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  1. Zeet

    It's Over 9000!

    ...9000 views of my blog. I honestly apologize that I forgot to upload more pics, but I did it now. Stay strong everybody!!!
  2. It's day 81 post accutane. What can I say? I'm 100% clear. OK, I get about 1 zit in two weeks, but they are unobtrusive and go away over night. So yup, im acne-free... FINALLY! I could say that accutane changed my life, but it only changed my face. Those sight issues I told about in the end of my treatment are still bothering me. It's like,, I wake up in the morning and feel good. When I go to school everything's fine for an hour. But at school, my vision starts to get blurred through the
  3. Just swallowed my very last accutane pill Im so excited! It sure has been a tough year but I freaking did it. I don't really believe my acne will come back but if it does, no accutane for me...no more...
  4. Zeet

    Day 265

    40 pills to go. So 40 days left, I'm so excited to get off accutane!! My face's doing great, I cant even realize how much my life has changed in a year. It sure has been a rough year, but after finishing my treatment it's all good.
  5. Zeet

    Day 230

    It's been a while since my last posting. That's because I haven't seen much changes on my skin. BUT, now I have to say that yes, practically my acne is gone. It's almost completely clear, but still red, discoloured, scarred... I just bought my last 100-pill package and after that, Im off this hellish medicine. Side effects..... Lips are cracking, skin around my mouth is still peeling especially after eating or yawning, still some backpains (the days after going to clubs are the worst, everywher
  6. Still breaking out, hooray!
  7. Still got those bumps up on my cheekbones. They're not like inflammed or at least I think so because they aren't red or "painful". But still little sore and I can feel them. And yeah I still get about 1-3 pimples a week. I'm now on 30mg cause I just simply couldnt handle the 40mg. Im 5.7 ft tall and weigh 130 lbs.
  8. Umm what can I say. I still got about 3 active pimples... or maybe I could call them nodules because they are so big, deep, sore and red Some tiny whiteheads too here and there. I just popped one huge and painful nodule and in fact it was pretty easy case (fingers crossed). And after googling how to heal them afterwards I have put hydrocortisone on it to reduce inflammation... I know it might not be a good idea but i dont really mind. So fed up with this shit. Yeah, what the hell, I have suff
  9. Zeet

    (Day 174)

    Two new, huge, red, painful fuckers appeared this week on my left cheek. This seems to be an endless battle and im starting to lose my hope at least i had thought that 95% of people on this drug are clear at this point. Well, it's personal... Could it be 'cause im on such low dosage? (20mg) I just simply couldn't handle the 40mg right now... and many of you others are on 80mg wtf. 66 pills left. So I'll swallow my last pill on day 240. And then... If i'm still breaking out I really dont kn
  10. Zeet

    blog entry title

    I really need to stop posting here cause everytime I tell how my face's looking good I start breaking out after. fuck this shiiet
  11. Side effects: chapped lips dry face (could be lot worse though) dry eyes; vision sort of blurred (only farsighted, and not bad though) some back pains ...and joint pains (feet) and this one i hate: when i eat, the around of my mouth starts to peel and gets flakey... so i gotta keep some moisturizer with me everywhere i go irritated stomach some rectal cuts or something(?) so yeah... isotretinoin is toxic shit which is probably gonna kill you so consider twice before taking it... though i
  12. Zeet

    Beginning month 6

    All I can say is that all the inflammation is gone, break outs are at minimum and the healing process is beginning. Still got few deep cysts on my jawline but I dont really mind cause they're not sore or noticeable. Yesterday was like hell - I forgot my lip balm home I♥Accutane
  13. Zeet

    Day 148

    Now i can feel the side effects again. I mean I was without accutane for a few days (maybe a week) and now im continuing. 40mg made my eyes itchy and dry, my lips got cracked and got some horrible backpains. And ughhh I just got a pimple on my right cheek, popped it, and now there's one huge red on my left cheek.. tried to squeeze it but nothing came out of it, now it's brewing a little more and i freaking hate it... but i put some BP on it, we'll see if it helps... without those two fuckers i'd
  14. Zeet

    100 more pills

    Yup. I wish that will do it bye bye acne, welcome life