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  1. I don't have acne anymore, I'm mostly here to support others.

    1. You put a lot of effort for not much factual information. You knowing or not knowing any people who were hurt in some way by drinking tap water is irrelevant. There will be no studies done to prove what I said is true since these studies are funded by the government and the government is filtering the water. ...It would just be digging itself into a hole. I could say a lot more but I'm rather suspicious of where I've seen your photo :S
    2. The minerals become poisons when they are added to drinking water.
    3. I've seen your face somewhere on the internet I just can't think of where :S Water can cause long term diseases when it has hormones and drugs in it. WHERE HAVE I SEEN YOUR FACE AHHHHH!! :S :S
    4. Hiiiiii I was born in Canada :D haha anyway if you want the acne cure and a program visit my thread & PLEASE spread the word, Thank you!

      1. It's worth it if you want cancer and liver problems in the future. I am cured of acne the symptom and you and anyone else can be too. It involves the liver, lymphatic system, blood, etc etc. I do have a cure in my own thread but I can't ask you to look at it because that would be against board rules.
      2. By curing the acne obviously. Those of you treating acne with drugs or topicals are going to have it forever. ____________________________________________________________________________ Have any of you ever thought maybe acne is a symptom of an internal issue. I have 1 post that will change your life completely doesn't matter what kind of acne you have, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, etc -these are all skin symptoms ____________________________________________________________________________
      3. It only aggravates acne in most people but doesn't cause it so good luck finding a study proving it will or wont cause it. "Studies" are done to benefit the people undertaking the study not the public. Governments and companies selling products benefit not people suffering symptoms or conditions. Masturbation is a form of self-abuse I suggest you google "masturbation side effects" - these are not myths
      4. Lots of people provide knowledge whether they know the true facts or not. Obviously it is a great thing they are trying to help and it should be encouraged! The problem comes when people persuade people to believe "their opinion is correct" when it isn't. The best for everyone reading things anywhere from a government website to a curezone thread is to do their own research and not always believe what others say. In this day and age the safest form of water in my humble opinion is reve
      5. Vitamin D in no way helps the body cure you or anyone of acne. It will alleviate it when coming from the most natural and potent source... the sun If you want to cure acne you have to go beneath the skins surface
      6. The truth is no matter what kind of egg you have, if you have a sensitivity you will get a reaction. Eggs regardless of being organic or hormone free have proteins in them which the body's immune system reacts to. Those with acne have a worn out immune system that is always on alert. Consuming eggs will most of the time cause a reaction.
      7. I haven't read much of this thread but I will say: -histamine fruits will cause a reaction (bananas, tomatoes) -starchy vegetables may cause a reaction -figs, dates raisins should be eaten in very small amounts -high citrus fruits should be taken in moderation Most other fruits and vegetables are perfectly fine including apples, berries, leafy veges (very very veryyyyyyyyy good for you), etc. Onions and garlic are really good for you too however can cause mild reactions even a few pi
      8. Please note that fish oil will not cure your acne but alleviate it from within. Fish oil although it contains EPA/DHA which are great should be taken cautiously since new evidence is coming out of experiments that fish oil has the potential to cause certain cancers with long term use. Think about it is fish oil really that natural ? No but it will alleviate acne temporarily ? ? Best is to cure acne not alleviate it. Keep the receipt if you feel like curing your acne instead. Oils that are
      9. ^^^^^^^^^^ that's me right there^^^^^^^^^^^^^ but i'm having trouble with the trail and error part since i cut out so much shiit at once. How long do i give a food to break me out?>> meaning, if i try a food, how long before it breaks me out if i'm allergic or intorelant to it>? A reaction can be anywhere from 1minute to 5days after ingesting a food that the body is intolerant, sensitive or allergic to. **Allergies are not very common after the young age bracket is passed
      10. Some great things for treating only candida but I thought this was an acne forum ? To CURE acne, candida is only one (1) part of the problem being solved