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  1. I tried OCM last year with Castor oil, grapeseed oil, and jojoba with a drop of tea tree oil. I cracked open the oils brand new, and put it into a new, sterilized 1oz pump bottle to prevent contamination. For the first week I thought it would work. I did feel some graininess being rubbed out of my nose. My skin DID glow even after thorough, gentle removal of the oils and it felt nice and supple. After the first week, I started to develop very small flesh coloured bumps near my mouth and chin. Ov
  2. I think that it's important for everyone to remember, for a topic like this, is that all experimenting and results are PRACTICAL experiments and results and in the comfort and privacy of your own home, it's impossible to accurately pinpoint the exact reason that masturbating/abstaining may or may not help or worsen your acne. We can try to draw as many conclusions about testorone levels and hormones as we want, but the simple fact is none of these experiments are controlled or precise. It MAY
  3. I agree with ABGF, when I'm using BP for acne, if I get it anywhere near my eyes, I start getting lines and wrinkles within a week and they go away as long as I keep the BP away from it. If you are applying anything on top of your BP (as I believe the regimen recommends with moisturizer) I'd be very, very careful not to allow the migration of your BP over to your under eye and even smile-line areas, as even a little bit of residual BP carried by the lotion can dry these areas out, as well as
  4. As far as I know, stievamycin should be used on clean skin with no products on it about 10-20 minutes after washing to allow for trace water to evaporate. At least those are the instructions I recall from having used it as a teenager. The reason, I believe, is because of the tretinoin as I also used a tretinoin cream 2 years ago and was advised again to apply to clean, dry skin and if I REALLY needed the hydration, I should wait as long as possible to apply a gentle moisturizer/cream on top. Tha
  5. Nessa- A bit of hope. My skin never did well with BP either. It wouldn't get irritated persay, but it would be dry as heck, which in turn caused itchiness, which made me scratch, and then it got irritated. LOL. It always did shrink existing pimples nicely, but the mess it made of my skin before Regenerist didn't allow me to use it to treat my acne because dryness for me = more acne. Since you have the BP already, give it a shot with your serum! And if still irritates then give ABG's suggestion o
  6. First 3 products got me clear! Added 4th for hyperpigmentation now. Day+Night: -Olay Dual-Action Cleanser+Pore Scrub -Olay Regenerist night recovery cream -Panoxyl 5% BP gel (alt. days) -Neostrata HQplus lightening cream
  7. If you are going to be using any of the Regenerist line with your BP, see if that aids in moisturizing on it's own. BP (especially the one I'm using now) has always left me with flaking, rough patches in the past, but since adding Night Recovery cream my skin feels like baby's bottom. You will notice it right away and be able to judge if you need an additional moisturizer. If it feels okay without, I'd say just skip it. I've mentioned it elsewhere in the thread but I thought I'd repeat my tip
  8. Glad to hear you will give the Regenerist line a shot! I wear powdered mineral foundation and yes, I am satisfied with the cleansing of the Dual Action PoreScrub+Cleanser. What I usually do before I use cleanser is splash my face with water, and gently rub my face with my hands a couple of times to get some of the excess makeup and oil off first. Then I'll use a little soap to get the film of makeup off my hands before cleansing as usual. I've only started doing this recently but I've noticed
  9. UPDATE! Just thought I'd share a before & now (not quite after!) photo for you all. Products (in order): Olay Dual Action Cleanser+Pore Scrub Olay Regenerist night recovery cream Panoxyl 5% benzoyl peroxide gel (applied over acne-prone areas) Regrettably, I took the before photo in dim, indoor flourescent lighting so the photo turned out grainy and unclear. I've pointed to "inflamed" acne spots. Inflamed means I can feel the bump with my fingers and it's irritated. The remainder of the ma
  10. This is not your typical acne medication that your skin builds up a tolerance for. In my experience, the longer you use it, the better your skin becomes! I would start using it ASAP and be super super faithful to it as to not fall off the wagon and have to re-heal. At least until your wedding =P Then go ahead and get lazy. LOL.
  11. Me again! I'm crazy about olay stuff now. After a couple weeks, I went out and bought the Olay dual action cleanser+pore scrub. It's like a foaming cream cleanser with a ribbon of fine exfoliating granules in gel cleanser, the ingredients say it has salicylic acid, but it is not listed anywhere else on the packaging so my guess is that it's at a rather low concentration. i LOVE! this cleanser! Gentle enough for every day use, removes makeup well, and rinses soft and clean with no residue! Feels
  12. Hi, it's been a few more weeks, just thought I'd pop in with a progress report. So my skin is not quite clear yet, but I am not giving up on these products as they are slowly but surely giving results. I find that any pimples I do get now heal MUCH faster. I've had a couple (I think 1 or 2) bouts of breakouts since this l last posted: two or three semi-deep cysts? (I don't know if I will call them that anymore as they aren't nearly as big, red or painful as the ones I used to get. They are still
  13. Thank you for sharing your solution! What really caught my eye (as I'm sure many others can say as well) were your before and after photos. When I was in my teens I had moderate acne. When I was 18, it lessened to barely a blemish per month, however I could not attribute it to any one treatment as a myriad of things changed for me: 18 being an age I may have just grown out of it, started taking Diane bcp, stopped using medicated/acne-prone type skin care and just switched to gentle, "normal" s