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  1. Even if money wasn't a concern, I think people might take it less seriously if there was an infomercial. Infomercials tend to be for really odd products (most of the time) but this is something that actually works.
  2. So my interview was today (which seemed like it went really well) and I'm pretty excited about that. I really hope I get this job, not only for the sake of having a job, but also because it seemed like a great environment and great people. Everyone I met was super nice, and it seemed like a very tight-knit, awesome group. Even if I don't end up getting the job, I still feel really great because there was one massive difference between this interview and the others I've been to more recently
  3. Up late because I'm stressing (ever so slightly) about tomorrow. My interview got bumped up, but I think everything will be okay. I've been through so many rejections by this point that I have everything prepared and in order already, it's just the act of going through the interview and doing it that's difficult. Went and did a check on my face (not that there's anything I could do by this point anyway, but still) just a moment ago, and all is well. The redness isn't so bad, and I think I can ke
  4. Congratulations on your interview! I hope it goes well for you! I'm flaking suddenly too. I hope I can keep it under control at least for tomorrow. I sense some jojoba in my future as well. The dryness in general hasn't been too bad so far. It only really starts to bother me towards the end of the day (before I'm doing my nightttime regimen) because my face starts to feel grungy by then anyway, and it's not worth moisturizing again if I'm about to wash it off and start over anyway. I do think i
  5. I've stuck out my regimen all weekend, and I'm already into week 2. I can't tell if my progress has slowed down, but the changes aren't as drastic as before. That's ok, I'm sure it will continue in time. My face is so much smoother, I just want to touch it all the time but I can't! Loving these changes.Sticking to the exercise routine as well. Seems I'm actually losing a little weight in the process, ha ha.I'm feeling pretty upbeat because I actually have a job interview this week. It's nice and
  6. Thinking positive on its own is great, but I've found that once I started thinking more positively about myself and my appearance, I was much more motivated to start making changes in my life to help my skin get better and to just be healthier overall. It's a nice feedback loop of positivity.
  7. There are so many variables that could affect the water you're drinking that the only way to know for sure is to do your own research. Some places do unfortunately have poor water quality, but there are just as many that have excellent tap water quality. It's silly to debate one or the other as an end-all answer when every situation from place to place is completely different. Personally, I think it's better to drink an adequate quantity of water every day than to worry yourself to death over s
  8. My first week is finally over! I feel like I've made huge progress. I'm uploading comparison pictures, but it seems that they have to be approved before I can display them, so they'll be coming eventually. I've been sticking to my routine of washing and doing my regimen in the morning, going about my day, doing a workout and then showering at night and doing my nighttime regimen. I've also been consistently consuming more water. I've put together a pitcher in my fridge just for water, so I can s
  9. Hyper Beam

    progress shots!

    Week-by-week pics of my progress.
  10. Huh, I hadn't considered that. I'll try this. Thanks!
  11. I've just re-started doing the regimen this week after maybe a year and a half of doing pretty much nothing for my moderate acne. I've been using Dan's BP and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15, but I'm having a problem at the moisturizing step. Some of the time I feel like I simply can't get the moisturizer to absorb - I'm just pushing it around the surface of my skin, which is irritating in itself. Eventually I give up, and it seems to absorb on its own if I let it sit on my skin long
  12. Did another, slightly more intense workout last night. I think that coupled with my water intake is really helping, because the improvement this morning was just as noticeable as it was yesterday. I plan to try and incorporate this into my daily routine from here out. Even if it isn't actually helping, it can't be a bad thing anyway. I had forgotten that Wii Fit has a mode that lets you run for a specified amount of time so you can switch the TV over to watch something while you're running. I th
  13. Day 6 go!I woke up this morning with my face feeling really tight. Not that unpleasant dry kind of tight, just different than usual. It was an odd feeling. I went through my usual morning thing and took my time getting to the bathroom just a bit ago. What a freaking difference! I couldn't believe it!Today, most of the small spots are totally gone, the medium sized ones are a lot smaller, and cyst-dude is practically GONE. I couldn't believe the change that happened just overnight. I really didn'
  14. I choose you! Haha! :)

    1. Feeling like I'm making good progress so far, which is good. I can do this.