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  1. Hey! I experienced a similar thing- no initial breakout, and started clearing from the first week. I had pretty much no spots the entire treatment and am now three months after with no breakouts. Don't worry, you're skin is just reacting really positively with the drug!
  2. I know how you guys feel- I had a few spots in high school and then two years into college I had the worst breakout of my life- see my pictures!! I went to a derm and was prescribed minocycline twice, differin another time and when these didn't work I didn't go back, I was worried I was a lost cause! A while later when I started breaking out everywhere, I went to another derm who prescribed me oratane (accutane) straight away (after thoroughly talking through side effects etc). So I think someti
  3. I'm sure you know how bad picking is- try not to focus on them and when you look in the mirror, see you and not just the acne and scarring. Accutane does not heal scarring, but while you are not getting more breakouts older scars can heal, so by the time you finish your skin is usually clearer and the scarring less obvious. I had scarring as you can see from my photos, and now they have faded considerably- I used a facial oil (Dr LeWinns) for dry skin and this helped with keeping my skin hydrate
  4. Good luck! I went on Oratane for five and a half months and it was the best thing I ever did. Hope it works as well for you!
  5. Hey! I recommend Cetaphil cleanser and moisturising lotion (a bit better for daytime, not quite as thick) amazing for while on accutane and after. I also used a facial oil at night to combat scarring and hydrate overnight. A great lipbalm is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream- it worked wonders! Bec
  6. Hi, You should try to stay out of the sun as much as possible- your skin is really sensitive while accutane is in your system, and you can get burnt much much quicker and more severely. Definitely keep applying sunscreen and be careful!
  7. hey thanks for commenting on my blog...yeah tell me about it...the amount of times ive been told dont wear foundation because it wont help your acne' but wearing no foundation at all?! i couldnt face the world without it.

  8. is it liquid or powder? do u use any of their foundations or anything? It's a liquid, I have never used the foundations but I just really loved the concealer!
  9. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish's are amazing, for a liquid highlighter I love NARS orgasm illuminator- it gives a lovely glow, and NARS multiple in Copacabana Bec
  10. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer is amazing! Really great coverage but a lgihtweight feel. Bec
  11. Estee Lauder DoubleWear light is great- it covers nicely but not full coverage. I love Chanel Pro Lumiere, it looks amazing on the skin! The best concealer I have used is GloMinerals Oil Free Concealer- it is creamy and covers well. Bec
  12. I love Estee Lauder doublewear for high-coverage, it looks amazingly natural for a high coverage foundation and is non-comodgenic. Super great quality! Chanel Pro Lumiere is also amazing, medium coverage but looks lovely on the skin. Bec
  13. Firstly- congrats and good luck! To combat scarring I recommend a facial oil (such as bio-oil) and apply before/after moisturiser before bed while on the medication, if you keep it up while you are on it you will be healing scars and (hopefully) not having to worry about new ones. I have really notice my scars fade and if you see my before/after pics you will see the difference! I have a blog about my experience with accutane so if you have any questions feel free to check it out on my profile a