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  1. So I'm at the very end of week 4, tomorrow I start week 5! Here's a summary of the week for my skin: One of my cheeks was/is perfectly clear all the past week, whereas the other erupted with several ugly pus-filled pimples that now are going away. I'm still breaking out it seems but the pimples I'm getting don't *seem* to be sticking around as long from what I can tell. My clear cheek has two spots that feel like a couple pimples may be arising from under the skin, but I can't tell. T
  2. So I'm on day... 22 I think! After my last post several of those whiteheads that cropped up did turn into larger pimples. Not huge, but yucky pus-filled things. I was feeling really, really dejected about my skin and so discouraged. Over the past couple of days though I'm feeling a bit better because my skin SEEMS to be calming down and healing up. I've still got pimples on my face but for the most part they all seem to be slowly healing and I've only got one new pimple since. - A tiny, tiny
  3. Hello everyone! My AHA came in! Unfortunately though I can't use it until next Wednesday because I'm at my boyfriend's house and it was delivered to mine, hehe. That's fine, I wanted to wait until close to a month to start using it anyway so it forces me to not cheat and use the stuff too early! So my big pimples seem better. Yesterday morning I had one that was just filled with pus and nasty looking, but by yesterday night all the pus was gone (It was weird! It's like it just disappeared!
  4. I can't believe I'm already on day 16! I love when each day goes by because I feel like I'm that much closer to clear skin. (Even if my skin isn't showing that just yet, hehe.) Today my skin is... Maybe a little better? All the little whiteheads are gone, now I'm just left with the pimples that turned into bigger ones. They've all come to a head very fast, which I take to be a good sign. My two old pimples that were healing seem significantly smaller today, which is nice. My skin is sti
  5. Hey everyone! I'm already at day 15! It doesn't seem like I've been on the regimen for two weeks now but I have! That's pretty cool. I ordered Dan's AHA yesterday on a suggestion from dairy_free_diva (Thanks again hon!). I'm going to try and not use it until 3 weeks to a month though because I want to stick to the regimen as close as I can. I'll admit I'm VERY excited about trying it though, I'd LOVE to get rid of these flakes. So my skin status? Terribble. My skin is dry AND broken ou
  6. I'm so glad the AHA is working so well for you! Your sweet comment on my blog totally made me order the AHA today. LOL I can't wait to get it! :DI've never used the AHA myself but I've read on the forums where people say AHA is too irritating for every day use but I'm not sure!
  7. Thanks sooo much for the advice hon! I want to get Dan's AHA soo bad I kinda wish I'd ordered it with my initial regimen kit purchase! LOL After reading what you've said I may order it sometime this week. I'm at the end of my second week today, I want to at least ttrryy to behave and not use the AHA too early, but three weeks is only a week off of a month so I figure that's close enough! I'll probably place an order this week then once I hit the end of three weeks just try it really lightly and
  8. Ohh I just read your comment! Thanks SO much you brightened up my night. I try not to get too down about this current breakout but all these pimples are no fun! The second week breakout sucks! LOL
  9. Tomorrow is day 14, the last day of my second week! I'm really excited to be farther and farther along in the regimen and I absolutely cannot wait until my skin starts clearing up! My skin's still looking pretty crappy, still has lots of little whiteheads. A couple of them seem to be a little better but overall my skin is flaky, covered in tiny whiteheads, and rough looking. - Not pretty at all! I also have this TERRIBLE habit of wanting to pull off the giant flakes on my face. I hate see
  10. I'm updating to tell you guys that I think I'm officially going through the second week breakout. My skin looks pretty crappy right now, a bunch of tinnnyy whiteheads popped up all over my cheeks and stuff. I counted, I have a total of 12 active pimples right now! Granted, most of them are TINY. A lot of these whiteheads are about the size of a like a pen tip or something but it's still really discouraging. I'm trying to keep my head up though and remember that a breakout in the 2nd we
  11. I'm loving that it's the weekend. I'm not going anywhere today and my face can just breathe free from makeup! I think I'm going to declare myself, tentatively, going through the second-week breakout. That pimple on my chin is now a nasty puss-filled yucky thing, verryy gross. it looks like even the slightest whatever could pop it. LOL The pimple on my cheekbone doesn't really look any bigger but it's there, and the pimple on my cheek that I could barely see yesterday is a tiny bit bigger tod
  12. I LOVE Dan's moisturizer. I was using Cetaphil and I had sooo many flakes with it, but since switching to Dan's moisturizer for the regimen my flakes are clearing up. It's great stuff, at least for my skin. Flakes with cetaphil? weird Yeah, I was reading around the forums and saw where people were saying Cetaphil took care of their flakes and stuff but for me it just stung REALLY bad and wasn't moisturizing enough!
  13. I LOVE Dan's moisturizer. I was using Cetaphil and I had sooo many flakes with it, but since switching to Dan's moisturizer for the regimen my flakes are clearing up. It's great stuff, at least for my skin.
  14. Before I started the regimen I used a cleansing scrub to wash my face, and it was fairly harsh so of course my makeup came off just from washing my face. The first night I did the regimen I washed with my new cleanser the way Dan described and my makeup didn't come off at ALL. LOL I was like, "Uh oh, this might be bad." So I read around on here and noticed a lot of women saying that they used jojoba oil to remove their makeup. It works beautifully! What I do is before I cleanse my face I VERY
  15. It's really hard sometimes to hold your head high and be confident when you feel your skin just looks terrible, I understand that. That being said, know on the regimen you're headed for beautiful clear skin! :) The flakiness and redness are all only temporary and at the end of the day does it really matter if people see you with flaky red skin or pimples? I mean I know it feels like a huge deal but it's really not. Most people aren't even going to notice or if they notice they wont care, and wh
  16. Hello everyone! I've really come to prefer using Dan's products. - The BP goes on beautifully clear and his moisturizer + jojoba oil has me almost completely flake free! I mean I can still tell my face is dry but it's not flaking off and dryness is to be expected so it's cool. The redness has also decreased somewhat, I don't look as brilliantly flushed, which is good. Unfortunately I also have three new pimples! Remember that spot on my chin where I was expecting a breakout? Well there's
  17. I am SOOO excited about Dan's moisturizer. I've seen some people on the forums who were complaining about it not being moisturizing enough so I was a bit worried but fortunately I haven't had that problem at all. In fact, I find it SO much more moisturizing than Cetaphil! (And Cetaphil's so thick and greasy!) Here was my skin on the regimen: I'd get all the steps completed and the Cetaphil moisturizer, while my skin was absorbing it, would hide any flakes and it wouldn't look too bad. 5-12 ho
  18. I finally got to use my DKR/Acne.org products tonight! I LOVE them, they are sooo much better than the drugstore ones. The Cetaphil lotion had been stinging SO badly with the BP (I'm guessing it was the glycerin), and Dan's moisturizer is FANTASTIC. It goes on sooo smooth and it doesn't sting at alll!! His BP goes on beautifully too, I lovvee how it's not a cream, it just disappears into your skin. I love it! My face is SOOO flaky now. I'm hoping Dan's moisturizer takes care of that b
  19. Aww that sucks! I hope you've found something different that works for you. :) I'm really excited about the DKR, no redness yet really mostly just dryness and flakiness!

