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  1. I have used it and it didn't really work for me, it actually caused me to breakout in really large red and painful pimples. But everyone is different... It did slightly lighten my acne marks, but the ones left from the new breakouts are far worse than any I had previous to using it. I have read reviews on it though where it worked great for others, so maybe it's worth giving it for you to give it a shot?
  2. I recently bought Walgreens - Alpha Hydroxy Lotion 8% and want to start using it, but I have a few questions first for anyone that has used this or a similar product. I recently broke out with a couple pimples on my right cheek I freaked out and picked at them (I know bad idea) and over medicated them and now I have some lovely acne scabs. I was wondering if this lotion would be safe to use on them or if I should avoid the area until they heal? ... Also if anyone has any good methods to heal