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  1. Yeah thanks a lot for the advice. I went back on it yesterday. I guess the end result is worth it.
  2. I've been on acctuane 20mg for the past 3 months and it has cleared up my back acne considerably. The acne has faded and now when you run your fingers over the pimples, they don't seem to be there. So it that regard accutane was successful. I have another months left of capsules but I don't think ill proceed with taking them due these side effects even though my acne has not cleared completely. dry eyes red eyes feeling tired The dry eyes is pretty bad even I do use 'dry-eye moisturising ey
  3. This happens to me as well. My eyes sting really bad for around 2 minutes. I guess it's normal.
  4. I have mild acne and I've been on the Regimen for around 6 weeks now. I only do the regimen at night so what should I expect? Will the results be different if I were to do the Regimen twice a day? How many more weeks will it take for me to get clear since I am only doing the Regimen one a day. Thanks
  5. I am experiencing some flakiness around the mouth area. What should I do? I use 6 drops of jojoba oil in my regimen.
  6. jason44

    - Works - Your skin looks and feels very clean - Lathers Well - Shipping Costs Great cleanser that works.
  7. I have been on the Regimen for two weeks now and I just have a few questions. When cleansing using Dan's cleanser, I run cold water from the shower to clean off the cleanser and I also run water from the shower before applying the cleanser. However I don't touch my face, I just run the water on my face for 30 seconds or so. Is this okay? I am currently on school holidays. I only do the regimen at night before I go to bed and in the morning I only cleanse. Should I do the regimen twice a day