    1. Aww, thanks! I was pretty proud when I came up with it. LOL :)

      1. Aww, thanks so much! :D I was pretty happy when I came up with it. LOL

        1. So I'm sitting here at school doing absolutely nothing at the moment, but I'm excited about my skin so I wanted to update. (I may update later too, depends on if I have anything new to say! ) I have a lot of red marks. Like, a lot. I'm extremely fair skinned so red marks stand out a lot and most pimples leave them for me. It sucks but they always fade at least. Anyway, because of my red marks I have a hard time sometimes really judging the condition of active pimples. - So when I put my foun
        2. Hello everyone! I haven't updated in several days because there really wasn't anything to update with. I'm sitting right now waiting for my BP to dry so that I can go put my moisturizer on. I've come to really enjoy doing the regimen. I'm not sure why, but I kind of like the "down time" where I'm waiting for BP to dry and absorb and whatnot before moving on to moisturizer or whatever. I also love the feeling of each time doing the regimen I'm closer and closer to clear skin! My skin is
        3. I know you posted this forevverr ago but I wanted to thank you for keeping this blog. Your skin is so beautiful now and I read here where your first week on the regimen your skin started to purge. - Well, mine's doing the same thing so I wanted to see if there was anyone else who had that happen and I found your blog! It made me feel much better to see that someone else had this same reaction when starting the regimen.
        4. I'm a total makeup junkie. I have been for years, I love the stuff. I love playing with new looks, trying new things and transforming my face. Unfortunately though, foundation and concealer aren't "fun" like getting to play with eye and lip colors are. They're just there to make me feel normal, as I'm sure any woman with acne can relate. I know Dan doesn't recommend wearing makeup when first starting the regimen but at this point I just don't feel confident enough going out without at leas