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  1. Red Lady

    12th Feb

    I have run out of moisturiser! So i cannot wait until my mum gets home with my carmex and face cream. She shouldn't be too long now . I've got lots of dry skin patches - even some on my upper neck (at the back) so hopefully I won't start losing hair! Oh but my hair also seems less greasy! I usually wash it every day (I can't stand the feeling when it's not washed) but recently i left it for 2 days and it was fine. Maybe something to do with my dry scalp? hah anyway, usual symptoms.. I should be
  2. Red Lady

    10th Feb

    aww thank you! That was so encouraging to read My brother suffers from severe eczema too so when he's home, we're a right pair! moisturising every minute of every day haha yep I will stick with it. Doc said it should only be for 6 months but he said we'll see how it goes. It's encouraging to get comments like this once in a while.... Thank you!!!!
  3. Red Lady

    10th Feb

    Skin is looking better generally. I have random odd days where my skin looks really bad, but seems to be okay at the moment (touch wood). Bit stressed out at the moment becasue im taking grade 8 violin in a few weeks but otherwise all is good. Dry skin as per and feel a bit achy - no other symptoms though RL xx
  4. Red Lady

    5th feb

    Yep I was right. Skin is looking worse today. I think I also need to drink more water. Everywhere is so dryyyyy! Ive moisturised my face about 4 times already today. I hope it doesn't last. Anyway I watched the rugby which cheered me up (I'm supporting Ireland ... Even though I'm from England. Ha but shhh ) and now I have Loads of homework to do so I'm off RL xx
  5. Red Lady

    4th Feb

    Seems to be up and downnn.... today my face is looking better but then tomorrow it might not. Anyway i'm going out tonight.. won't drink or eat anything too unhealthy (cept a bit of cake because it's an 18th birthday . Apart from that, DRY DRY DRY face and lips. no nosebleeds yet so i'm happy... enough said RL xx
  6. I use Simple hydrating light moisturiser which is perfect for my skin - not too greasy and for me, lasts pretty much all day. I also use E45 around my eyes at night :) oh and vaseline intensive care - the yellow botttle is amazing for moisturising skin. For lips, you can't beat carmex. Literally i don't go anywhere without it :) If anything, buy yourself some carmex.. you won't regret it :) x
  7. Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this message. I don't get notified when people post on this. I'm a bit confused as to how to use this still if im honest.I kinda just post on the blog now...any help? Should I be posting on here? Thanks for the advice though. Also what about cleansers? as in 'Simple' cleanser/toner or something? orshould i really just stick to soap? x
  8. Red Lady

    Day 29 - MORE CYST!

    My doctor also said I have cystic acne but to be honest, I have no idea what he means?! What is it? andlife is so unfair.. is it not?
  9. Red Lady

    2nd Feb

    OUCH OUCH OUCH About 6 massive spots have appeared on my right cheek which have not only been hurting ALL DAY but now I've got home and washed my face, seem to be getting more painful oww I thought things were looking better maybe not just yet... RL xx
  10. Red Lady

    1st Feb

    Sorry I haven't written for a while. I might make it less frequent and name the date rather than day i'm on (too much effort to keep track). things are looking good though. Still a lot of scarring but spots are slowwwly disappearing so im happy I'm starting to experience PROPERLY dry skin but i think i can cope with that haha RL xx
  11. Red Lady

    Day 24

    I'm so happy it's getting better for you! woooo! nose bleeds must be annoying but a small sacrifice for lovely skin
  12. Red Lady

    Day 10

    everything seems fine today. Few spots under my chin which irritated me so much when I was playing my violin but otherwise only a few spots popping up here and there. My skin is starting to get reallllly dry. The tops of my ears are really dry which is a bit weird. haha. Also, scars are still as prominent as ever so hoping they will start to fade sometime soon. There's still not a noticeable difference since I've been on the pills but all in good time I suppose... RL xx
  13. Red Lady

    Day 6

    ahh okay thank you! urgh that's annoying about the membership! yeah i plucked my eyebrows the other day and everything seems fine. I usually epilate but i think i will stick to shaving just to be safe thanks
  14. Red Lady

    Day 9

    Everything okay today. May have a bladder infection though urgh Only a few spots really but the ones i do have are massive and hurt. We'll see what happens... RL xx
  15. Red Lady

    Day 7

    ouch! Yours sounds worse on your back than mine is. It's mainly the face for me. I've just got a lot of marks on my back from spots which will hopefully fade with time. Fingers crossed Let's hope for a better night's sleep tonight
  16. Red Lady

    Day 7

    not much to report on really I've finished my exams so I'm happpppy Still got massive spots which is bad.. and they hurt! Even lying on my pillow last night hurt... I had to lie on my back the whole night. But I'm coping. I also have dry hands?! and eyes/nose etc.... usual stuff RL xx
  17. urgh they are so painful in the ears! awful!
  18. Red Lady

    Hi everyone!

    Dove soap is working great .. hardly drying my skin out at all..Thank you
  19. Red Lady

    Day 6

    My face is reallly bad. Flared up overnight and I spent aaaages covering it up with make up this morning urgh. But I finished school at lunch so I'm back home now and revising Chemistry for the exam tomorrow. Been using Dove soap and it's not drying my skin out at all so I'm happy about that I also had a thought... Is it okay to take the tablet after dinner in the evening? It says after a large meal but doesn't specify. Also random question but why can't you wax your legs? And does that mean yo
  20. Red Lady

    Day 5

    haha okay glad it's not just me will try the vaseline if it gets any worse thanks
  21. Red Lady

    Day 5

    urghhh so I had my Biology exam and it went terribly! Just got one more left now though Not getting much sleep at the moment - probably more due to exams than accutane- but stilll It's a pain! My lips are still quite dry, my face is generally okay though - not too dry. I wouldn't say I've had a breakout but I seem to be getting more spots Then again, they seem to be drying out more quickly too. Also, I have a realllly dry nose. I know that sounds weird.. has anyone else had that? RL xx
  22. thanks for the advice! I'm pretty sure my doctor told me not to take vitamin A tablets with accutane but I will give the rest a good go! Thanks
  23. Red Lady

    Day 12

    urgh! I long for the day when I don't have to wear make up to cover my spots!
  24. Red Lady

    Hi everyone!

    okay thank you! Oh right... so we've started at about the same time then Keep in touch occasionally and let me know how you're getting on
  25. Red Lady

    Day 19

    only a few days. Today will be my 5th day... but I know one girl who was on the drug and the results were amazing.