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  1. thanks everybody for the input! i tried it starting monday this week and so far it is working great i see my derm tomorrow so hopefully all goes well with my checkup on my accutane usage.
  2. well my derm said it was ok that i continue on my other meds but im probably going to take a break on the clindamycin. i was just scared to try cetaphil because i didnt want an allergic reaction or anything like that lol. thank for your input though greatly appreciated.
  3. hey guys new here just wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything bad using this product or if they really liked it while having acne? My face is pretty sensitive and was just worried i didnt want to irritate my skin right now. im using clindamycin phosphate in the mornings and tretinoin when i go to bed. Im also on accutane and i use a little bp every once in a while. The reason why i ask this is because my skin is dry in the morning and i need a good moisturizer in the mornings befor