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  1. Thanks, I would appreciate hearing what happens. You hit the nail on the head with "sustainable". I spent a few years working on a different chronic disease, and I conclude they all have this in common: lots of treatments, none much better than placebo, naturally fluctuating symptoms that are highly subjective to measure, which in turn spawns an entire industry claiming to help -- but not really helping that much. I think the only remedy is to set the bar higher and only pay attention to somethi
  2. I tried to look up a conversion between I.U.'s and milligrams before, but it seems like its different for each substance. For vitamin D3, wikipedia says 100 IU = 2.5 micrograms. So 1000 IU would be only 25 micrograms or 0.025 milligrams. I plan on trying the home blood test kit to see if my blood level of D3 is good. I've been taking 8000 IU a day for about 2 months now. For all intents and purposes, I get no D from sunlight in this season.
  3. The experts on here can probably verify or debunk this, but I think you basically have to be outside with your shirt off and wearing shorts for 15 or 20 minutes a day to get the proper amounts of D. That would be no problem if we were all still engaged in subsistence farming out in the fields most days, but most of us probably sit in an office or store of some kind. This fall/winter I started taking D3 in pill form. For a couple of months I took 4000 IU a day. A couple of months ago I went
  4. On a little bit of a tangent about this light while sleeping issue: Did anyone ever consider the large amount of starlight and reflected sunlight from the moon that people can get even without artificial lighting? On a clear night this natural light can be significant and I would think that even people living out in nature in their tents, lean-tos, or shacks would get light coming in through the seams, openings and cracks. That's not to mention being disturbed by all the noise the insects and
  5. I've also noticed a difference in my skin when I moved from place to place. I often wondered if it was due to the water - especially hard versus soft water. Now I live in New England, where the water is hard. I see white calcium and magnesium build up on things that water evaporates off of. Here, my skin is not so good. When I visit Ohio for a few days I see an improvement in my skin. When I lived in Texas my skin wasn't too bad, but the heat and humidity there probably played a negative r
  6. I wonder if Zicam could work better than zinc pills or gelcaps because it is absorbed in the mouth and throat instead of going through the stomach and intestines. In other words, if there is some absorption problem in the intestines, taking the zinc pill might not be as good as spraying zinc on the throat and mouth. Having said that, I read that zinc combined with vitamin C is not as readily absorbed as zinc alone. Any kind of zinc spray also containing vitamin C could therefore be less effect
  7. databased, I have been following your posts with interest, and I recently decided to look into what dangers exist in taking high doses of zinc. What I found is that, as others here have pointed out, copper deficiency can result and this can lead to neurological problems like losing your sense of balance or muscle control. Once these symptoms appear, they may not be reversible. I tried to find out what levels of zinc would put a person at risk - doing a google search I found that some peopl
  8. Thanks for the reply. That might be the problem - I hadn't thought of that. It also reminds me that the red lights, not the blue lights, could be causing the irritation. If I go back to use the light again I'm going to take out all the lights and get all new blue lights. I'll try using an all blue light lamp.
  9. I started using a Beautyskin lamp back in March of 2007. This was after my skin seemed to become very irritated by BP and I was looking for another way to control acne. For a long time I used the lamp daily for about 20 mins at a time, and I got decent results. After some months, I switched to using the lamp 3 days a week for 20 mins at a time and my skin was still fairly well controlled. At some point, I think it was in the spring/summer of 2008 (or maybe it was in 2007), I started to not
  10. I just started using Prosecea about a week ago and I already have excellent results. I wanted to log on here to tell people about and found this thread was already started. My story is that I had acne for a long time that was pretty well controlled with Dan's regimen. Then I moved to a different state and suddenly my face became irritated and started breaking out diferently. I couldn't tolerate the regimen anymore. I think this was when rosecea started for me, but I didn't know it. So I sw
  11. Might be best to wrap them in aluminum foil just in case. You can buy the right goggles from acnelamp I think.
  12. Hmm that's too bad. Well so much for that.
  13. I think I may have found a hard water solution. There are devices which apply electric/magnetic fields to the water passing through the pipes which somehow causes dissolved minerals to precipitate. Those minerals then react with the calcium and magnesium ions causing them to lose their charges and become neutral. Then they will not stick to surfaces like my face, but will just flow out with the water. Previously I thought the only type of softener was the one that replaced the minerals with
  14. I am 34 - just getting a little gray hair and at the same time still have acne!