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  1. I'm sorry to hear that! I'm 22, for the record. dont be. oh okay..u still have time. you have tomorrow if ur lucky
  2. I totally understand, How old are you by the way like exactly?? you said something about your twenties because I'm in mine as well.
  3. Unless he develops severe acne, and is forced to visit the site, I think you identity is safe. lol but i still cant risk that.
  4. Well first of all I had to urge to look at your photo and your absolutely beautiful, No lie. I know have acne can distort your views of yourself but thats something you will need to work on internally. American food is not the best. It doesnt promote health issues i know that much but hopefully you can find a way to get around that. Maybe a resolution for you is to be some ssort of hobbie you feel strongly about, you may not be good but itf its the only thing keeping you sane and happy g
  5. I totally feel you, I hardly tell my mother my true feelings about acne, love, my personally decisioms I want to make with my career because she tends to find something to shoot me with. So I just learned she's not ther person I can run to, its hurts to know but its the reality of the situation. If you can't find it at home find it in a safe, caring environment. Someone who you can trust , your gut tells you whether you can or not and go from there . I wish you the best of luck, Things wi
  6. I feel hurt about a lot of things that are suppressed in my mind. Mind you- I am now going to school to become a psychologist, feel the humor in this vent session. Hopefully at the end of this emotional filled message you’ll realize and maybe can relate to how I feel. Here goes nothing.. Sometimes I’m cold because of neglect, some times I’m cheerful depending on the day. I have friends but I don’t know how real they are. I been through a lot with this one person (wont say names) I havent seen
  7. Not perfect just human

    1. What u heard was correct and its pretty discouraging :/
    2. My goodness well you know we're our worst critic so its prob not as bad as it seems, but hey 2 me it is lol Ur going to the Derm to get ur TCA done?
    3. Hey, My title was meant to be sarcastic...i brokeout last year and im still dealing with the aftermath of PIH. I've tried different methods like tazoraac ,hydroquoine,chemical peel but I still have marks left. Im thinking about going higher on the chemical peel to be able to see vast results but I'm a little nervous because of soo much I've heard about chemical peels on african american skin. Any pointers on what I should do? -sorry about the confusion
    4. Okay so I had a terrible breakout December of this year, now lets say november it started. This was a horrid scene..the whole bottom of my face(jawline) looked like I had a pimple beard nothing was cute about that. This reaction was due to me stopping my birth control pills, how foolish of me back to the story it is now May 27, almost officially summer and im still dealing with this stubborn hyperpigmentation. Mind you my complexion is dark (idk what you would call my skin tone? ) These
    5. oh wow... How is your mood with all of those hormones? I know its hormones that are imbalanced that is making me breakout the way I am...it's just taking time to get them back on track. I decided to go back on Yaz (which was something I didn't want to do due to horrible health risks, I may of recieved stones because of it) but because my acne is so out of control I really felt forced to go back on. I wonder sometimes what am I going to do when I decide to have kids one day?! & the acn