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  1. Just went to the derm today, and I'm a week into my second month. I'M JUST SO DRY! He said he wanted to bump my dose but because of how dry I am he wont do it. I'll probably have to stay on 20 mg twice a day and just have to be on accutane a little over 6 months Cetaphil will be my new best friend until I'm finally done with this stuff! I'm hoping I can be clear and carefree for prom in June, thats what I'm hoping for, fingers crossed!
  2. TT10

    starting month two

    After being off accutane for six months, although my skin was a lot better from when I first began, I was still breaking out more than i thought i would be after completing the corse. My back NEVER broke out again my face was still not how i thought it would be My derm decided to put be back on accutane, and now im one month in. All im noticing is really dry skin and lips and somewhat of an achey back, nothing too terrible. I'm also on ortho tricycline lo birth control which is also supposed t
  3. TT10

    not again

    Since I started accutane at the end of July, I was supposed to stop at the end of January, a full 6 month corse. I was still breaking out on my face left and right, up until I was supposed to end my treatment. My derm had me prolong my course so i wound up staying on accutane until the first week of march. I didn't have very severe side effects, my triglycerides skyrocketed at one point so i had to get off for a week, but then i went right back on and just had to watch what i ate very closely.
  4. TT10

    journey continues

    The day I got the prescription I couldn't have been happier. I was nervous about getting an initial breakout but I wasn't too worried, I was just looking forward to getting clear skin. My derma started me on 20 mg and after two weeks he bumped me up to 40 mg. The first month the only thing i noticed was chapped lips, but nothing aquaphor couldn't fix. I started getting a really bad initial breakout on my face. Pimples I never used to et before accutane. Big painful ones on my cheeks, and what ma
  5. TT10

    Accutane journey

    So a little over a year ago I was prescribed accutane for my skin. My back was pretty terrible and I wasn't responding to any topicals or antibiotics All i wanted to do was be able to wear a bathing suit with my hair up and not have to constantly worry about how terrible my back looked! Especially since it was summer and all and this would be my third summer in s row having to hide my back all summer long with my hair and hope no one could see what was underneath all my hair. Anyway, feeling de