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  1. Hi thanks for the reply - owndoc doesn't actually review the dermapen, just a similar device...this pen is sold only to Dr.s and is an in office procedure. When I go to the dermapen website www.dermapen.com, the technology seems sound and the before and afters are impressive but aren't they always??????? Hoping someone out there has had this procedure done by a Dr.....thanks!!!
  2. Hi Guys! I just read about the Dermapen which is supposed to be an advancement in mirconeedling - finer needles etc. - just wondering if anyone out there has had this procedure done. Thanks!
  3. I don't recommend a steroid injection - everyone is different - but when I have had a cyst or nodule injected in has gotten rid of the cyst/nodule but also created a huge dent in my face - that has not improved - going on 2 years. This is a common reaction to steroid injections. Be careful!
  4. natural girl, can you give me the name of your dr? there are a couple of Dr. Rappaports in NJ...many thanks!
  5. Before you try filler, subcision or excision I would suggest saline injections. It worked for me. I had them done by a board certified Dermatologist. No new scars from excision and no injections of fillers.
  6. Hi All - I decided the other day that I was way over-handling my skin and creating problems so I had to, literally, throw away my 2 magnifying mirrors. They weren't really expensive or anything. It's been a huge help and I feel way more in control. I admit, I miss them but it has also made me realize it was something I had to do. CVD - maybe try this - if you are constantly in the magnifying mirror in your bathroom and you can't get rid of it - tape a piece of cardboard or something over i
  7. lena2


    Hi - La Viv has been FDA approved for the US market and is available through select dermatologists. I am going to a Dr. for consultation in NYC.
  8. Hi Juicy Girl, I had saline injections for a dent on my face from a huge pustule and I have had almost 100% improvement on the indentation. It's still there but almost completely filled in - I can still see it in certain light but barely. I had only 2 injections and I had the first injection only days after I noticed my skin was denting. So - the dent was not from cortisone, just from how my skin healed. But - I am posting this because I would encourage you to try it. I had Restylane as we
  9. Interesting...that there isn't anyone out there that is happy with the results of any laser treatment for acne scars. The industry must be collecting a lot of money from unsatisfied and unhappy patients.
  10. Thanks for replying - I'm sorry you had a terrible experience...I am not going to try it. I too have had treatments that actually made my skin look worse and am still recovering from it.
  11. Hi All, I'm considering lasers for indented shallow scars on my cheek and I am wondering if anyone out there has had success with this treatment in terms of real improvement in their scars?????? Seems like initially there is some improvement which is negated over time (once the healing is complete) with negative side effects - If you would share your experience - it would be appreciated - before I go laser all the skin off my face....thanks!!
  12. lena2


    Hi there! Just wanted to reach out to you and see how you are liking the effects of the PRP?
  13. lena2


    Thanks for your updates - at this point are you happy with your results overall? Any negative side effects?
  14. Restylane Shallow saucer scars Side effects - the filler can migrate - it basically settles where it wants to in your face - in my case I wound up with a major, and I mean major facial asymmetry. In addition to that - I have discolored raised bumps where the needle entered my skin, the Restylane is not smooth and created a very weird texture to my skin - all the pores in that area are now enlarged. In addition to all these new problems it made my scar larger, caused it to stretch out and s
  15. Thanks so much for your update - fingers crossed and hoping you get a great result!!!!
  16. Fillers suck from my experience - I went to one of the "best doctor" for fillers, had restylane in depressed scar and every day of my life since then has been a nightmare. No one warns you about the side effects which are MANY - if you get fillers - you are taking a huge risk. BTW if you hate the way it looks it can last a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG time - up to a year in places like the cheek area which is quite static.
  17. Good luck to you today!!! Hope everything goes well..keep us updated would love to know about your experience and results.
  18. lena2


    Hi - thanks for your reply - can you tell us how it's looking? Thanks!
  19. lena2


    Hi - I have been considering this treatment - just curious - did you bleed a lot when the needle went in to your skin? And how does it look now? Please keep us up to date - would love to know how it turns out for you - good luck!!! What type of scars did you have injected?
  20. Thank you for your post and everyone who took the time to reply...it is life altering and makes everything about living harder. I am trying to get over this hurdle and accept myself the way I am..but I would like to feel attractive, confident everything that so many around me can take for granted every day. For me those things are a challenge, almost all the time. It's so hard not to just give up and drown in the negativity but some days I want to. But I am going to take your advice and try t
  21. I have scars. On my face. Everything I have done to treat them at the hand of Dr.s - the best I could find in my area - has made my face look 100000x worse. I try to get up, give myself a pep talk, go to work, see friends, take care of myself but every day ends the same. Me crying and depressed because I can't even live a normal life where I feel comfortable with how I look. I can forget about it, for a few hours or even a couple days but - then I look in the mirror and there it is. I have
  22. Fillers have risks BTW - migration, scarring, swelling, lumps that wont go away etc...I know I have had them all. I don't know of anything risk free.
  23. What happened with your Fraxel? Did you heal up OK?

  24. I use Tea tree oil. Works for me. A little burning sensation when it goes on but doesn't overdry my skin.
  25. *looks around to find the place almost deserted but decides to post anyway* Ni hao. *sounds gong* Ok, so like I said earlier I used to be in sort of the same situation, if you will. I was constantly thinking about what other people might say and think about my skin...and it was tiring. Annoying. I freaked myself out. Now, to a degree this was understandable seeing that there are people who, shall we say have an undesireably low level of spiritual development and who therefore go around saying