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  1. So today falls on the beginning of the 4th month.., My acne used to be horrid and very bad, No one ever said anything about my acne, only when i was in secondary school, but i was still seen as that popular Jack the lad who everyone knew.. i didnt care about my acne.. until i got to college, where i have a girlfriend.. she dosent care i have acne.. but no one every tells me its getting better.. eventhough ive seen letters from the dermo's letter to my GP that hes seeing signifcante improvement..
  2. Well, where do i start? Im 17 male and from london england, i go to sixthfrom, and well ive had acne for 2 years, and they were my worst two years of my life, eventhough i could say i was the most popular kid in my school having acne didnt help when you got into an argument, that was the first thing they would go for.. well anyway ive tried every prescribed medicine and products available but it wouldnt get rid of my acne, i get very worried and self concious about having acne, i blame it for no
  3. im on 20mg/ x1 a day, for the next 2 weeks, its the third day, and my acne has become really red, and the little spots i had have turned huge and pussy, and im getting more bellow the chin and jaw line, i know the brake outs are not supposed to come this fast so im quiet worried any advice?
  4. yeah want them gone by the summer! i have light spots with serve scars from the PB (quinderm) i used but the left side is quiet light so i hope they goo sharpish! my girlfriend dosent care she says she dont notice them, and when you date a girl with a reputation she has to go for hot guys dosent help, and its hard when she gets attention in the street from guys she could easily have.. but yeah i wont them gone by the summer! so i can acctually go out with my shirt off and be like yepp enjoy life
  5. Hiya mate, Im only my 3rd day into using this medicine, but i advise you not to use quinderm, ive had terrible experinces, it made my acne 100 times worse using quinderm, im not trying to scare you but i would let nature take its toll on the acne and just wash with light facial wash and cleanse whilst using the tablets dont mess up your cycle good luck with getting clear!
  6. 1) 17, Male, Mixedrace 2) 20 mg / day 3) 3rd day 4) i dunno but second day all my spots got white heads on them for some reasson?
  7. cheers pal, yeah im in year 12! i just wanna get rid, like my left side is very light acne but right side is moderate, its just annoying having acne makes you really insecure espically when you have a girlfriend! what kind of acne do you have? light? moderate? or really bad? and seen any changes in first month? i mean it might just be me, but i took a tablet at like 12ish in afternoon, and its now nearlly 11 at night and the spots that were small have white heads on em, dunno why maybe thats a s
  8. Hiya, Ive been looking at this forum/website for a while, and only today have i built up the courage to make an account and post a thread, heres my story... Im 16 years old and from london united kingdom, this march i would have my acne for 2 years, and the last two years where the worst years of my life, as being at school kids were not nice, even though i was the most populist kid in my year i still got the odd comment about it when i got into an argument which used to crush my right down to