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  1. Hi Red Lady!I have read a few blogs of your accutane diary. I am 21 year old woman and have suffered from moderate- to severe acne since I was 11. Two years ago (2009) I decided to try accutane since NOTHING else worked. I had never had really bad acne until I went off birth control. Then my acne became very painful and cystic on my jawline, neck, cheeks, and temples. Reading your blogs reminds me of the hell I went through. I could literally peel layers of skin off. Everything burned my face and skin-soap, lotion, sunlight, etc. My lips would crack and bleed and I got a few nosebleeds. I was on it for 3 months, and even in the last weeks I still had minor minor break outs. I remember just putting vasoline on my face because it was so incredibly dry. But I want to encourage you, that it WILL WORK. If you still break out, the spots might be small or non-inflamed. How long do you plan on being on it? I have found from people that were on accutane that they needed to take at least 6 months of treatment. Although accutane took care of the major problems, unfortunately for me it didn't "cure" my acne. It has gradually come back (but not as severe). I hope you can push through this and see the other side! Don't lose heart!y3rfd0g
    aww thank you! That was so encouraging to read :boohoo: My brother suffers from severe eczema too so when he's home, we're a right pair! moisturising every minute of every day haha :D yep I will stick with it. Doc said it should only be for 6 months but he said we'll see how it goes. It's encouraging to get comments like this once in a while.... Thank you!!!!
  2. Hi there! I take my pill in the am with breakfast and in the pm with dinner that seems to be going great. As for waxing, your skins is so sensative that waxing any part of your body will erritate and can possibly scar your skin for ever. Plus it will hurt so much more. Shaving is ok, and plucking is ok as well as using any hair removal that's not ripping up your skin. I pluck my eyebrows and that seems to be working, and shave everything else...it does suk bc I am used to waxing and I have a waxing membership that I can't use :boohoo: And my DR says I can't start waxing till 6 months after my treatment...Hope this helps.
    ahh okay thank you! urgh that's annoying about the membership! yeah i plucked my eyebrows the other day and everything seems fine. I usually epilate but i think i will stick to shaving just to be safe :D thanks
  3. ouch! Yours sounds worse on your back than mine is. It's mainly the face for me. I've just got a lot of marks on my back from spots which will hopefully fade with time. Fingers crossed :boohoo: Let's hope for a better night's sleep tonight :D

  4. Hi! I started accutane on Jan 11th. I use Cetaphil cleanser and Purpose Lotion w SPF 15. Cetaphil Lotion w Spf 15 is good too!
    okay thank you! Oh right... so we've started at about the same time then :boohoo: Keep in touch occasionally and let me know how you're getting on :D