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  1. Has any of you ever used Skincode Essentials products? I bought myself their purifying cleansing gel product, especially because it had none of the comedogenic ingredients and it's said to be for sensitive skin. I bought it a week ago, and used it every day, twice a day, and after a few days it caused me itchy skin, especially on my face, and small itchy rashes on both my face and hands (on the areas that came in contact with the product). I stopped using it this morning, so I'll see how my skin
  2. hallooangel89

    Acne Scars

    This is with what I have been left since I have acne.
  3. Pimples, pustules and blackheads started showing on my face at the age of 11 and had them ever since. I am 24 now and tried lots of treatments and nothing worked well. I am on no treatment now, and my skin seems to feel a lot better, but I am left with all these ugly scars and now acne started to spread on my back and shoulders. I have greasy oily face, face pilosity and some hormonal problems.