acne that would come and go, but very persistant. Anyways about a year ago, I broke out like never before. I was getting small cysts under my chin/jawline. It was so bad I turned to makeup. I basically spot treated. Once I saw the dermatogist and put me on spiro, once I saw the acne clearing up, I stopped using make once again. I am currently clear. Although i do break out a little before, du
  10. I'v been on spiro for about 10 1/2 months. I've had EXCELLENT!!!!! It's taken 10 months, but I'm glad I've keep having faith. All I can say to others who are starting spiro is patience, patience, patience, patience.
  11. I experienced spotting all last week. It stopped on Sunday!!! *spiro to blame* I've been under a lot of stress lately and feel so tired all the time. I developed a cold sore last week, now it's healed. I also got two pimples the day before and are now healing......yes!!!! They actually fade away how awsome is that!! My 1st year anniversary on spiro and atralin is just around the corner. Can beleive how long I endured this condition. Acne sucks! I've come to accpet what acne le
  12. Okay so I got my period. Noticed on the 23rd. Started on the 24th. I still have it, but is tappering down. I actually didn't feel like writing today, but I needed to add that I'm breaking out since yesterday. I got two very tiny pimples, no big deal. But today, I have one slightly bigger one, under the skin. Not big, but I just haven't had one in qute a while and also another little whitehead pimple. I just home these go away. The only thing that I've done differently these past few day
  13. Well, I still haven't gotten my period. I'm also still taking spiro 100mgs each day. I haven't been spotting either this past week. So I just hope this is a sign that my cycle becoming "normal". I looked at my calendar and I have reached the 8th month mark. Things are going extremely well!!! I don't get acne under my jawline anymore. I can just remember, it was terrible. Even washing my face was painful. Now I love running my hands over my baby smooth face.... I noticed I haven't b
  14. Have you heard about Atralin gel. It's much more gentle on the skin. I have very sensative skin, and this is the only thing that has worked for me. "ATRALIN™ (tretinoin) Gel 0.05% is a prescription acne medication that is formulated with a combination of moisturizing ingredients that you won’t find in any other prescription acne treatment." I also use CeraVe lotion and cleanser. Both are extra moiturizing. Sometimes I just use the lotion. They also carry lotion w/ sunblock. Anyway
  15. Hang in there. I'm glad to hear that your doing better. I have also noticed the the healing time with spiro is way faster than I had experience in the past. I would like to add that since I have hormonal acne, I do break out slightly right before my period. So I'm not completely acne free. I'm just happy to be clear in between periods!! I have slight scarring, which does bother me at times, but I shouldn't complain. I have been using Atralin gel for about 8 months now and I feel my scar